Wednesday, October 20, 2010

things that make me go "huh?"

right now my mind is all over the place waiting for a call from our agency telling us that we have been submitted for EP. so, since i can't put together a coherent post on one subject, i'm just going to write a list.


things that make me go "huh?"

1. the other day, i was driving and saw two cars with GIANT confederate flags on their rear windows. okay, what's the deal with this? i know the confederate flag is a symbol of southern pride, but what about all the other yucky stuff associated with it? do these people still want to secede and form the confederate states? no, really, i'm seriously asking...

2. i bought some children's music CDs for choi boy. the laurie berkner band. love her. she's lots of fun and not cheesy. but what about those cheesy guys? you know, those guys that wiggle and others like them? do you think they always aspired to be in a children's band or do you think they tried to be real rock stars and failed? and, do you think their wives are really proud of and excited for them? and what about their teenage children?

3. do breakouts ever stop?? a certain big birthday is rapidly approaching and if anything, i feel like my skin is getting worse, not better. i know, i should suck it up and go see a dermatologist, but mostly, i just feel like complaining. i'm a grown up for pete's sake! i shouldn't have to agonize about a having a huge zit on my face on picture day. (this really happened. 2 weeks ago.)

4. i love glee. but here's what i wonder. you know that face that lea michele makes every.time.she.sings? you know, this one?
do you think she really makes this face every.time.she.sings, or do you think it's part of rachel's character? dude, i understand the need to be passionate, but every single word and note? really?

5. while we're on the subject of weird singing faces, what's up with this one?
he is AWEsome in concert, but i can never watch the jumbotron because of that face. SO bizarre.

6. have cupcakes jumped the shark as the fashionable dessert? what's next? pudding? because that would awesome!

7. what do dogs think about? do they think in thoughts? what goes through piper's mind all day? nothing? because that would make sense, too. i'm not being mean, really. you have to meet piper and then you'll get it.

and on a more serious note,

8. if american christians tithed (gave ten percent of their income) and gave out of our excess, world hunger could essentinally be eradicated, clean water could be brought where it is needed, primary education could be funded universally, medicine could be provided for AIDS patients all over the world, and basic health and nutrition needs could be provided for everyone in the world. so why don't we? and present company (i.e. ME) totally included. my small group is reading the hole in our gospel, and it is just a big, swift kick in the butt. read it. i double dog dare you.


  1. Fun post! #3? I definitely hear that. It's so annoying, isn't it? And I really need to read The Hole in Our Gospel. What an amazing fact!

  2. #1 - the answer is rednecks. They abound. And they're morons.
    #3 - ME TOO!!! I think it's the change in seasons. I've read that b/c you're wearing warmer weather clothing, but the temps aren't technically COLD, your skin's oils wreak havoc. I have other issues going on to cause my acne, but hello! I'm thirty-freakin'-three! I feel your pain.
    #4 - there are very few people's singing faces I can actually tolerate. Ick.
    Mmm... cupcakes. They're still cool in my book!

  3. #1--those guys in the car? I probably went to high school with them.

    #5--totally agree. AMAZING in concert, but could do without that face.

    #8--Amen sister. Have you read Radical by David Platt? I know I need to.

  4. before all-state tryouts, my very wise choir teacher told my class to go home and watch ourselves sing in the mirror or videotape ourselves. it was a hard exercise, but a valuable lesson. there are quite a few people i wish i could tell that to without coming off as snarky...but i can't. :)

    and the wiggles creep me out, but apparently it grows on moms. i've only been an in-utero mom for about 8 months, so i can't say either way...i guess we shall see very soon, my friend!

  5. #1 - Don't get me started! I went to college in the south ...
    #6 - NO! I don't THINK cupcakes have jumped the shark but I could be wrong and just behind the times.
    #8- An amazing fact!

  6. I always wondered about #2...with the wiggles...i mean, if i was their wife, would i be proud of them? hmmm.... or if you're their kid, to introduce your dad that he is a wiggle? hmm...

    #8...amen...sobering fact and as you say butt kicking!

  7. Hey girl...
    I think about some of those things. My husband is one of the people who makes a strange face when singing... mostly hitting the high notes!

    I am reading hole in our gospel... Love it! It is a kick in the butt....

  8. 2) I don't really know the Wiggles, but I've heard nice things about Laurie Berkner. I *LOVE* Elizabeth Mitchell.

    6) The new dessert is a brownie. The cupcake's day is done. It's the brownie's time. (I say this because my goal is to open a brownie bakery. I want to do for the brownie what Sprinkles and Magnolia did for the cupcake.)

