Sunday, August 15, 2010

wardrobe - part 2. or, "what happens when boys shop."

people, things are out of control.

remember that cute little wardrobe i was building for choi boy?

well, one trip to wisconsin changed things a bit.

my hubs, my guy's guy hubs who HATES to shop, went a bit overboard in the baby clothing department. just a bit.

look at these new additions to choi boy's wardrobe, courtsey of daddy:

the front:and back:
and the best?
mmmHMM. AND, peter wants to add iron-on letters on the back that say "CHOI". kinda cute, yes. a little crazy? definitely.

and we also got some more badger gear from some very dear and sweet friends:i LOVE this baseball tee.

if you've been counting, that's 2 packers shirts, 4 badgers shirts, 1 brewers shirt, and 1 badgers sippy cup.

sippy cup?
sippy cup.

yes, these shirts are most definitely cute, but poor choi boy already has wisconsin gear/propaganda thrust upon him and he isn't even home yet! some of the clothes are ones he'll have to grow into, so he'll have wisconsin gear to last him quite a while.

as in 4 or 5 years. :)

actually, i think it's really cute that peter was so excited about getting choi boy all this stuff. he's even more excited to pass on his obsession/love for the packers, badgers, and brewers.

but, the line had to be drawn at the bucks.

c'mon, the little guy has to root for at least ONE team from his momma's home teams! GO KNICKS!

(diclaimer: yes, i know, new jersey has a basketball team, too, but when i was growing up, nets games were rarely broadcasted. and to be fair, madison square garden was closer than continental airlines arena. plus, my dad rooted for the knicks.
okay, i'm done being defensive.)

the next time we're in new york, we are most definitely picking up a knicks tee for choi boy. peter accuses me of being a fake fan, and it's true, i haven't kept up with them like i used to (i had a SERIOUS crush on john starks in 1994 and was MAJORLY in love with allan houston thoughout the 2000s), but i still love them and will have my son proudly wear the blue and orange!

AND, i'm going to have find a shirt that says NEW JERSEY or EXIT 18 OFF THE TURNPIKE.


poor baby. he's going to have to put up with the crazies that are his momma and daddy.


  1. Too funny!! He's going to look cute in all this gear :)

  2. Ha! Love it. You'd better get that TC soon, or you'll be broke! ;)

  3. exit 18 is also the exit for smith college! is he gonna get a smith shirt too? :P

  4. Peter sure had fun picking out those clothes! Your son will look cute no matter what he wears. :)

  5. I totally have a T-shirt addiction for Noah. ( although, Glenn and I aren't into sports at all, so I just look for quirky ones. :) A kid can never have too many, I say! :)

  6. OK - First... I love the damage your husband did while shopping for Choi Boy. Love. It.

    (And I couldn't agree more on the Nets)

    AND I used to have a "Jersey Girl" shirt that I loved... sigh. I did see "New Jersey" shirts at the Turnpike Rest Stop in June... but I might need to borrow your "exit" idea. I love that!

    GSP Exit 135



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