Saturday, August 7, 2010

chingoos {friends}.

the other day i had the privilege of getting together with a bloggy friend and her little boy -- joanna and gabe of little bit o'seoul.

we had such fun chatting and laughing, it was like we had been friends in real life all along. it just goes to show what an amazing community the blog world creates!

joanna was so sweet in answering the bazillion questions i had and was also great about sharing more of her own experience with gabe. plus she has a great laugh! ;)

and that gabe?

he was quite charming, and, dare i say, a little flirty! ;) at one point, he took my hand, turned it over and i swear he was checking to see if i was wearing a wedding ring. sadly, i had to break the news that i was, indeed, taken and a bit out of his age range.

gabe was so cute and kept us entertained with his silliness. he decided both joanna and i needed a makeover and proceeded to give us lipliner, lipgloss and lipstick from joanna's purse. too cute!

unfortunately, i only managed to snag one picture, but hopefully we'll see each other again soon! we tried to meet up at the wisconsin state fair, but it was absolute chaos there, so until next time, here's the one photo we have:
yay for new friends! :) this was definitely one of the highlights of our chicago/wisconsin trip!


  1. I love the WI State Fair! Are you still in WI?

  2. Looks like fun! Yay for meeting bloggy friends in person!

  3. awww, shucks..I think I'm blushing. It was so great to meet you, I just wish it was a longer meeting! Gabe loved you and I was struck at how comfortable he was with you. Of course I was comfortable with you too!
    I think I need to add chingoos to my that word!

  4. I'm totally stealing the word chingoos. That's awesome! Now isn't that Gabe a sweetie?! Oh my word. And JoJo just rocks. I'm a wee bit jealous I don't live closer to you all!

  5. I love it when bloggy friends meet!! I have also had the great pleasure of meeting Joanna and Gabe and you are correct - they are AWESOME!!

  6. Hi Grace,

    Thank you so much for your comment on my blog and introducing yourself. I'm looking forward to following your journey...and when I can snag some free time, reading your old posts too. :) How cool that you got to meet Joanna and Gabe! Totally jealous over here! Joanna was one of the first bloggy friends I made. ( we met over on the Holt forums. ) So cool to get to meet blog friends in real life!


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