Wednesday, July 28, 2010

hugs! (also, the nifty fifty)

today is the last day of my first ICLW. and boy, have i loved it!

melissa states that comments are "the new hugs," and goodness gracious, i have really felt these cyber hugs this week!

it was awesome to find other people who are on similar journeys and glean wisdom from those who are ahead of us in this journey. the journey of infertility and the long road to adoption can often be daunting and isolating, so to find support from others who know how we feel, what we're going through, and where we've been has been so great.

so many of the comments {hugs} people left on our blog were so reassuring and empathetic and kind. others made me laugh and smile. one commenter even claimed i was hilarious! which, to be quite honest, puts a lot of pressure on me. i am forever going to ask, is this post funny enough? am i trying too hard?

i found some awesome new blogs to read -- you can check them out on my sidebar and follow along, too! and am humbled that others also decided to follow our blog. i just love the makes me giddy to know that there is this whole network of people out there supporting each other and caring for one another even though we may not know each other IRL (that's "In Real Life" for those of you not fluent in blog-ese -- don't worry, i'm just learning, too!).

and, hello! this is my 50th post! whohoo! and to celebrate, i ask you, what do you hope your life looks like at 50?

me? i just hope i'm happy and healthy and still madly in love with my family and friends.

and secretly/superficially? i really hope i don't have bingo wings.



  1. you totally are hilarious! i loved the post about when you and your husband found your old stuff. made me laugh. (tell him i got a sony minidisc player too. still do somewhere...)

    i think you just have a knack for writing in a light and humorous, yet honest and deep way. not sure if that makes sense? haha.

    anyway. love keeping up with your journey from across the world...

  2. Thank you for visiting. So glad you had a great time during ICLW. This is a great community.

  3. I love my bloggy friends! Many of them have become IRL friends, which is just awesome. I love having the support and reading comments, too. I'm glad that you've found lots of support in the blog world!

  4. i hope ALL the same things as you when i'm 50!

    also? thank you for the hug on my blog today. i really did come at the very perfect time today.

  5. Yeah, and no pressure on the hilariousness, seriously. Thinking selfishly, of course, for 2 reasons. One, I'm easy to please. And two, I don't want to give you commenter-induced performance anxiety. Boy, then I'd feel really bad! Keep doing what you're doing... :)

  6. I love the blog world...I'm so glad I started one. Now my 'blog friends' are my RL friends.
    Hmmm...the big 5-0? I hope I'm happy and healthy. Lame, but true. Congrats on your 50th post.

  7. Happy 50! So glad I found your blog. That's one reason I just love ICLW!

    I hope I'm happy, healthy and skinny with I hit 50. lol!

  8. Congrats on your fiftieth post! I love my bloggy friends as well! I completely know what you are saying about the {{hugs}} though... that was exactly how I felt after my last post!

    I just want to see fifty! Some days I'm not sure I will make it! ;-)


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