Monday, October 11, 2010

what'd he say?!

a few weeks ago, one of my friends/colleagues came to me to talk about one of her students. this student moved to the states from korea in late spring and is still in the beginning stages of acquiring english.

my friend came to me because while she was teaching, her student kept saying something in korean and cracking himself up, to the point of distracting his classmates. so, my friend asked me what the word meant in a conversation that went something like this:

her: he keeps saying this word in korean and laughing hysterically!
me: do you know what the word is?
her: i don't know, something like "hong" or "hyong"?
me: hmmmm..."hyung" means older brother, but that's not really funny...
her: okay, that must not be it, i'll find out and come back to you.

a few days later, here's the conversation that unfolded:
her: i remembered!
me: what is it??
her: okay, it's "bong koo." is that something?
me (seriously stifling my own giggles): heehee, "bahng goo"?
her: yes! yes! that's it! what does it mean??
me: FART.

poor kid...he must have been so bored and not understanding anything, therefore resorting to entertaining himself by pretty much repeating the word "fart" over and over to himself. classy. ;)

the best part? my friend had me tell the boy to stop saying that and try to pay attention. then she said to him, "at school, we don't say those words. we say nice words. do you understand?"

he nodded fervently.

then i asked him in korean, "do you understand?"

and he looked at me and shook his head. :)

you gotta love the mind of a 6 year-old!


  1. Oh, that's priceless. My niece is 6, and yes, the mind of a 6 year old is really something else...

  2. Poor kid. and Poor teacher! :) It's hard to pay attention when you don't know what anyone is saying. It's hard to teach a class when one child insists on disrupting it!

    Hope the classroom environment improves soon!

  3. hehe..that is too funny!! good thing it wasn't anything "bad".

  4. haha! do you know, that is the only korean word my husband knows! (besides kim chi and anyoung haseiyo) i think he knows the phrase 'pbang ghoo, nim seh'... which is like fart-smell??? he learnt it from our good friend who's korean. and he's not six. he's thirty five hahahaha. (he tried it out on some korean uni students once and they weren't impressed ha.)
    your story is way cuter.

  5. And this is why we love first-graders... How cute!

  6. the fascination with poop & fart amongst boys is undeniable. just a taste of what lies ahead of you, dear grace. =)

  7. That's awesome. I'd probably resort to potty humor too... if I had no idea what was going on. :)

  8. I know you guys probably don't give grades in First grade, but this kid deserves an 'A' for his ability to amuse and occupy himself!

    I love this put a smile on my face today....thanks ;0)

  9. you can never go wrong with a fart joke! ( at least in my house anyway. :)

  10. that is awesome!!!! my mom is teaching Amelia--all of 2 yrs. old-- (and Erik) Korean. One day I came home, Erik passed gas, and Amelia giggled "Erik bahng-goo'd"!!!! Then she repeated bahng-goo for about 20 minutes afterwards.

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  12. bahng-goo is a favorite korean word in our house! =) too funny!

  13. too funny! fart, fart, fart, fart, fart....

  14. Hilarious.
    It is amazing what can make kids laugh.
    It is amazing what can make boys, even grown men laugh. And farting is one of those things. My hubby, bro, and bro in law were entertained w/the fart app for hours this weekend. They were laughing their heads off.
    So whether he is 6 or 60, if he needs a laugh, all he needs to remember is FART.

  15. Hilarious! Fart fart fart...

  16. I have to say . . no matter the age . . . fart in any language gets a good laugh at my house. Looking forward to our boys laughing together about bong-goo soon! :)

  17. hahahahahahaha!!! i love six year olds!

  18. Hilarious. Laughed out loud. And it takes a lot for me to do that! =) Thanks for the chuckle.

  19. Hi Grace! I stopped by your blog because I often see your comments on other blogs I follow. We seem to have some of the same boggy friends:).

    This story is really funny. As a fellow teacher, I can really appreciate the humor. I'm sure the little guy was mortified! But such a cute story!


    I sometimes wonder what it'd be like if we didn't grow up being exposed to two languages. I'd say pretty boring. And shopping, would not be as fun. "this is cute, but it's bee sah...." "geu yujah moh ee buh suh?"


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