Thursday, October 28, 2010


so, i've loved reading everyone's PPPs (that's pumpkin patch posts, according to my friend, joanna). but, i was having a bit of a pity party for myself (a lot like this one that kelly mentioned) because i didn't have a little guy of my own to bring along for a fun autumnal romp in the patch, therefore preventing me from writing my own PPP.

now that we are close to bringing choi boy home, i've moved from feeling sorry for myself to thinking about all the things that will be better once he is home. next year, i'll actually have an excuse to go to the pumpkin patch -- besides it being fun and seasonal, i'm pretty sure they don't have pumpkin patches in korea. well, at least not the kind where you can go for hayrides and feed goats. pumpkin patches in korea are probably big old hobahk (squash) farms. and korean people use a lot of hobahk in their cooking, which if you remember, i am not a fan of. when i was a little girl, i always got in trouble for picking out pieces of hobahk from my food.


so yes, i'm thinking about things that will be lots better with choi boy. actually, i'm sure life in general will be so much better with choi boy in tow, so here are some specific perks i'm looking forward to:

*the pumpkin patch! (obvs...)

*along the same lines, the apple orchard!

*and the zoo!

*and the farm!

*and the aquarium!

*and the children's museum!

*buying treats while on such outings. can't you just hear it? "but choi boy NEEDS cotton candy/kettle corn/caramel apples/ice cream!" a few minutes later..."can momma have a bite?"

*walking into a children's movie without feeling embarassed.

*not feeling funny while parking myself in the children's section of the library or the book store. now i tell people i'm a teacher, but with choi boy around, i won't have any splainin' to do.

*trying out fun playground equipment. 'cause you know, it's to test out the safety of the equipment.

*being able to sit in the front of big crowds. ahem, "my son can't see!"

*priority seating on public transportation. nice!

and finally,

*three syllables: DIS. NEY. WORLD.

so excited. SO EXCITED.


psst...have you entered yet?


  1. I love this post and it's true. The PP is sooo much different with kids. So many things that you went to for years without kids is a new wonderful experience. Granted you need to watch the clock and make sure you have enough diapers etc..but the joy and discovery in their eyes is awesome!
    I can't WAIT until Disney either!

  2. that's a good way to think about it!!! I think we are doing Disney in January!

  3. What a fun post! I never realized all the things we take for granted as adults. Experiencing all those things you mentioned (and more) through the eyes of a child is amazing. Can't wait until he's home and you can start checking things off your list.

  4. The last one is the best! Eric and I are slightly obsessed with Disney. I have been, um well, a lot. Like 7 times. And we are going again in May...hopefully with our kids!!!

  5. Disney is definitely a bit of an obsession here too. We went for our honeymoon! We're really just big kids. Now the kids love to go and keep asking when we can go again. Not until our Little One has been home for a while so we aren't really planning a trip yet and they're wondering why?!?

  6. There are definitely lots of fun things to do with kids! It was really exciting for us to think about that while we were waiting, too. Just think, this is your last autumn without a PPP!

  7. Oooo - great list! I can't wait to see you add to it as you do all sorts of cool things *with* Choi Boy!

  8. You forgot...riding the Polar Express, going to Parades, hanging in the Borders children's section, and Easter Egg hunts!!! Cannot wait for Disney...

  9. my fave is using your kid as an excuse to buy treats. that's really the only reason i have kids... ;)

  10. there are so many things to look forward to...i agree! I was so happy to finally have our little one with us at family functions. It felt like forever that we were always the only ones in the family without kids and I would just sit and watch my nieces and nephews with their parents and think " when will it be our turn?" now it's hard to remember how it was without him. Before you know it, you'll be feeling that exact same way. :)

  11. oh girl i love your list. how awesome. so fun looking forward to all these memories you will make. i know choiboy will love it all.

  12. You know what else is completely awesome? Explaining the world to them. When I told my 2-yr-old that his ice cube was gone because it turned into water, he thought I was kidding. When I see a big toad outside, the person I can't wait to show it to is my 5-yr-old. Now, as a teacher, this probably is no revelation to you. But for me it was a happy surprise. *I'M* the one who gets to teach them this stuff!!!

  13. Grace,

    Once again, your post rocks. Seriously, along with that Etsy shop (congrats, BTW), you ever consider writing a children's book or series? You have some skills, girl!

    You know, Evan has been home 4 months and I never thoughts of this stuff. That's cuz' I think I have lost billions of brain cells since, but look at all the stuff I (and you will) gained! You are exactly right! Choi boy is going to experience all of that with you guys! I can't wait to follow along in your journey!

    Hang in there!

  14. I am so excited for you Grace!! I can not wait to see pictures of all these events! I have to say..I'm with you on all the goodies that our little ones will "need". I think my baking will pick up much more once our little one is here! I've got chills thinking about your first picture with Carson...eek!! Can't not wait!

  15. You are so right. Doing all this stuff with a kid is like experiencing it all over again yourself - but better. I'm looking forward to a lot of this stuff, too. I can't WAIT until you're doing these things with CC. Soon, soon!

  16. Love your list! As a fellow lover of children's books, it brings me so much joy when Kyle gets excited to go to the library or to a book store. You are going to love going with Carson!!!

  17. I'm so excited to see your outings and adventures with Choi Boy!!! I remember waiting and wanting so badly to go to special places with my child. It really is so fun to see the world through there eyes. Very soon you will experience that:)

  18. Those are all great perks! One I'm enjoying right now is eating all the little guy's halloween candy :)


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