Wednesday, October 13, 2010

one hundred {a giveaway}.

this is my one hundredth post.


in kindergarten/first grade land, 100 is a big deal. it's a huge, almost unfathomable number, and being able to count and write numbers to 100 is a rather important milestone that comes with bragging rights. we celebrate the 100th day of school in style (think glasses made out of the number 100, obnoxious hats, cereal or bead necklaces with 100 pieces, etc), so i thought i'd do the same to commemorate my 100th post!

to celebrate, i'm going to be doing my first ever giveaway! yay! who doesn't love giveaways?

don't worry, i'm not going to be giving away 100-shaped glasses. although, those are pretty darn cool, if i do say so myself.

instead i'm going to do a giveaway inspired by two of my favorite pasttimes...reading and eating!


koala lou is one of my favorite children's books by one of my favorite authors, mem fox. it's about a sweet little koala who tries to earn her mother's love, only to learn that her mother loves her unconditionally and that she always has and will. it's kind of a tear-jerker. ;) i had initially planned on getting this book signed by the author, but we all know how that turned out. nevertheless, i'm sure you'll love it!


and, everyone has raved about these snack traps so i thought i'd throw those in, too! even if you already have some, i'm sure extras always come in handy, especially if you or your kiddo are anything like me and easily loses things. :)

to enter, fill in the blank in one or both of these sentences:

i could read ___________ 100 times.

i could eat 100...
(and no lame answers like cheerios or grains of rice! i want to know what you could eat mass quantities of because you love it so, so, SO much!)

my answers? i could read anne of green gables 100 times. i heart gilbert blythe. and, i'm pretty sure i could eat 100 chocolate chip cookies. especially if they're ones i made. i'm not gonna lie, they're the bomb dot com. true story.

one commenter will be chosen at random on tuesday, october 19th. good luck! can't wait to read your responses! :)


  1.! Happy 100 posts!

    I could read anything by Shel Silverstein 100 times. I probably have. LOL! I still have all my SS books.

    And I could eat CHOCOLATE 100 times. My love affair with chocolate has passed the test of time...

  2. I could read the stories in my girls' The Jesus Story book Bible by Sally Lloyd-Jones hundred times. They are really wonderful inspirational stories for both children and adults. I often leave my room wanting to read my own Bible after one of the stories :-). I can eat Indian spicy chicken curry with greasy jasmine rice and nan bread hundred times... and would gladly prove that I could if I was guaranteed that I wouldn't gain the 10 plus pounds.

  3. Yay for 100 posts!!! Let's see..I could eat 100 crunchy shrimp rolls. no joke! yum! I could read (I think I already did...long time ago) Super Fudge by Judy Blume 100 times. I used to love that book. I could also read any of my old Domino Magazines 100 times! Congrats on writing 100 posts!

  4. I could read the Giving Tree 100 times.

    I could eat 100 brownies. Especially if they're ones that *I* made!

    Congratulations on turning 100!

  5. Well, Anne of Green Gables would have been my first pick, too! But the best second would be "Goodnight Moon" - it doesn't matter how many times I read it, I never tire of it or looking for that little mouse.
    I could easily eat 100 (and many more) Cheetos, which is why I almost never buy them!!

    Happy 100!!

  6. I could read "The Very Hungry Caterpillar" 100 times (and probably have)...also "I Stink" (since it is D's fave, I'm sure I have read it 100 times also).

    I could eat 100 M & M's...but I'd have to try really hard. OK...I'm kidding. I could eat 100 in a day...and probably have.

    Happy 100th post! YAY!

  7. I could read "Corduroy" 100 times. And, I could eat, if I really could keep them down, 100 pieces of cheesecake.

    Happy 100th post!!! It's like your blog had a baek-il in some way or another :)

  8. Hmm... to be honest, I'm not sure I could read anything 100 times!
    But eating 100? Oh man... Twix, cupcakes, candy corn, Heath bars... do I really have to choose?

