Monday, August 9, 2010

okay, i'll admit it...

milwaukee is kind of a cool town. :)

usually when we're here, it's butt cold and most of our time is spent indoors away from the harsh wisconsin winters, which happen to start, oh, october-ish. :) what can i say? i despise the cold!

this is the third time i've been here in the summer and the first time we've really had some extended time to explore parts of the city.

peter always talks about how amazing lake michigan is and that it lives up to its status as a great lake. eh, call me an east coast snob (my brother-in-law totally did), but there's nothing like the ocean.

but, i will say, lake michigan is quite lovely and did feel a bit (a smidge, really) like the ocean in its vastness. piper enjoyed romping around, too.

we saw these tents set up with mobs of people milling about and heard the unmistakeable sound of polka!turns out, it was brewfest! so fun!
we wanted to sample some of the goods, but as we walked around, we noticed that everyone was wearing bracelets, meaning that it was probably a flat fee for unlimited sampling. we were right. and as we walked up to the ticket booth, we saw the prices and a fairly large sign that said, "NO PETS." oops. :)

so instead, we strolled around the lake, people watching. we saw a weird guy rockin' out and disco dancing on rollerblades and SIX wedding parties. mostly, we enjoyed the view and peter turned to me every few minutes and said, "see? it's nice, right?"
yes, it *was* nice. :)

we also enjoyed some iced coffee at alterra, a local coffee chain. very cute and fun. and we loved the outdoor seating.
the houses around that area are gorgeous! this one was my favorite:i could definitely live in milwaukee if that was my house! :)

as much as i cannot stand the wisconsin cold, i will say that it is a fun city in the summmer -- hope to be here for summerfest sometime!

til next time, milwaukee!


  1. Milwaukee is on my list... Someday! I feel like there is a very short period of "pleasant" weather there though... Hmmmm....

  2. Having grown up in the Great Lake State, I can attest to the beauty of them. (well except for lake Erie, we're snobs in MI! LOL!) While the oceans are wonderful, there is nothing quite like the smell of the great lakes. If only I could bottle it...

  3. being an east-coast girl turned midwesterner, i can totally relate to the lake/ocean thing. my midwestern husband looked at me with complete befuddlement when i told him I wanted to see water - I felt so landlocked living in the middle of the country. His response - 1000 lakes + the great lakes and you want to see water.

    So I get it!

    But it turns out that the great lakes really are cool, even if they aren't the ocean. And as for the weather, well, you get used to that :)

    I've been enjoying your blog and following your journey to your son. Hope that you are holding him soon...

  4. Oooh... it *does* look nice! You're making me so jealous of your ability to just wander around as a couple with no little noses to wipe and diapers to change. Which, ironically, I know is exactly what you want. But let me live vicariously through you for a bit, and you can look at my blog and do the same if you want :)
    Wow, I need sleep...

  5. Hi Grace, isn't Alterra great? Did you go to the one on the lake front? Funny, I used to live on the east side, so I know exactly which house that is! They have a roof top patio which I'm sure has amazing views! Glad you're enjoying Milwaukee! If you have time, you should check out Water Street Brewery - great beer and I love their homemade chips!

  6. I agree--there's nothing like the ocean! Lake Michigan is nice, but in a different way. I love that picture of you and Piper, and that house is gorgeous! Seems like you are having a good time in WI!

  7. We love our summers here in the midwest. It is a different kind of summer than on the east coast, but still very fun. Of course Milwaukee has a Brewfest with a polka band. Love it!

  8. LOVE that house you spied in Milwaukee. LOVE old houses...which is good: we have one.

    Great lake shots. Your coffee looks yummy!

  9. OK, you have *almost* sold me on Milwaukee but since I'm not only a coast snob (like you), I'm also a WEST Coast snob so HA! But good coffee + amazingly beautiful house + vast lake almost like an ocean = I might be persuaded. Oh, except for the winters and not the summers if there is any humidity. I'm hard to please :)

  10. ssshhh. don't tell anyone about MKE. It's a fabulous place and I'd hate to see it change! I'm a west coastie too, but there's much to love about Brew City. The folks are unassuming, traffic is a breeze, the city is clean and beautiful. If any of you make it this way, I'll buy you a beer!

  11. Sounds like a great time! I had to laugh at the weird disco dancing dude....we were just cracking up at a wacky guy techno dancing on the boardwalk all by himself last week. Pure entertainment!


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