Tuesday, July 13, 2010


june marked the end of peter's sixth year at open door. sheesh! time flies!

our church is gracious and generous enough to give a 3 month sabbatical to the pastors after every 6 years. so, as we begin our seventh year of ministry here at odpc, we have these next 3 months to rest, be refreshed and seek the Lord's calling for our next season of ministry. don't worry, we are definitely coming back to odpc in october!

initially, we hoped and prayed that we would be spending part of our sabbatical picking up choi boy in korea and adjusting to our new life as parents. there is a small chance this may still happen (praying HARD!), but we are also looking forward to having an extended time to rest and just be still.

we'll be heading to wisconsin/chicago at the end of this month for a week and a half stay (SO looking forward to spending time with little molly, eating custard and burgers at kopp's, and brewers' games -- for the baseball food, not so much the brewers - ha!). we may also plan some weekend trips here and there, but for the most part, we'll be home (i'm still tutoring tuesday-thursday) resting.

do you sense a theme here? :)

we are so grateful for this time and are ready to get some hardcore rest! (is that an oxymoron?)

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  1. Enjoy your time off! We'll be eating our way through the Wisconsin State Fair in August. If you're there and see a really cute Korean toddler...that's us! :)


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