  9. Oh HAPPY 100! Im so glad I found your blog through IComLeavWe last month!

  10. yay for 100! and your choc chip cookies are the bomb dot com for sure!

    i could eat 100 french fries. my fave food ever.

    and i have to agree with elizabeth...i don't think i could read anything 100 times. i get distracted too easily when i know how something's gonna end--i'm just too impatient. :)

  11. I did a 100 post too! so fun.

    I could read Hunger Games 100 times!

    I could eat 100 still-warm-and-gooey brownies!

  12. Happy 100th post! My MIL had her father, who was 100, come in on the 100th day of yeah, I get it :)
    Read 100 times? I'll just say that The Great Gatsby is probably my favorite book.
    Eat 100 times? Popcorn is totally my 'can't stop eatin' food'. And no, not the butter-free healthy crap. Good ole' fashioned popcorn made on the stove.
    I hope I win your book and traps!

  13. Congrats on 100 posts!!!
    I could read Love You Foever by Robert Munsch 100 times and probably have already exceeded that!!!
    I would lve to eat 100 of your yummy cookies... just send them my way! Or I could eat 100 Blizzards from DQ

  14. Happy 100...and yippee for a giveaway!!

    I'm not a huge reader myself, but read a ton to Noah. I'd have to pick any of the Sandra Boynton books for kids books and for myself something by Augusten Burroughs....probably "Running with Scissors." LOVE his writing!

    And eat....anything with coconut in it. like those yummy chocolate covered coconut patties that you find in Florida or the islands. YUM!!!

  15. Congrats on the 100th post!!! Wesley absolutely LOVES books and Dr. Seuss is a big hit in our house right now. I'm sure I've already read "Hand, Hand, Fingers, Thumb" to him 100 times as well as "The Foot Book" but those two are my favs because they make him so happy.
    I could eat 100 of any kind of cheese. I LOVE CHEESE. I pretty much don't discriminate when it comes to the stuff. CHEESE CHEESE CHEESE!

  16. {Love} this post, Grace!

    For myself, I could read "The Kite Runner" 100 times (before the would take a small miracle at this point to ready anything ONCE...ha!).

    To my son, I could read "Bee Bim Bop" 100 times (and maybe have)...I love the rhythm of that book!

    I could eat 100 Laffy Taffys! Anything but the banana ones, anyway.

    The 100th day of school is one of my fave as all of those Kindergarteners with their Fruit Loop necklaces!

  17. Happy 100 posts Grace!

    I could read "Oh! The Places You'll Go!" 100 times. My parents bought me that book when I graduated from college.

    I could eat 100 M&Ms without any problem. YUM!

  18. Congrats on the 100th post!

    I could read "Little Town on the Prairie" 100 times! You could ask my husband...he always catches me reading it when I need mind resting time!

  19. oh, i like you even more now that i know you are a lucy maud montgomery fan! i adore anne shirley and diana barry. and of course, gilbert. love, love, love him.

    happy 100 posts!

    one of my all time favorite books is "loving frank" so i think i could read it 100 times.

    definitely could eat gobs and gobs of popcorn. so i'll say 100 bowls of popcorn - not just 100 kernels!

  20. Happy 100!!!

    I could read the Harry Potter series 100 times (yes, I'm a dork).

    I could eat 100 Rolo candies. Yum. Chocolate and caramel.

  21. OMG, I love Gilbert Blythe soooooooooooooooo much. All of a sudden, I can't remember your questions because I am drooling over Gilbert Blythe. Oh Anne with an E, I read her books several times - although not 100 times. I KNOW I've read Pajama Time by Sandra Boynton at LEAST 200 times since we read it to Max TWICE every night before bed and he's been home (more than) 100 days now! Oh and thanks for the Mem Fox recommendation before because I went out and bought Whoever You Are (in board book!) and it's lovely. I'd love to win the Koala book :)

    As for eating, I'm SURE I could eat 100 french fries. I know someone already picked this but I DON'T CARE because french fries (or "frites" if I'm feeling snobby) are sooo delish.

    Congrats on 100 blog posts!

