Saturday, July 24, 2010


remember when i said i wish my life was a musical? true. so, "glee" has pretty much been my dream tv show. LOVE it! it reminds me of all my happy days in choir and theatre and a capella. yes, i was theatre/choir dork. i'll have you know, i was a card-carrying member of the international thespian society. and i'm proud of it, baby!

after the shower, some of my besties and i went to wolftrap to see idina menzel and the nso, led by none other than marvin hamlisch!

they look weird side by side, but the concert was amazing! idina was hilarious and super talented and marv was as charming as ever. seeing rachel berry's mom in concert was beyond awesome. she even sang the glee version of "poker face"! and, let me tell you, hearing the nso play lady gaga was incredible and hilarious!

the best moments of the show was when idina sang "walker's song," a song she and taye (we are totally on a first name basis) sing to their son, walker every night; and when she ended with the sweetest version of "tomorrow," one my favorite songs ever.

see that blue blur? that's idina!this is tiff and me doing our best "diva" impression:and here are the girls!a summer is not complete without a visit to wolftrap! can't wait to bring choi boy there next year for the children's festival and concerts!


  1. I love it! Your 29 days gift is coming this week as well!

    Have a great weekend Grace!

  2. I'm going to send you an email! I want to know about your agency!

  3. I am a Gleek too, and I also spent my highschool years in the choir room!!

    Ah how Glee brings back those memories!

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  5. Thanks for dropping by my blog Grace. Congratulations on your baby boy and I hope you receive your travel call soon. How exciting!
    Glee is also one of my favorite shows too and I recently went to their live concert here in L.A. By the way, I was also a kindergarten teacher back in the day. :)

  6. oh my goo i loooove glee!! and I looved the version of poker face!!

    happy iclw #50

  7. I'm a gleek as well! Although, i have no talent... I just watch the show. With my son... Who *loves* it. I have a I*phone video of him dancing to poker face on my lap... I may need to post it just for you! ;)


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