    7) Dogs think? Zoe doesn't. She just sleeps. Until someone pulls ham out of the refrigerator, in which case she runs downstairs as fast as possible. Otherwise, she just sleeps. But she's afraid of the neighbor's cat, so I wouldn't hold her up as some canine intellectual giant either.

  9. Fun post!

    3) I had the worse acne in my 30s. One day I will be brave enough to show how I looked coming off the plane with Kyle - not a pretty sight! I am hoping it will go away with my big birthday coming up - 40:(

    6) I think the "good" cupcake shops are here to stay. Or maybe I saying this because I l-o-v-e CUPCAKES!!! I think the new trend is moon pies...I noticed a lot of bakeries offering some fun flavors.

    7) Hmmm...I am always wondering what my dog, Pepper, thinks about all day. I think "Walk"& "Food" are the two primary thoughts that run through her head;-)

  10. Great post!

    I have to say that I've always loved the expression "jumped the shark" and was thrilled to hear you use it. I think maybe cupcakes have (though I admit there are good ones - in fact a place in Clarendon had awesome ones...). I'm thinking the waffles with ice cream that Elizabeth Frick had pictures of from their trip to Korea would be a great replacement!!!

    I should read that book. I'm going to look into it. Thanks for the recommendation!

  11. hi grace! I was in IET with you and stumbled across your blog not too long ago... congrats on your upcoming addition, btw!!

    when I read #7 I just had to tell you about this book I read that will totally give you a new perspective on what your dog thinks about... it's called The Art of Racing in the Rain, it's the story of a family told by their dog and you will lovelovelove it! (I did anyway...)

  12. Ugh I can't stand John Mayer...I know admitting that means losing some friends but I don't care. And that face is only one of the reasons.

    I don't think Nebbie has much going on in his tiny little brain. It's not his fault, his head is just too small for his body.

    I hear ya on tithing. It kind of makes me sick.

  13. Love this post, Grace. I've wondered some of these same things. #3-I think that everytime I see her sing...amazing voice but very dramatic face. #8-Have you read Radical by David Platt? It sounds a lot like The Hole in our Gospel. Radical has truly changed our worldview and the way we are trying to live our lives and use our money. It was a kick in the pants, but a very needed one. Now I'm going to have to try to find that book. A girl can never get too many kicks in the pants, can she? :)

  14. #8 wow! I'll add that book to my growing list of must reads!

  15. oh this is fun to think about..the guys with the flags..they are here in atlanta too..i don't get them either. i always shake my head at them and give them my "mean" look. i have to admit...i think it's a little creepy that grown men join a group that wears silly jump suits to sing and dance in front of kids. sorry. chills go down my back thinking about them. breakouts..stink!! i'm 33..yes i said it..i have two threes in my age now and i'm still getting breakouts. ugh. i don't think they will ever end. :( dogs..i was just talking to my husband tonight about wondering if they really say something when they bark..or is it just a noise to them too. i so want to know what their barks mean. thoughts would be awesome too..or to know what they are dreaming know when they run and bark in their sleep. lol. i think donuts are the new thing now and cupcakes are taking the passenger seat..but i will take a cupcake over a donut any day!

  16. I'm so upset about Dana's comment saying that donuts are the new thing and cupcakes are taking the passenger seat, I can't even bring myself to comment. I'm devastated. DEVASTATED. I heart cupcakes. Which may explain my frequent break-outs?!

  17. i just bought some cupcake mix from trader joes today. it's calling my name. i need to make them. other than that, i'm too tired for serious thought - but i think our dog thinks about food getting left out on the counter and that squirrel that taunts her every time she goes outside. just a hunch though.

    hoping for good EP news for you soon!

  18. fun post!
    I had bad skin (not horrible, but bad enough that i bothered me) until I got great advice from a facial lady. She totally changed my life and I rarely have breakouts ever anymore.

  19. Interesting - things that make you go Hmmmm....

    #2 - I just put her cd on hold - thanks for the suggestion!
    #4 - weird, weird, weird
    #6 - I read the other day that donuts have now superseeded cupcakes as the "it" dessert - things changes so quickly...

  20. Excellent points on all accounts.

    #5. JM IS AWESOME in concert, know what's worse than his singing face? His guitar-solo face...Fo' sho'.

    #7. I wonder on a daily basis what the heck my dog is thinking, and whether or not he understands a word I say to him.

    Here's to hoping Baby Choi comes quickly.


  21. Aw, I like The Wiggles. Read their Wikipedia entry -- it's interesting!! I also used to like Laurie Berkner, but after 5+ years of listening I'm kind of sick of her. I like that she is a songwriter and that the songs sound like she's singing them in your living room -- not overproduced. But still, I'm over her.

