Saturday, July 10, 2010

au revoir, la plage!

last post from the beach!

tonight is our last night here in obx. my parents, sister, cousins, aunts, and uncles actually already left earlier this afternoon, so tonight it's just me and peter here in this large house.

it's kinda creepy.

this week's beach-goers are already heading back home so it's kinda empty here in corolla while the new crowd settles in tonight and tomorrow.

though i'm sad to leave the beach, this strange limbo night makes me look forward to going back home and being in the familiar again. it's only been 2 weeks since school has ended, and peter and i have not spent more than two consecutive nights in our house. it'll be nice to be home again.

but, we had a fantastic time this week and there are definitely moments i will treasure. like,
-extra family time -- here are all the cousins!-falling asleep at the beach
-bike riding here, there, and everywhere
-eating ginormous amounts of food prepared together
-watching the goregous sunset at the sand dunes -running down said sand dunes...look at how cute mommy and daddy are in this (blurry) pic!-not caring about what time it is, but moving and living by our natural body clocks
-laughing and laughing and laughing about silly things, little things, not-so-funny things.
-biking to buck's, thinking that it was only a mile and a half or so away, only to finally get there, exhausted, with gnats in our hair, and learning that it was actually 3 miles away!-competitive board game nights
-going from pool to beach to pool to beach daily and...
-piper stealing everyone's hearts, even little candy, the scaredy cat dog-cousin!
already looking forward to making new memories next year with choi boy in tow!

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