Friday, August 20, 2010

just what i needed.

thank you so much for all your sweet, loving and encouraging comments on my last post. they each felt like the huge hugs i needed! the blog world has me gushing again. ;)

even though we found about this new information last friday, it wasn't until i wrote about it that i was able to fully process my thoughts and feelings. that's what i love about writing, and it's been so cathartic throughout our adoption process.

so anyway, yesterday, after posting that, i was in such a funk and welled up with tears more than once.

my sweet mommy took me out for shopping, mani/pedis and dinner (i had to will myself to walk away from gymb*ree without purchasing anything. so hard.) and while we were out and about, i received another email from our dossier specialist.

this one, though?

made my heart sing!

she sent us new photos of choi boy! just what i needed to pick me up and get me out of the gunky funk i was in. after i saw them, all i could do was giggle and smile. it was like the Lord knew exactly what would cheer me up!




a few thoughts on these photos:

1. seriously can't stand the hair clips in his hair. i don't get it. but, it makes me think he is such a sweet, easy going fella, because i think i counted THREE clips in his hair, and he is totally chill about having them there. :)

2. love him in his non-weird-korean outfit! that's actually a onesie that my sweet friend, vic, got for choi boy! we sent it over in his last care package along with a toy and some disposable cameras that i hope are being used just as well! :) love the little embroidered electric guitar!

3. looks like his baby fat has thinned out a bit and that he's gotten taller instead. secretly, i'm hoping he gets fatter because i really want him to have squishy, squishy thighs.

4. is it just me, or does he look like he's getting cuter?!

nah, it's not just me. ;)


  1. It is NOT just you!!! He is sooo cute - don't you want to just pick him up and squeeze him super hard? Dumb question - I know you do!! Isn't it amazing how the updated photos come at JUST THE EXACT PERFECT TIME? That happened with us too. When we were at our lowest moments, we'd get new photos and it helped tremendously. Now about those hair clips, this seems to be a common occurrence and here's what I think is going on. They don't want the foster family to cut their hair. They want the new parents to have that honor so obviously with some kids the hair gets suuuuper long. Hence the clips. Our friends Kristin and Nick who were picking up their sweet Evan at the same time as us were kinda shocked by his little pony tail - it was adorable but they did cut it when they got home. Here's their blog if you want to check it out:

  2. hiya lady! oofers i read a bunch of posts at once -- aigoooo -- but! i am so glad that you have this new set of fotos to swoon over! it looks like the little mister is happy and healthy and i'm glad he's in good hands (even though those same hands can't give haircuts). you and peter are just like your choi boy - surrounded by people who care about you! hang in there, lovely!

  3. He is SUPER adorable!
    I agree on the squishy thighs. The fatter the better when it comes to babies.
    I love that God knows exactly what we need and when we need it.

  4. What *perfect* timing for those photos! I'm so happy that you got those, though I know they pale in comparison to having the real dude.
    The hair clippies are the funniest thing. But I love your prediction that he's an easygoing fellow - our Olive is so laidback and it's nice to have that as a first baby!

  5. He is SO SO SO cute I can hardly stand it. I love seeing the new pictures. I can't wait to meet him. I know that he will be great friends with Jacob and Noah! If he needs to pack back on those baby pounds we have a few places we could go out to eat together! :)

  6. OMG--too adorable! I can't wait to meet him!!!

  7. You have one beautiful boy there! It's amazing how one little email can totally change your day!
    And what a wonderful mom to treat you to such a nice evening!

  8. He is so cute! I love the clips in his hair...must be a korean thing...our son has photos of him with clips in his hair too! =)
    Praise God for his perfect timing with the photos to cheer you up!

  9. Oh my goodness! He is just absolutely beautiful!! I am beyond thrilled for you that this gift came just at the very moment you needed it the most.

    And the hair accessories must be so friend Jodi's son ( who came home the same day as Noah ) came off the airplane with half of his long hair piled in a big ponytail on top of his head with a quite large yellow scrunchie. :)

  10. I'm sooo glad you received these photos just when you needed them most.
    I cracked up at the hairclips. I guess they don't want to cut his hair?!

  11. Yeah for new pictures!!! He is a cutie!!! I agree that FM is probably leaving his hair long so you can give him his first haircut.

  12. A.DOR.A.BLE!!! Such a cutie! Love how the pictures came at just the perfect time. He knew his momma needed a smile!

  13. OH. MY. WORD. I squealed with delight when I saw these photos! SOOOOO cute!!!! EEK!!!

    And the hair clips are hysterical. HYSTERICAL. And I love that little shirt.

    As for squishy thighs? Don't you worry my friend. Spence has squishy little thighs, and you see what a string bean he is. I bet you'll have thighs to squish as well!

  14. Yay for photos! I'm so stoked for you that you got some new ones! it brings such hope and excitement. at the same time i'm sure it is still hard.
    my nieces and nephews live across the world and every time i get a new photo or video i look or watch them over and over again, wondering how they are doing and wishing to be closer. i think that is a super--super-miniscule version of what you must be feeling.
    praying that you and peter continue to be sustained through Christ's comfort. so sorry you are having to wait more.

  15. Perfect timing.
    Perfect photos.
    Perfect God.

    And how wonderful that your mom is there to help cheer you up!

    You are one day closer to holding your son - I'm praying that day will be very soon.

  16. Your son is absolutely adorable!! He looks so huggable in those pictures. We are praying that you will get to travel this fall to finally hold him in your arms. I love your blog! I just linked through from Christine.

  17. Hooray for timely pictures! This kid is adorable! And yeah, the hairclips are a little weird...And I love the chunky baby phase too, maybe he'll chunk out a little when he comes home?

  18. So cute! So happy you got updated photos! Hurray! I agree with you on the hair clips though... ;) He is just so adorable!

  19. Hey, I found you! What a small world. It was great to meet you at the yardsale. When I heard you mention your bloggy friend in Seattle I thought "Kelly" and yup, right there on her blog was a link to yours.

    Your little man is such a cutie and I know you can't wait to get him home.

  20. Definitely NOT just you, he is so, so cute!!!!

    I am so sorry to hear about the potential delays in paperwork. What a blessing that you got those pictures just when you needed them!

  21. He IS so cute! Both of our boys are getting so big!

  22. I'm SO glad those photos came!! Your little boy is such a cutie! Love those hair clips. :)

  23. OH, he is so cute. I love his facial expressions. I hope you can bring him home soon.

  24. He is just absolutely gorgeous!!!

    #56 Miss Ruby

  25. Oh, YAY YAY YAY!!! What a cutie-pie...he has such an adorable little face! What a blessing to get this pictures at this time. Thinking of you and hoping you'll be holding him soon...every day brings you closer!

  26. He is soooo cute!! Yay for updated pictures!!! Ok, I have to go look at him again.

  27. Soooo very cute! I'm so glad you got just what you needed to get out of your funk. I think those pics could get anyone out of a funk :) Can't wait to see you again soon!!

  28. oh man. He is definitely getting cuter. It is not just you. I love the hair!

  29. Hi searching the web tonight, and came across your blog. Small world, we are also from wisconsin and my daughter and son-n-law are also adopting from korea with about the same timeline as you. referral in early feb, now just anxiously waiting to meet their son also. Where in Wisconsin are u from? I'm sure my daughter would love to e-mail with you.Maybe you will travel around the same time. E-mail address is


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