Thursday, July 29, 2010

love letters -- part 1.

*i just had to get this off my chest.

dear target,

i didn't grow up with you, but when i heard about you from my friends down south, i was instantly envious. i literally almost cried when i heard you were making your way up to the northeast and nearly melted into a puddle of joy when i first stepped through your hallowed doors.

i love your beautiful, clean, organized aisles (they are so unlike a certain place that rhymes with ball-cart...i break out into hives when i walk in there). i love your amazing, afforable pieces -- from furniture to housewares to v. v. cute clothing. i love that you brought zac posen to mainstream america. so rad.

i have to admit that it was a little weird when you started selling diesel jeans right next to the xhileration jeans and when you had coach purses on the end caps of the accessory aisles. but, you realized it was weird, too and stopped that. glad we saw eye to eye on that.

when i heard you were bringing fresh produce and groceries to my target, i was ecstatic! imagine, being able to buy cute earrings and sandals and eggs all in the same place! oh, happy day! i counted down the days til the reconstruction was finished and waited with bated breath for the new unveiling. i even endured the constant rearranging of sections and departments because i knew it was a sign of better things to come.

and sure enough, it *was* better. glorious, even. i wanted to dance down the new refrigerated aisles as i picked up my supplies to make chocolate chip cookies.

and then. i stopped short.

oh, target, i just have one small complaint. teeny, really. in fact, i wouldn't even call it a complaint. more of...a question.

why, oh, why do you not carry margarine??

you see, i like to use margarine when i bake my cookies because it makes me feel better about having an extra cookie. or 2 or 3 or 10. i love butter, but somehow, in my deluded mind, i feel like margarine negates the chocolate chips. or at least the brown sugar.

so, when i came to the dairy section and could find no margarine, i was crushed. sure, you carry promise spread, but i've had a grudge against them since i found out their product does not really come in heart-shaped little pats.

and so, darling, would you consider stocking your dairy section with margarine? i would so happily take generic target brand margarine because with you, generic does not mean subpar. i consider target to be a brandname in and of itself.

please? for me? it would make my life so much easier. because, really, stopping by bloom afterwards really brought down my target high.

kay, thanks.



  1. Target doesn't sell margarine? I'm going to have to check mine now...

    And they used to sell Coach?! I guess I need to go to Target more often. LOL!

  2. REALLY?! I'm going to have to pay more attention in the dairy section. We're all about the milk and eggs there. And gee, now I'm craving chocolate chip cookies... wonder why?! ;-)

  3. So funny! I'm picturing you dancing down the refrigerated aisles and then coming to a screeching halt in front of the dairy section.

  4. i am serious. unless i'm totally blind! but, i've checked 2 different targets and no margarine! but, they do sell target brand neufchatel cheese -- what's up with that?!

    @lex -- that's exactly how it went down. :)

    and, i just made some chocolate chip cookie bars with butter that i ended up buying from target on another trip and they so did not turn out as yummy as usual. :(

  5. Hilarious! Even though I don't buy margarine. I didn't know that Tar-get ever sold Coach purses. I'm with you on that, Choi.

  6. This is the funniest thing I've read in a looooong time. Love it. And I agree with every single thing you said. Oh, except I hate margarine. I'm a butter girl. Coach? Really? I must have missed that...


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