    The Lisa Loeb "Catch the Moon" album is wonderful. And our latest thing is Putumayo Kids. Oh my gosh, so many great albums to choose from!!

    One thing we had to insist on: No Barney, ever. Just NO. Not on TV, no Barney gifts, no Barney toys, no Barney CDs. NO PURPLE DINOSAURS.


  22. great list. i think about number 2 too- like random people on tv who do weird things or have embarassing characters... i wonder like what their families think, like their mom, etc. haha.

    and the dog one, number 7. totally not sure what dogs thing huh. apparently they 'live in the moment' so they think about the now more than the bigger pic. so they don't plan dinner or what to get at the supermarket or anything haha. helps me understand sammy a bit more.

    clicked the book link. looking at it right now!

    have a good weekend girl. hope the skin stuff eases off soon. (oops friday here.)

  23. Thanks for making me smile!

    ICLW #26

  24. Hi,
    Great, fun post. Some thoughts of mine:
    1. I went to college in Atlanta and watched with some horror every year as one of the fraternities sent their members out in Confederate uniform to pick up their dates in full Scarlett O'Hara get-up for a dance. OK, this was in the 80s and maybe they don't do that anymore (I bet they do)...but get over it, you lost.
    2. I'm embrrassed to admit that I have at times found myself humming Barney's theme song, but at least no one knows who is in the costume.
    3. I can't comment on breakouts because I am more worried about crow's feet.
    4. Lea Michele's character is one of my least favourite on Glee, because of the angst and egocentricity. I put up with her because the rest is so much fun and my kids love it.
    5. Don't know this strange-looking man?
    6. The only reason to eat cupcakes is for the buttercream frosting. Sometimes the prettiest ones are the least tasty. I will not pay £3 (nerly $5) for a cupcake, but love when a very ambitious mother makes gorgeous ones for the bake sale table at school.
    7. I have no understanding of dogs, their thoughts or habits, having only owned one for 2 months as a child before my mother gave it away.
    8. Tithing is out of my comfort zone, having studied the history of organized religions and how the church used it to exploit the practice for personal gain, to the detriment of many of their followers. I prefer to instill the value of charity and volunteer work in my children, as was given to me by my parents. My kids see the 4 - 5 hours of volunteer work I do on a monthly basis as part of regular life, so it doesn't seem a sacrifice.

    Keep blogging. You have a lovely, humorous perspective. Good luck with the adoption process.

    Lisa (Your Great Life - ICLW #63)

  25. ICLW

    I think dogs think about squirrels and what time are you coming home to give them snacks.

    Love your post!

  26. Re the Glee one - I was thinking that when I was watching the DVD last weekend. That and how she uses her arms in a song...


  27. Love Laurie Berkner too! ( and those Wiggles dudes are just weird. :)
    I too always wonder what is going thru Simon's mind. I think about it probably more than I should. :)
    And as an esthetician that has been doing skincare for a very long time.....yes, I too still suffer from breakouts. Adult acne is a problem for so many women and my skin was the absolute worst while waiting for Noah's travel call. ( stress kicks those oil glands into overdrive and can cause the breakouts. ) I've been using and working with Dermalogica products for a long time. They have a line called Medi-Bac that is for adult acne. IT WORKS WONDERS!! It has all the great anti-acne ingredients but lots of hydrating ones as well so that the skin doesn't get dried out. I especially swear by their Overnight Clearing Gel. If you can find a spa in your area that sells the line you should try it. I can almost promise you'll see results!
    Ok...enough of my skin care rant. :)

  28. #1 - I think some still want to secede. The South is weird according to my brother who lives there now (ok, so we're Yankees with back east roots so we're biased).

    #2 - I haven't looked into children's music but I think most of it is going to drive me nuts.

    #3 - Unfortunately adult acne is real and sucks! I had both teen and adult (it went away and came back in my mid-twenties). People have told me that actually works. And sometimes you just have to switch up your cleansing products. Seeing a derm might be a good idea too for prescription topicals.

    #4 - Yeah, I wonder if it's her character too. Maybe?

    #5 - heee that's too funny

    #6 - I think they've jumped the shark. There's cupcake places everywhere. And, they use way too much frosting. 3-inches of frosting does not make a cupcake better IMO.

    #7 - If we don't walk our dog on a Saturday she obviously gets annoyed with us and pouts. She gets walked during the week too but usually shorter ones.

    #8 - Yeah, out of my comfort zone. It would be nice if that were the case but it isn't. The Russian branch of my church was recently embroiled in a money-laundering scandal. *eye roll* So much for taking an oath of poverty, huh?

  29. I think John's faces have gotten better...because that first time we saw him in like 02...dang. WHOA. I thought he was having a seizure.


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