Saturday, July 17, 2010


i am sore today because yesterday we actually spent some time working on clearing out and organizing that nasty office closet. remember this before shot?:here's what it looks like now:

i know, i know, there are still boxes and piles, but you see, they are *neater* boxes and piles!!! ;) and quite a bit of the stuff are things we are holding on to for the snyders' upcoming adoption fundraiser. once we have more space, it will look even better. promise.

the fun thing about cleaning out old stuff is finding treasures amongst the junk. look at some blasts from the past we found:

a discman! remember trying to workout with those and then having to stop the treadmill because the discman fell off the stand and you'd have to pick it up and pray it wasn't broken or that the cd wasn't scratched? classic.
my old 35mm minolta point and shoot! yes, i realize the lens isn't even open, but the battery was way dead. i used to love that thing. it so faithfully served me throughout college and the early part of my teaching years. remember taking crap pictures at the end so the roll would be finished and you could finally develop it and then praying the pictures actually came out halfway decently? it makes me appreciate digital cameras even more.
a mini-disc player! i had no idea what this was, but peter told me it was what rivaled the early ipod/mp3 player. clearly the mini-disc player lost. poor peter, he recounted wistfully how he saved so hard for this in college and told everyone it was going to revolutionize the way we listen to music, only to have it totally defunct in 3 years. sad.
we also found these random glowsticks left over from an old vbs or something. we put them on piper and scout ro, who was visiting for the day, and sent them off to a doggie rave. we told them to stay away from the sketchy mutts trying to deal E.

because of these detours we took while cleaning, it took forever, but it made it a lot more fun. next up, choi boy's room!


  1. Ha ha! This brought me down memory lane too. Tell Peter I actually remember the mini-disc player - although I didn't actually own one ... :)

  2. Poor Peter. The palm pre is his 2009 version of the mini-disc player.

  3. See...nothing like posting a 'before' picture to get your butt in gear :)
    Too funny about some of your finds though.

  4. Oooh. Progress! Hooray for you!

  5. HI from ICLW! I'm glad to find your blog! Your choi-boy is super cute and I look forward to reading how he will be coming home to you soon!
    You're very brave to tackle those boxes. We've got several in our house...including one that holds my college years minidisc player. It's just too hot to do anything about those boxes now though.
    I'm also Korean-American and nearly 30. I'm sure if we lived on the same coast we'd have mutual friends. =) I told my hubby that if our next step in infertility treatments failed that I would start the application process to adopt from Korea. It failed. So, here we go...

  6. My puppy wears glow stick necklaces too! Mostly so we can see her when we are out at the beach or camping at night, but from now on I am going to tell her that she is going to a rave!!! Love it!

    Thanks for stopping by my blog earlier! It is always so wonderful to meet others who share parts of our story.

    I love all of the pictures on your blog. You and your husband are a beautiful couple, so happy and loving. And I really loved seeing your shower. What a wonderful group of friend and family you have!

    I too hope that our journey leads us to a beautiful "today" someday soon. Thanks so much for the kind wish!

  7. I love finding random stuff like this when dredging through boxes of "stuff".


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