  22. Happy 100!! I think the glasses are pretty cool too :)

    I could live on potatoes! Mashed, fried, baked...however you want to give them to me, I will eat them!!

    I would read anything Ramona 100 times!!

  23. yay! I've enjoyed reading everyone else's choices. (some of the same favs I have!)
    If I had to choose....
    I could read A You're Adorable 100 times! (I've sung it a thousand times to my kids)
    I could eat 100 french fries or potato chips!

  24. Congrats on your 100th post! I've been reading your blog for awhile since my husband and I have decided to adopt from South Korea (and I saw you on HP). :)

    I could read a LOT of books 100 times (especially since I'm a teacher librarian at a K-5 school and have lots of favorites) but I absolutely love You are Special by Max Lucado and Wild About Books by Judy Sierra.

    I could definitely eat Sun Chips 100 times, and I probably am guilting of doing that if I keep the bag in front of me.

  25. 100 posts - yay!

    I could read To Kill a Mockingbird 100 times. I've actually read it once a year, every year since the 1st time I read it in 8th grade.

    I could eat 100 french fries...possibly more.


    I could read.... 100 posts from your blog! (Not sure that there is any book that I would ever read more than a time or two.... until I have me a cute little one to read to, that is.)
    I cold eat.... 100 slices of banana bread. Yummmmy!

  27. So much fun! And congrats on your 100th post.

    I really dislike reading any book twice, so reading 100 times is hard to imagine. (Guess I'd better get over that before the kiddo gets here and we read the same books over and over, lol!)

    However, I do love the Wizard of Oz series. The original ones. And I read them repeatedly as a child. About time to start again!

    As for food...yam tempura rolls!

  28. Oh I love giveaways! Happy 100th post!

    I could read "I love you goodnight" 100 times(and probably have). Matthew is starting to sound out "I love you". Who wouldn't love that right?

    As for food I could just about anything with sugar 100 times. Ice cream and cake would be my top choices :)

  29. So fun. I could read The Going to Bed Book, any Thomas book like Go Train Go, and any Fred and Ted book which are all current favorites a 100 times. I probably have read most of them at least 100 times. Not sure I could read any adult book that many times.
    I could eat 100 sour patch kids without a break. I always eat them until my mouth hurts but I love them so much I can never stop! :)

  30. I could read Redeeming Love by Francine Rivers 100 times. I've read it many times over the past 10 years and it is ALWAYS as good as the first time! And I could eat 100 pumpkin chocolate chip muffins from the Great Harvest in Jackson, Mississippi. Oh, how I miss those.

    Congrats on 100 posts!


  31. I could read Welcome to the Monkey House by Kurt Vonnegut over and over, such quirky fun!

    I could eat 100 boiled garlic shrimp, and I'd even peel them myself!

    Congrats on 100!

  32. Hmmmm...
    I could read Twilight a 100 times... I know crazy - but I have a thing for Edward.
    I could eat 100 batches of poutine... mmmm... fries, cheese & gravy... yum.
    (and I'm a HUGE Gilbert fan too!)

  33. I could read hmmm...anything 100 times would be a lot...kid's book: Alpha Oops
    not exactly kid's book but guilty pleasure: Harry Potter (specifically the 3rd book).

    So funny - Rachel I just heard about that book today, I'm going to read it soon! :)

    I could eat 100 bowls of ice cream!!! Or eat 100 cookies (especially Christmas cookies, pretty sure I come close to that on Christmas Eve)

  34. 100 posts is exciting and I love your giveaway! I'm a huge Anne of Green Gables fan, too. Love it! I could read The Amateur Marriage by Anne Tyler 100 times, and I could eat 100 California rolls. (So could Joel probably.)

  35. What a fun giveaway! Happy 100 posts! I love Anne of Green Gables,too. I've even been to Prince Edward Island and toured the house. So cool! Hmmm...I love books so it's hard to choose. I could read the Christmas book "Auntie Claus" 100 times to a group of children. I just love it! I could eat 100 Krispy Kreme doughnuts!!!

