Monday, July 19, 2010

friends, fun and FOOD!

phew! what a fun, jam-packed weekend we had!

casa choi was quite full this weekend with 3 friends staying over! my dear sylvia , who is one of my best buddos from college, and her husband, ricky, were in town for a wedding. they drove down from boston! my childhood best friend, grace, was also in town for my baby shower! she came down from the best state in the union, new jersey. :) more on the shower to come -- it was AMAZING! here's a sneak peek of me and grace before the shower:
we are standing with our arms like that because it makes our arms look thinner. much thinner than if they were smushed by our sides. ;)

one of the things we love to do with friends is eat! there is nothing like a good meal shared with great friends. we did quite a lot of eating this weekend and my tummy is very satisfied and perhaps a little larger because of it.

one of our favorite restaurants in dc is founding farmers. so delish! sylvia, ricky, peter and i went for sunday dinner and we had fried food at every course:

for our appetizer, fried green tomatoes with goat cheese and green goddess sauce -- YUM-O!
the boys both had fried chicken and waffles:

i had a fried chicken salad -- look at those huge hunks of avocado! EEP!
homemade doughnut holes with dipping sauce for dessert!
we were so happy and full at the end of our meal...just thinking about all that food makes me smile.

for our last meal before we said good-bye to our friends, we had to have chick-fil-a! this was actually ricky's first time at mom was apalled and made sure he had two sandwiches AND a milkshake. he was not disappointed.

and of course, sylvie and i had to have our's become a tradition to have cupcakes in each city we are in together. :)

i love my friends and am so grateful for times when we can get together despite the many miles between us. i know it will be harder to travel when choi boy comes home, so we are really cherishing each of these moments.

love you SO much, sylvia and grace!


  1. reading this blog makes me immediately regret not going to founding farmers with you guys on sunday night. we must go again soon.

  2. ok, LOVE the cupcake tradition. and as for the founding farmers... please pick me up on your way there next time! STL is on the way, right? :)
    hee hee... arms akimbo to make them thinner. *so* smart. and so true.


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