Sunday, August 1, 2010


after 14 hours of driving (with 4 stops along the way), we made it to milwaukee. whohoo! yesterday, we spent the day meeting up with some friends and enjoying the lovely lake front.

when we got home from our fantastic day out and about, we settled down in my in-laws' cozy living room, catching up on some news (peter) and blogs (grace -- heehee).

all was well until peter showed me this article.

i wanted to simultaneously vomit and punch someone in the face.

basically, this french woman admitted to giving birth to, smothering, and killing 8 (EIGHT!!!) newborns over the course of 17 years. EIGHT BABIES!!!

her excuse? she didn't want any more children.


so instead, she births them, kills them, and buries them in her garden or hides them in plastic bags IN HER GARAGE!


this enrages me! it makes me want to shake my fist at the world and plead with God begging, "why? why? why?" and just a few days ago i read this post over at pcos chick's blog. talk about a ridiculous and disgusting double whammy!

it is just a reminder of how unfair this infertility journey has we have to be interviewed and background checked and fingerprinted and attend classes and pay gobs of money to bring home our son, and i know, i know, i know, it is all worth it and i would do it again in a heartbeat; but, this woman, this woman literally throws away EIGHT babies!

my heartaches for those eight precious lost souls...

i am so sad and angry and could continue to let that anger and my shouts of "it's not fair!" take over, but i'm going to stop.

i'm going to stop and try my very hardest to remember this post.


  1. Speechless. It's not fair and there are no words....

  2. I have no words. I'm going to go pick my jaw off the floor and go hug my child now.

  3. that is just terrible.

    i read your "sprinkles on top" post that you linked to at the end, it was great, thanks for sharing.


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