  36. Happy 100th!
    Is it cheating to pick a magazine?
    I could read any food & wine mag over and over and over! It's one of those magazines that you can easily find a recipe that interests you that you didn't notice the last time you flipped through it. Good stuff.
    I could eat 100 Mr. Freezes. Especially blue or white.

  37. How fun!

    I could read The Wind-Up Bird Chronicle by Haruki Murakami 100 times. Books that I have actually read 100 times include The Going to Bed Book (love it) and Goodnight Moon.

    And as far as food goes, hmm, I could eat 100 bags (and more) of Erdnussflips, which are a delicious peanut snack not made in the U.S. Great, now I am hungry!

  38. Happy 100 posts!!! That's awesome!!! And yes, a very big deal! Uhm, I'd like a pair of those glasses... they rock. Really and truly!

    What could I read 100 times??? Hmmm... I know there are many children's books I've read at *least* a hundred times, but I'm going with a book for me...hmmm...maybe one of Janet Evanovich's Stephanie Plum books?? Is that embarrassing to admit?!

    And eat?! Kettle Corn. Hands down.

  39. Congrats on your 100th post! I could read "Thunder Cake" by Patricia Polacco 100 times- because I like to hear my kids laugh when I try to read in a Russian accent. As far as food? I could eat 100+ squishy, chewy Mike N Ikes!!!! It would have to be 100+ because I don't eat the yellows:)

  40. Awww…I miss celebrating the 100th day of school:-( Every year we would convince one of our 5th grade teachers to dress up as Zero the Hero (picture a rather tall man in a cape and tights) and fly in to count to 100 and read a story about the hundredth day of school:-) It was so much fun!

    There are so many children’s books I could read 100 times but if I had to choose just one it would be “Thank you Mr. Falker” by Patricia Polacco. I cry every time I read it! I could eat 100 pretzel M&Ms – I am totally addicted!!!

  41. right now, I could eat 100 apple pies. I LOVE apple pie.

    I could read "Alexander and the Magic Mouse" 100 times. In fact, I think I probably already have. :)

    Congrats on your 100!

  42. I could read Dr. Suess's ABC's 100 times because of the smile it brings to my daughter's face and I could eat 100 bowls of soup because I really love love love it that much.

    Ps. great blog!

  43. Hi, I just found your blog. I have my own little Choi boy at home with me now!

    I could read Dolores Claiborne 100 times. It is one of my very favorite books! And I could eat 100 boxes of Girl Scout thin mint cookies.

  44. I could eat 100 potato chips. Every day of my life. Multiple *times* a day. Easily. And love every minute of it - except for the guilt & weight gain that is!

  45. I could read anything Jane Austin 100 times.
    I could eat 100 bowls of cereal :-)

  46. Ooooo fun! Happy 100!

    I could eat 100 pieces of Dove Milk chocolate. Mmmm.

    I could read The Witch of Blackbird Pond 100 times. My first time through was in the 6th grade and I've read it at a handful of times since.

    Oh, and Gilbert Blythe is delish.

  47. That book looks great! I always love new book suggestions for the kiddos.

    I could eat 100 pumpkin spice bars. Love them, especially this time of year.

    And I could anything written by Julie Garwood 100 times. Because her books always put me in a good mood and make me laugh too.

    Happy 100!

  48. Congratulations on 100!

    I could read Redeeming Love by Francine Rivers 100 times. This book completely changed my life - it was that powerful.

    I could eat 100 chocolate chip cookies. But I won't, especially since Korea has a weight limit :)

  49. Yeah for 100!! I could eat 100 chocolate cupcakes with vanilla rainbow chip icing...but maybe not all at the same time :) I could read anything by Karen Kingsbury 100 her!

  50. I can't think of any adult books I could read 2 times, let alone a 100 times, but I am hoping to find some kid books to read that many times with my son.

    I could definitely eat 100 stuffed grape leaves! And I probably would if they weren't so much work to make.

  51. Congrats on your 100th post. We're waiting for our referral and have enjoyed your blog!

    I could read "Oh the Places You'll Go" 100 times

    I could eat 100 french fries! Yum!


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