Friday, October 29, 2010

the bright side.

yesterday i wrote about all the fun things i'm looking forward to doing with choi boy. YAY!

but, you wanna know a secret? i'm kinda freaking out about the fact that my boy will be home in a matter of weeks! days, even! eeek!

i know, i know, it's been such a long wait, and you all know how hard it's been waiting...but now that things are HAPPENING, it's like, whoa nelly!

so, as we take the remaining weeks to prepare for choi boy's homecoming, i am also going to take advantage of the last few toddler-free days we have.

looking on the bright side of our long wait, here are some things we are going to savor and enjoy before we bring choi boy home:

*eating out.

*taking my time while shopping.


*showering daily.

*watching tv and not feeling guilty about what's on. a bravo marathon? sure!

*listening to music where shouting back and repeating the singer is not part of the song.

*having uninterrupted adult conversations. or having conversations in general.

*eating sweets.

*watching harry potter and the deathly hallows IN THE THEATRE! RIDiculously excited.

*and, um, hello? SLEEP! oh, dear, delicious sleep...yum.

of course, i am beyond ecstatic about choi boy finally coming home and will gladly give up everything on the list above. but for now, while we continue to wait, i'm just going to relish everything on the list above. :)


  1. we are totally going to see the HP movie too!! yipee! enjoy your time...oh and are you going to show us your nursery? ;)

  2. please enjoy some of those things double for me!!!

  3. This is a excellent list!!! Have as many date nights as you can! And enjoy eating out with out have to wrestle a squirming noodle!!!

  4. The last few weeks are so exciting! It's so great to know the end is near and you can finally consciously enjoy all of those lasts.

    I am totall jealous of you seeing the HP movie!

  5. The key ones, IMO, are the sleep, the *uninterrupted* adult convos, and the TV. I used to have the TV on ALL THE TIME pre-kids, while I worked. I miss my little happy box these days...
    When does Harry Potter come out? (Do you see? That's proof that I never watch TV! At least live, with commercials.)

  6. We've been trying to enjoy some of these same things...especially the sleep! I get a little freaked out too when I think of all that is going to happen in the next several months! Glad to know I'm not the only one! :)

  7. I remember freaking out on our travel call becuase it was four days after our EP was approved. They told us it could be six weeks. Talk about freakin! You have a pretty good idea of what's going to happen. I hope you hear something soon!

  8. What a lovely list! Make the most of these last few weeks and enjoy your adult time!!

  9. You have a great, fun list of things to do while you wait. Enjoy! There are a lot of great changes ahead!

    (We refer to movies as $4 movies or $50 movies because you either rent it or you have to pay a sitter.)

  10. hee hee...daily showers. I feel the same way when I think about what'll happen when we get our call. Freaks. Me. Out. Weird how that happens when you've been waiting so long.

  11. Grace! When I read your last few entries, I got total goosebumps and chills knowing that you are going to be a MOMMY with YOUR BABY in your arms in just a few short weeks!!!! Oh my goodness!!! Every baby is a miracle and blessing from God and this one is so much more so.

    As for the things you are savoring-- SMART!!! Eat out EVERY NIGHT! I'm serious. And try to take a quick trip somewhere, even if it's just for one night and you gotta put it on a credit card-- traveling will never be the same! Probably more fun because of kids' activities, but less fun because of all the work for mommy and daddy.

    AND... I'm here to be the silver lining on all the things you feel you will miss!

    *eating out -- not being able to anymore truly makes the times you go out SO much more appreciated! And figuring out which restaurants are choiboy-friendly is a fun challenge. RJ's in a screaming stage, so I'm feeling everything out... so far, Whole Foods is the only place that's 100% ok, I think. Haha.

    *taking my time while shopping -- definitely not gonna happen anymore, but shopping with choiboy in the cart is definitely fun! everyone stops and flirts with your baby! But you'll have to shop like four times a week just for groceries, because baby might not sit there quietly while you ponder the different brands of frozen veggies.

    *reading -- hopefully soon choiboy's sleep schedule will be good, and after his bedtime you can do whatever you want! the hours he's awake are definitely jam-packed, but after he goes to bed and you finish cleaning up from the day, you'll have lots of leisure hours for yourself.

    *showering daily -- this is definitely difficult, especially since you'll want to take advantage of naptimes to do things like laundry and nap yourself!!! But I make it a rule to shower every day during his morning nap because it makes me so much more motivated through the rest of the day. Plus, less showering makes for healthier hair! Hehe.

    *watching tv and not feeling guilty about what's on. a bravo marathon? sure! -- I am the BIGGEST tv addict, but thanks to DVR, I can enjoy my marathons post-RJ-bedtime :) I used to keep the tv on during his playtimes too, but now he wants my engagement so much that I don't even turn it on. And choiboy will be even older and more engaged with you!

    *listening to music where shouting back and repeating the singer is not part of the song -- yeah... that's over. Haha. But there is some REALLY cute kids' music out there-- I found a Tony Bennett children's album through our music class, and it's AWESOME! search on itunes, the song "inchworm" by Tony Bennett.

    *having uninterrupted adult conversations. or having conversations in general -- as long as you don't mind the squwaks of a child trying to join in, you can totally have conversations! And you can work on your vocal chords in trying to be heard over screeches. :D

    *eating sweets -- ...I never stopped doing this... *pops another piece of halloween candy in my mouth*

    *watching harry potter and the deathly hallows IN THE THEATRE! RIDiculously excited -- YEAH!!! such a great idea!!! Movies are great for date nights, but you won't even WANT the break of a date night for a long time!

