Tuesday, August 17, 2010

stop taunting me!

it's that time of year again.

and it feels like everywhere things are taunting me to remind me of it:

school supplies are running out.

halloween costumes and candy are on display. (really, people? REALLY? it's not even september!)

children's stores are offering a wide variety of items that could be worn as school uniforms.

jack johnson's "we're going to be friends" keeps coming up on my pandora.

fall clothes are being sold and summer clothes are on clearance. not even on sale, ON CLEARANCE.

i keep getting emails from vacation rental and hotel companies with subject lines like, "HOT END-OF-SEASON RATES!" and "BOOK YOUR LAST SUMMER GETAWAY!"

that staples commercial where the parents run through the aisles singing "it's the most wonderful time of the year" keeps airing. on every network. (which is funny, because that's the song my friend and i run through the halls singing after the kids leave on the last day of school.)


yes, friends, it's true.

i have less than 2 weeks left before i return to work.

don't get me wrong, i love my job. in fact, i don't consider it a job, but rather, a calling.

but still. a girl could get used to: nights with ample sleep, and waking up AFTER the sun rises, and eating lunch at a reasonable hour instead of 10:50am, and going out on a wednesday night just because, and just being lazy in general.


i'm going to relish every last one of these last days of summer break.

and i know that once i head back, i'll be excited to be there and will fully throw myself back into the swing of things, eager to start a fresh, new year.

but for now, i'm going to mourn the end of summer.


okay, all you non-teachers can start throwing things at me now.

p.s. i know that there will be no such thing as summer break once i'm in mommymode, but for now, i choose to whine. indulge me a little, will you? ;)


  1. um, i just threw a peanut at you. haha.

  2. Whoa, lunch at 10:50am? OK, I've always been jealous of you teachers. I KNOW you work hard during the school year but to have the summer off? That is just so awesome. Sorry it's coming to an end :( Enjoy the last stretch of summer while you can!!

  3. I'm throwing a tomato at you right now. :-)

    I understand though. My boss gave us Friday's off for June and July. I tried not to complain too much about loosing them when August came around.

    If it makes you feel better, the schools where I am have been in session for two weeks already.

    Hope you enjoy the last days of summer!

  4. I hope you enjoy the time you have left. As much as it must be amazing to have summers off, I'd be totally getting those nervous, anxious butterflies every year when it was time to go back. :(

  5. So jealous you have two weeks before entering the buildings! I'm currently in training right now before the rascals, I mean natives- aka- students come back next week!
    Enjoy it!

  6. I know how you feel--I used to teach fifth grade and it was so hard to go back in the fall! I hope you enjoy your last days of summer!

  7. Oh, I'm sorry your freedom is drawing to a close... that's so rough! I had trouble returning to work from vacation (and my job was my passion as well) I can't even imagine what it would be like after a whole summer!

  8. Being a former teacher, I know your pain. Although I never shared your love for the job. It was all just a miserable dirge until the first day of school. So, hugs to you, and may the transition be smooth and wonderful!

  9. i'm on the other side of the world, so i'm waiting for summer to come (won't be for another few months)...
    but end of summer totally sucks!
    i'm so sorry. i have many teacher friends so i can imagine it is pretty stinky counting down the days.
    hope you have an awesome last two weeks!

  10. I kept seeing you post on many of my bloggy friend's blogs so I had to check out your blog. As a fellow teacher, I agree that it is hard to go back but now that I am a mom, it is even harder:-(


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