Tuesday, September 21, 2010

lists. {september iclw}

happy iclw! for this month's iclw post, i'm going to share some lists with you. these lists were inspired by oatmeal. yup, oatmeal. you see, it was something i h.a.t.e.d. as child, but now? mmmmm...

okay, here we go.

things i hated as a child and LOVE as an adult:
  • oatmeal. they used to feed this to us in kindergarten (they gave us breakfast at school), and i would literally gag on it. it tasted like cardboard and was a gross grey/beige color. now? yum! the texture is still a little weird, but it just tastes hearty, you know? plus, brown sugar and blueberries on top make it even better.
  • watching the news. so boring as kid, so necessary now. fun fact: my preschool/kindergarten best friend's mom was the evening news anchor for our local (new york city) cbs. cool, huh?
  • broccoli. in general, i was not a veggie-loving kid. but as i got older, i really learned to enjoy my vegetables, especially broccoli. i could eat a whole plate of steamed broccoli as a meal. so could my dog, piper. she's weird.
  • sweatpants. i was one of those annoying girls that loved to wear frilly dresses all.the.time. i would scoff when my mom pulled out a pair of sweatpants and instead decide to prance around the house and sleep in my frilly petticoat slip. now? changing into sweatpants is the first thing i do when i get home.

  • things i LOVED as a child and don't anymore:
  • fun dip. remember this? loved it as a kid, but now it reminds me of chalk or that white stuff they use to mark your alterations. nasty.
  • twinkies. i used to be able to eat an entire box of these. looking at one now makes me nauseated. my high school chemistry teacher told us you could meaure a twinkie's shelf life with carbon dating. apparently, this is an urban legend, but still, the fact that this legend even exists is enough to keep me away from them.
  • full house. i used to live for this show. seriously. i would bargain with my mom so i could watch it every week. watching reruns now makes me seriously roll my eyes and groan. oh, the cheese! and i am sorry, but those twins (you know the ones) canNOT act.
  • trampolines. what kid doesn't love a trampoline? but, now, they really frighten me. i have scary visions of my falling off and cracking my head open. plus, they make me sick with all that bouncing. i sound like such an old lady.

  • things i'll never LOVE:
  • running.
  • zucchini.
  • clowns.
  • scary movies.
  • cleaning.

  • things that i always have and always will LOVE:

  • ice cream.
  • reading.
  • chocolate chip cookies.
  • sleeping.
  • clementines.
  • dresses. :)
  • what would you add to your lists?


        1. haha...i love this post! i'll have to get a bowl of oatmeal and think about mine...or maybe i should do cream of wheat since that's what we used to have in lieu of oatmeal. i feel a post coming on. ;) oh and i'm with you...will never love clowns or scary movies! eek!! i think what did me in on the clowns was poltergeist! ahhh!

        2. Oh, I love your list! You've inspired me. Now I've got to think up a few interesting things about myself...

        3. Oh my. Blog twin again! Of your "things I will never love" list, those are 4 of my top 5. I don't really care about zucchini. It's not a favorite, but wouldn't make my top 5 hate list either. But clowns scare the crap out of me. Running is terrible, scary movies are worse, and cleaning is the most horrific of all! And I'm 5 for 5 on your "things I will always love" list.

        4. Oh man, and Spencer was going to be a clown for Halloween... (kidding!) I'm with you on the scary movies though. I LOVE oatmeal these days. (As does Spencer... I'm pretty sure I did a post on that even?) But I LOVE Fun Dip. In fact, I just had some the other day. My teeth hurt for hours, but it was worth it. :-)

        5. Things I hated but now love...school, I love learning, would love to head off to med school. Things I loved but now hate...snow. Things I wil always love...shopping and running. I am with you on the clowns and movies. Bit I love to clean and running centers me.

        6. Love this list. But I have to know: are pixie stix in the same category as Fun Dip? Pretty similar stuff, if you ask me :)

        7. What fun lists! I'm in total agreement on everything in your "things I'll never love list." although, my mom does make a pretty mean zucchini bread....tastes just like cake! Yum! And I haven't had a fun dip in years! I always loved the sticks the best. :)

        8. love your lists! what a great way to start ICLW.

          my husband & i were just talking about our mutual hatred of clowns. they seem pretty unpopular these days, we're thankful that 3 years on the kid birthday party circuit we've yet to encounter any.

        9. I am glad that someone else does not like scary movies. I actually get scared by some of the previews they have on TV.

        10. love the lists! I now love brussel sprouts, as a kid they would make me vomit!

        11. confession: I always...*always* pee my pants when on a trampoline. Does that stop me from hopping right onto one?! nope.

        12. yum.... chocolate chips cookies!

          ICLW #49

        13. LOL - something I will always hate - flying creatures (birds, bugs, etc.) anywhere near me. They always seem to want to buzz my head!


        14. Great list! Seriously Fun Dip was SO cool. The idea of eating it now, though, is DISGUSTING!!! :) ICLW

        15. That's interesting that you didn't like oatmeal as a child. I've always thought it was pretty good. And, I love dresses too!

          Here from ICLW, I'm #43!

        16. Very cool lists! For me - something I've always loved - Madonna! She is one amazing singer - from Like a Virgin to 4 Minutes - awesome.

        17. Great lists! It is so interesting how our tastes change as we get older. I also hated oatmeal when I was a child but now I L-O-V-E it!

        18. I love your lists! Very fun. I have to say that your Always Love list looks similar to mine - especially with ice cream and chocolate chip cookies and reading. Can you beat that?!?

        19. Hi Grace! I tried to email you, but it didn't work. Send me an email at joanna@billigmeier.org, and I will give you the information about pediatricians!


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