    *and, um, hello? SLEEP! oh, dear, delicious sleep...yum. -- yes. If I were you I'd go to bed now and get up when it's time to go to the airport. !! :D Just kidding... I am literally going to pray that choiboy is a great sleeper for you because a rested mommy makes for a happy mommy and much more fun for baby!!

    We are so incredibly happy for you and Peter... can't WAIT to see FAMILY PICTURES!!!! :D

  12. Personal hygiene takes a major hit. Shower, get your hair did, shave your legs, etc etc.


    Eat out as often as you can afford it!

    You're on the right track. :)

  13. You are so smart!!! We did the same thing pre-TC and I now can look back fondly and know that we did not squander any adult-only time. Having Choi Boy home will be beyond amazing but you'll never get THIS time back either so savor it - just like you plan too. :)

  14. Hahaha I think about all those things too! Yep, I'll miss them but I know I would trade them in tomorrow for our kids. Enjoy it!!!

  15. Enjoy this time! Take a bath, see movies, and sleep in! (Also, have the sex:-))Very happy for you, can't wait to see all the pictures you will soon be posting on your blog!

  16. Great list, Grace! And so, so true!! We did date nights constantly when we knew we were in the final days/weeks before going to get Maddyx! And now looking back....we should have done MORE!!

    Sleep - This is a biggie. I have always been a MUST HAVE 8+ hours a night. But somehow as a new Mom I can now function on 4-5 hours just fine. I've even 'slightly functioned' on 1 hour. Amazing what mommyhood can bring out in you!

    Shopping - that's what Dads are for! Once a week I go and shop whatever stores I please while Dad watches Maddyx. Good bonding for them and great away time for me! I feel like a new woman every time.! Walking around Target has never been more amazing. Almost comparable to a 5 star meal. LOL.... it's the little things these days...

    Oh, and enjoy YOUR time to get ready after your shower. Like hair, makeup, etc. That's over too... You can try and plan that during nap times but it doesn't always work out. i.e. your kitchen is a disaster from the meal you just prepared for choi boy, as well as the 25 plastic bowls and measuring cups that Choi boy plays with while you cook, are sprawled across your floor. So instead of getting ready you try and clean up just a little! Therefore, you now have to try and manage to do your hair and makeup with little one at your feet. One tip... at this age they're OBSESSED with taking stuff out of anything. Give him your makeup bag and he will be entertained for an hour (OK, maybe not an hour but it feels like it!).....he'll just sit there and pull each and every item out of the bag. Especially if he can only do it on 'special occassions'...even more fun for them since it's off limits most of the time! This has been a lifesaver many, many times. OR, another idea, put your socks in your bottom dresser drawer and leave it open for him. Now he can pull out socks for days and you've just bought yourself more time!! ;-)

    Just a couple things I've found that work for us!

  17. Are you going to see Deathly Hallows? Can I come?!? Enjoy this time the best you can.

  18. I know you would love to have Choi Boy home now, but this is really the last time that it will just be you and Peter. So you definitely have the right idea--enjoy!

  19. I know everyone tells you to enjoy these "adults" only activities while you are in process, but I thought it was really hard to do until we actually knew our son was coming home.

    Now that all the uncertainty is gone and choi boy WILL be here in just a short time, I hope you can enjoy every second of kid-free days!

  20. so true huh. enjoy enjoy enjoy! sleep will be my major one i think...

  21. I would add enjoy walking through your house without toys/books/random objects strewn everywhere. My house wasn't perfectly neat before kids but it also wasn't an obstacle course either!

    And yes, to all of these things, but most of all, enjoy time just the two of you. Doing those things together. Parenting is awesome and so, so hard, but with your spouse by your side - it's even better.


  22. Definately a great list to enjoy doing before baby Choi boy comes into your daily lives! I miss those mornings where I could sleep in! That would be my biggest advice...get as much sleep as you can before Choi boy comes home!

  23. good thinking enjoying this time before choi boy comes home! I wish glenn and I had done this instead of boo-hooing about our wait. :( Live it up, Mama!! :)

  24. Yes! Enjoy these last days before choi boy comes home! I also want to know when you are going to show the finished nursery:-)

  25. OH my gosh! I haven't been on in a little while and I totally missed your announcement!! YAY! I am so excited for you!! That is so exciting! And that's a good list. Don't forget about blogging - that's harder to do too!

  26. I think your list of must-do's is GREAT. of the list, for sure. Also...I totally remember getting nervous/freaked out a tad when we were getting really close. Even though I wanted it to happen RIGHT NOW (!!!!)...the thought of a total life change right around the corner is enough to make anyone a tad nervous...especially once that TC comes!

  27. i think one of the best decisions i made before C came home was to leave my job 5 weeks early and take some time for myself. i slept in, watched bad tv, stayed in my pjs all day if i wanted (oh wait, i still get to do that somedays :) and did all the things i wouldn't be able to as easily once he came home. i'm not sure i would have survived those first couple of weeks/months with out my *me* time. i'm so glad you're taking advantage of your last few days/weeks before choi boy comes home!

  28. Enjoy this time!!! You got the right idea, for sure. Please get a little sleep for me too, okay?!

  29. Enjoy this special time! Oh, and you can still eat sweets after he comes home, I am proof of that. :O) You just might have to share with the little person at your feet every once in a while!

  30. Yes, definitely take some time to enjoy those things before your little bundle comes home!

  31. Enjoy all the little things - because when your little guy comes home, you won't be able to think about anything else - your focus will be devoted to something absolutely new and wonderful!

  32. I can't wait to read about all the amazing things you will be doing with Choi boy!!!


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