Wednesday, August 11, 2010

wardrobe - part 1.

not gonna lie, friends, i love to shop.

i totally get a shopping high when i find bargains and fully believe in spaving.

with choi boy coming, there is now a newfound reason to shop: baby clothes! (if he's reading this, my husband is totally similutaneously cringing and rolling his eyes right now.)

at first, i was all, "girl clothes are so much cuter than boy clothes." but, after looking around, i've found some awesome things to add to choi boy's wardrobe. plus, i like me a shopping challenge. and here's the best thing about baby clothes: they are SUPER cute and SUPER cheap! a full priced t-shirt for five bucks? sure! i'll take two!

here are some pieces that i've bought or were given to us for choi boy's wardrobe...

first up, awesome t-shirts!

this one was a gift from a friend, given to me at my shower. her husband is one of the praise leaders at our church, so it was fitting to get this shirt from them:it says, "that's my jam!" how cute is that?

i bought this as a gift for peter on father's day:
this one was a gift from the snyders -- can't wait to have choi boy wear it on his first trip to OBX!
and this one is my favorite!it's a vintage-y beatles t-shirt, from none other than my favorite place, target! my dad is a big beatles fan (i was *almost* named michelle), making me a fan by birth, and i'm going to have grandpa teach choi boy all my favorite beatles songs!

this one is extra special because one of my students made it for choi boy. the letters are a little crooked, but i think that makes it even sweeter because it is evident that it was made by six year-old hands:

and, finally, this t-shirt, paired here with distressed denim jeans, is one of the first things we bought for choi boy. it's an american apparel t-shirt and we just couldn't resist getting it!

and now on to the preppy portion of the wardrobe...

these two outfits are from gym*boree. choi boy's auntie vic introduced me to the cuteness that is gym*boree. she actually went out and bought two really cute outfits for him the day after we got his referral, but we had to return them because they were too small. so, instead, here's what we ended up with:love it! peter's not sure about the doggy vest, but i think it's adorable. besides, who else can get away with wearing a doggy vest besides a cute baby? i know some elementary school teachers think they can, but they can't.

sorry, did i just say that? listen, i've been around more than my share of holiday-themed sweater vests...not a pretty sight.

and of course, you can't go wrong with a little RL. this one's from auntie sylvia and uncle ricky. choi boy and his daddy can be matchy matchy in their polo shirts.
and finally, on to loungewear.

monkeys seem to by choi boy's thing. well, according to me and others. this boy better like monkeys 'cause he's got a barrel of monkey stuff!

sorry. couldn't resist. ;)

this was a gift from my second cousin, who was also my first babysitter. look at the adorable pouch on the front and the tail on the back:
and last, but not least, everyone needs a monkey pirate sweatshirt, right?
love, love, love it!

you know what i'd love more?

seeing choi boy actually *in* these clothes. ;) he is going to be SO dapper.


  1. Those are all so precious! Can't wait till your boy is wearing them.

  2. so cute! it makes me excited to get grant some fact, i think i need to do some online shopping now (shh...don't tell tom!)...hahahah!

  3. Wait a minute... does that mean that you will not be posting pictures of yourself in a few weeks wearing a sweater with apples and school buses and letters on it? (You know that sweater? Why would anyone have that sweater. It's ridic.)

    Also, do you think they make monkey pirate sweatshirts in women's sizes? Because I would definitely buy one.

  4. Gasp! The monkey onesie? Love it.
    But my fave is the Cc shirt. Cute stuff!!!

  5. Ummm...great have a good eye for adorable things. Boy clothing is WAY cuter than I think it used to be...either that or I'm just way more interested now...hmmm. I LOVE THAT hoodie. Needs to find me one for my boy too. CUTE!

  6. I used to think girl's clothes were cuter, too, until I started shopping! You've got SO many cute clothes for Choi Boy. I love them! Gymboree is a favorite here, too. Love that monkey romper!

  7. So cute! We got a monkey romper for Joel too with the cute little tail on the back! Consider getting the Gymboree save 5% everytime you shop there which is like almost not paying tax every time you shop at Gymboree!

  8. LOVE. Love love love. I especially [heart] the statement about your husband simultaneously cringing and rolling his eyes. (My husband did/does the same thing)

  9. Let me count the ways in which I love this post. First, didn't know the term spaving but I TOTALLY do that too. Second, my mom is one of those elementary school teachers who wear holiday themed sweaters. She has one, for example, where the stockings can actually HOLD real candy canes and she does indeed put them there. Third, my husband also rolled his eyes at all the clothes I bought pre-Max and guess what? Now he's TOTALLY into it and is like, what should Max wear today and he takes it really seriously. It's very cute. Fourth, I can't stand the tail. AND, last, love all these clothes and I can't WAIT to see Choi Boy in them too. Soon!!

  10. I'm with Kelly that I love the word 'spaving.' I do it too. As much as I love to shop, I was a bit paralyzed before G came home and had a hard time doing it...weird?! But you are so right that kid's clothes are's great but deadly.
    I love love the clothes for CC...but especially the crooked 'carson' tee, the CC from AA and the beatles tee.
    G has a ton of polo too, when that stuff goes on sale my MIL goes nuts.

  11. I loved buying and recieving clothes. These are adorable. Your son is going to be one stylin little man!

  12. I'm in love with the monkey clothes!! Your little one is going to be so stylin' & rad!

  13. Such great stuff! I ❤ that monkey hoodie and one piece monkey outfit. :) Yeah, love monkeys. :)


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