Wednesday, July 14, 2010

to do:

so, with my summer vacation, peter's sabbatical, and choi boy's impending arrival, we've got our hands full with projects and goals that we would like to complete this summer.

in an attempt to motivate myself to actually finish these things, i'm going to post my list on this here world wide web. feel free to check up on me/nag me to see how things are going!

chois-r-us summer 2010 to do list:
*work out at least five times a week
*eat healthier
*work on choi boy's life book
*visit my grandpa in new jersey
*clean and organize our closets (anyone want to do a clothing swap?)

and the mega projects:
*convert guest room to choi boy's room. here are some before shots:
this shot is from after our teenage boys cousins stayed over, so it's actually usually a little (okay, a smidge) neater than this:right now, the room is filled with lots of choi boy's loot (a post on this to come) from my school shower and shower from my students. everything is still in boxes because there's nowhere to put anything! we'll have to do some serious closet organzing and purging to find room for all the baby stuff...

*organize office/2nd guest room, especially the closet, which looks like this (and i'm only posting this because i trust you not to judge me):i know, gross! don't show my mom this picture! to be quite honest, a lot of stuff in this closet hasn't been touched since we moved in four years ago. we bought the place, closed, and moved in all within a week, which also happened to be the crazy teacher work week before the students come in, so we never fully unpacked some of these boxes.

since the closet is overflowing, the office currently looks like this:those boxes contain teaching materials that i won't be needing next year, since i'll only be doing reading recovery. there are five more boxes in our garage, too!

we are going to try get rid of everything we don't need and set up some sort of organizational system so that room doesn't ever end up looking like it's current sorry state.

eek! any organizational geniuses want to help?

actually, scratch that. i don't want anyone to see this mess in person. it's a lot more embarassing in person.


  1. Hi Grace! So glad you found my blog :) I perused back and saw photos of your son - how adorable! I'm sorry you are still waiting. The waiting is SO HARD. As you know, we've had Max home 2 weeks now and I can honestly say that the terrible feeling of the wait DOES fade immediately upon meeting and holding your child. People told me that and I didn't believe them, although I politely pretended like I did. Well, they were right. But in the meantime it's really tough. You seem to have a great attitude and sense of humor about the whole thing, which should make it a tad easier to survive. Oh, and I can't BELIEVE your parents got to meet little Carson. So amazing!! Serendipitous indeed! Anyway, I'm adding you to my googlereader and hoping your EP stuff, etc. goes fast. We were Eastern, too, so I know exactly what you mean about the new longer wait times. Btw, huge congrats on just making that cut-off. I feel SO BAD for the folks who will have to wait until Feb. 2011 to travel. That's horrible.

  2. If you had seen our house and my embarrassing 'spreadsheet' of things to do before Gabe came wouldn't feel so bad :)
    I'm so glad that I did a lot before he came home though.

  3. I *love* that you posted your rooms-in-need-of-organizing. THAT's motivation!


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