Sunday, August 8, 2010

off to the fair! (alternatively titled, "a day of gluttony.")

when we found out we would be in wisconsin the same time as the state fair, we were THRILLED! fried fair food, eclectic vendors, farm animals, and rides? yes, please!

we went on saturday with peter's sweet and hilarious cousins (sarah, eunice and grace) and were blessed with gorgeous weather, perfect for getting lost in state fair madness.

our one mission for the day?


and i can confidently say that our mission was fully accomplished. here is our eating adventure in pictures (if you have an aversion to deep fried foods, stop reading now. if you are like me and gobble up anything fried, grab some napkins 'cause you're gonna drool)...

first stop, cheese curds:
see the look of sheer joy on my face? mmmmmmm!
next, a garlic butter potato on a stick (why is it that food tastes so much better on a stick?) and fried onion crispies:
at the same time, loaded fries and chocolate-covered bacon:
this food vendor also sold the single most disgusting?delicious? thing i've ever seen...i couldn't bring myself to get one, so we had the eunice and grace pose with the cutout that depicted it:yes, that is a cheeseburger on a krispy kreme doughnut bun.

i have no words.

though we passed on the cheeseburger doughnut, we absolutely had to have funnel cake. what is a visit to the fair without funnel cake?
and finally, our last food item of the day, a bloomin' onion. yum! yes, i realize we consumed two different types of fried onion (it could have been three had we had onion rings!), but that's how we roll.

we *did* actually do other things besides eating...peter and gracie got matching fayke-bans (see what i did there? hee.)
eunice and i got henna tattoos:
we saw a hilarious and adorable pig race (they were running for iced oatmeal cookies):

we went for a ride on the sky glider: where we saw MORE delicious food. check out the bird's eye view of a grill filled with meatballs:
and, the world famous cream puffs!
we also couldn't resist a picture by a random giant tractor -- it was literally just chillin' in the grass area among the picnic benches:
and finally, i found the perfect ring upgrade for our upcoming fifth anniversary:just kidding.

loved our time at state fair and so glad it happened during our visit! i know i say this all the time, but i can't wait until we can bring choi boy with us next time! :)


  1. Ok, how super-fun is that!!! Love the diamond, love all the fun, but I LOOOOOOVE your tour-de-fried-food. What a sweet goal. And well accomplished, I might add.
    I'm a little freaked out that you went *over* the meatballs... if people did that all day long, who knows what ended up in them?
    Please invite me the next time you go. Just think - with one more person, you could consume so many more different fried options. I would, of course, need to get cotton candy.

  2. There really is nothing quite like a good old fashioned mid-western county fair. Gosh, I miss them!

  3. Hahahahaha I LOVED your stories about the State Fair! I wish I had gone with you! :)

  4. Oh. My. God. I'm about to go raid my snack cabinet, fry some bacon and make some caramel popcorn. YUM doesn't even begin to sum it up.

    I must hear more about the chocolate covered bacon.

  5. How funny that we posted at the same time? did we miss the chocolate covered bacon??!! Oh, I know..we had a toddler with us. I was scouting out the glider for Choi's but I couldn't find you.
    Glad you indulged in all that WI has to offer.

  6. Yum! I'm drooling over all that food. I love fried food, too. I about gagged when I saw that cheeseburger, though. I don't eat meat, but if I did there is no way that would sound good to me! It looks like you all had so much fun. Next year you'll have lots of pics with Choi boy, which is so exciting!

  7. Aww... you are in MKE! Hope you are having a great time. Pig races are the best.

  8. You have me salivating. What fun. I think I probably would have pucked thought going on the rides! I love the pictures :)

  9. OK, seriously, I'm not a state fair kinda gal but this is making me want to go and eat tons of fried food. This looks AWESOME!

  10. Mmmmm! Fried stuff! I was just at the Jersey shore last week and saw the chocolate covered bacon. How was it? I was a bit afraid to give it a whirl. :)


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