Monday, July 19, 2010

more treasures

while cleaning out our closets, we also found these two treasures that we will be putting it choi boy's room:
i have no idea where this came from, but i thought it was perfect, since the words on it match our blog's subtitle, "life, love, and laughter". it will be a great daily reminder of our journey together as a family. :)

we also found this:it's peter's old wisconsin license plate! when he got his virginia license and plates, he asked it he could keep old wisconsin ones, but a mean dmv lady took his license and said he could absolutely not keep that. he did, however, get to keep his license plate, which we are going to frame and place in choi boy's room. we are going to display it with some vintage looking toy cars!

can't wait to see choi boy's room come to life!

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