Tuesday, August 3, 2010


one of my big worries throughout this waiting process is anticipating what the relationship between piper and choi boy will be like.

i worry a lot about the possibilty of choi boy being allergic to dogs. this would *BREAK* my heart because i love piper so much and do not even want to think about saying goodbye to her before i have to. in fact, i'm going to stop writing about it because it makes me too sad.

awww, even rereading that makes me tear up!

enough, grace! sheesh!

anyway. i also worry what piper will be like around choi boy. she is the sweetest dog and has never even so much as growled at anyone.

squirrels, groundhogs and rabbits on the other hand? oh boy, she will go at them! but she doesn't stand a chance against their quickness. did i tell you that she is the most unathletic and clumsiest dog ever? seriously. one day, i'll post a video of her version of "fetch". in quotation marks because it's *that* ridiculous.

i never worried piper would ever get intentionally violent with choi boy; in fact, she loves children and cannot get enough of them. but, she's never really been around baby babies before and i didn't know how she'd react around one. after all the ridiculous things she's managed to eat and destroy, i had visions of torn up diapers and crib mattresses and toys and, well, inadvertantly, baby.


after seeing piper with molly, i have no worries! if anything, my only worry is that piper loves babies *too* much. it's like she wants to kiss them all over, and no sliver of exposed skin will go unkissed.

piper and mollypop became fast friends.

piper was very confused at first about baby toys and did not understand why she couldn't play with them. so, instead, she made up for it by standing as close as possible to mollypop and giving her an occasional kiss. this shot is mid-kiss:
then, molly decided to explore piper.

first, she tried to scale her like a mountain:
then, she tried to find out what piper tasted like:her little face was covered with little piper hairs! it was so funny and she tried to keep doing it, but my sister-in-law and i had to make her stop.

finally, she tried to mount piper like horse:it was too cute to see piper totally unfazed by mollypop's antics. she even tried to kiss her while molly was climbing all over her. although, this might have been pipe's gentle way of saying, "hey, that pinching? doesn't feel so great!"

mollypop was even nice enough to share some of her dinner with piper! i think piper was willing some of those chicken pieces to fall to the floor:

now, granted, mollypop's grown up all her life with her dog, a cutie cockapoo, so she's used to the craziness that dogs sometimes bring with them.

i know it will take a while for choi boy to get to this same point, but at least i know now that while we wait for him to get there, piper won't try to eat him.


  1. I was so panicked that Gabe would be allergic to our cat and my heart would be broken too. But he was fine and he LOVES animals. I bet Choi boy will be fine with a animal, and I personally think it's good for kids to grow up with a pet.

  2. Oh man, I so remember that stress! And seriously, Roxy leaving this house was *not* an option!! They still have their moments, trust me... but it's usually a happy family here! (Usually.) PHEW!

    And you'll appreciate your first baby so much more once your second baby is home...

  3. That is precious! So glad that Piper and your niece got along so well. She's gonna be great with Choi boy!

  4. Aww, cute! I bet they'll be best friends. My boss at my summer job had pictures of her 18-month-old sitting on their lab like a horse. She said the dog is used to it and just slowly gets up when she's tired of it, letting the baby slowly slide off her back.

  5. How awesome that you could give Piper a "test-drive" of sorts with another kid!
    As for allergies, my fingers are crossed for you. We think Ingrid might be allergic to cats, but frankly, they're not going anywhere, so the kid's getting drugged.

  6. We had the same worries, too! But Joel isn't allergic to dogs and he and Nyla get along really well. It's fun to watch them together. It looks like Piper will be just great with your son!

  7. Labs seem to be really good with children. I wouldn't worry about he allergy thing yet. There is a slim chance of that :) Get rid of those tears!!

  8. Piper seems like SUCH a good dog around kids - that's awesome! I bet there's no need to worry :)


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