Wednesday, August 18, 2010

happy birthday to my hubs!

today my dear hubs turns a year older.


i love birthdays. i love that they are celebrations of life and markers of each year of God's faithfulness (though we may not see or realize it 'til way later) in our lives.

so, today we celebrate another year of peter's life and all the good things that have come with it.

and, because it is the last birthday he will have before he is officially a daddy, we're going to party it up!

meaning we're going to hang out with some friends, eat a lot, laugh and probably break out some board games that we will all play with fierce competitive spirit. sounds like my kinda party! :)


peter and his birthday present -- a donald driver jersey he's been coveting :)


  1. Happy Bday Big P! I'll have to wear my Skins' Cooley jersey to balance out that Packer nonesense!!!!

  2. OMG, the second pose is AWESOME.
    And good idea to yuk it up... birthdays get a lot more tame post-kids.
    Happy bday, Peter!

  3. Happy birthday! I hope you guys have a fabulous party! Good luck on the board games.

  4. Happy birthday Peter! Yeah, go crazy at this year's celebration. Drink a LOT and stay up late partying because next year's bday will be wonderful but, um, very different :)

  5. Happy Happy Birthday!!! Enjoy every moment of your celebrating!!! :)

  6. that second pic is great! love it!! miss you guys.

  7. Happy Birthday, Peter! Go Pack!
    Check out my newest post to see more Koreans wearing Packer jerseys :)


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