Our Journey

why hello, there! thanks for stopping by!

this blog chronicles our journey as a family and the life, love, and laughter we encounter along the way.

if you are new here, here are some great places to start:
*our history
*our decision to adopt
*our match!
*our choi boy
*our family

if you don't want to read through all that, and don't worry, i won't judge you don't click on the links :), here's the short version of the story:

peter and i (grace) were married in 2005, and after 2 years of marriage and navigating through life together as a newly married couple, we decided to try and conceive to add to our little family.

after a year of trying to conceive, we were given some harrowing news and diagnosed with an irreversible condition that made conceiving on our own impossible.

we turned to adoption, something that had always been on our hearts, but came sooner than expected. we began the process of adopting from south korea in july 2009. after a grueling character-building application process and successful homestudy, we received a referral in late february and officially accepted the referral on march 1.

after nearly ten months of waiting to travel, we received our official travel call on december 9, 2010 and finally had our son in our arms on december 17, 2010. we are so blessed to call him ours!

join us as we continue on this journey!