Monday, August 2, 2010

stream of consciousness.

i apologize for the slightly negative tone of my last post - ha!

to make up for it, and to distract my (still rather fuming) mind, let's just dig up some randomness, shall we?

i have been eaten alive by mosquitoes.

seriously. apparently, mosquitoes are taking over parts of wisconsin. i literally was bitten 15 times in a matter of 10 minutes.

after bite is my new best friend.

mosquitoes remind me of this book that my sixth grade teacher, ms. greene, whom we called the mean greene machine behind her back, read to us. it was called incognito mosquito: private insective. does anyone else remember this?

anyone? anyone? bueller?

right now, i'm in the very city where ferris bueller spent his day off!

danke shoen, darling danke shoen...

i love that movie.

i used to love matthew broderick. he made simba come to life, was dreamy and heroic in glory and was amazing in the producers. but then he started doing some weird stuff. we redbox'd deck the halls a while ago and it was seriously disturbing...a waste of two hours of my life.

i wonder what matthew and SJP's life is like. i wonder if they break out into spontaneous song and dance together and put on amazing puppet shows for their kids. 'cuz that would be so rad.

i wonder if SJP got to keep her wardrobe from SATC. i wonder if she wears clothes like that in real life.

sometimes, i think carrie is a fashion genius and other times, i think she must have been on crack.

i relate most to charlotte on SATC. it's funny, we both went to smith college, we're both quite girly, and we both struggled with infertility. my sister thinks it's uncanny.

but, i really really reeeally hope people don't think i'm uptight like charlotte.

often, people with type A personalities really freak me out.

but, gosh, i think when people sometimes see me at work, they think i'm type A.

this makes me sad.

but seriously, people, trying to manage 23 five and six year-olds requires a little bit of order and control. just a little.

i miss my students.

when i see them again, they're going to be full-fledged first graders.

first grade seems so much older than kindergarten.

i like 'em young.

my niece, molly, is 10 and a half months right now and she is so fun! i love this age. she is actually only 2 days younger than choi boy! they are going to have a blast growing up together as cousins.

look how cute she is!
unfortunately, i cannot take any credit for her adorableness since she is my husband's sister's daughter, but i have absolutely no qualms about showing her off. :)

she and choi boy are going to look so cute hanging out together!

i miss my son and i can't wait to squeeze his chubby little legs like i've been squeezing mollypop's. she even has those super cute baby bracelets caused by excess baby fat.

baby fat is so cute.

why can't fat be cute on adults?

question of the century, my friends.

question of the century.


  1. Being type A isn't so bad. At least we get things done! LOL!

    And, yeah those northerner Mosquitos have the Florida ones beat hands down.

  2. I love that Mollypops and Choi Boy are 2 days apart! They'll look cute sportin' their baby bracelets together :)

  3. Looooooove this post! It's like I'm in your head! Lovely pictures. Your nieve is adorable....

  4. This is such a great post! I have often wondered if sjp was able to keep any of those clothes. Or shoes!

  5. Molly has the yummiest, squishiest baby thighs I've ever seen!

  6. Oh how I love the randomness of this post. It may be random, but I was interested in everything you said!


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