Wednesday, July 7, 2010

i heart...

being on vacation. :) there is nothing like being away and free of everyday responsibilities and having time to do anything and everything and nothing. i love being around family and being our comfortable, true selves in front of one another.

i love meals that last a few hours that are eaten in shifts and rarely at tables.

and moments like this that, for some reason, are so much funnier when you're on vacation...Q looks like he's in the naughty corner, but really, i think he was too tired to stand while eating.

i love the communal use of things like reading glasses and ipods...this is my dad figuring out the joy of the game, "scoops" while wearing my mom (or aunt's) rhinestone glasses :).

i love morning bike rides with the dog to the beach,

and local coffee shops.

i love taking random naps whereever there is room.

i love that it is absolutely acceptable to eat ice cream everyday, especially at big buck's! and how fun to have it with the snyders who are also here!

i love random, unique finds at local stores...elissa models petting a "cat in a tin" at gray's.

i love eating 7 meals a day...yum! here is dad's famous roast beef and pepperoni sandwich...for 15.

i love lazy mornings that last til the late afternoon and that being dressed up means wearing anything else besides a bathing suit. :)

can't wait to enjoy these little moments with choi boy next year!


  1. Looks fabulous! I can't wait for my family reunion in August. You're so right about the 'vacation rules' when hangin' with a big group of loved ones.
    The picture of your dad in rhinestone cheaters is hilarious!

  2. I'm sensing a theme of *eating* here :)
    Actually, I'm totally jealous of this wonderful looking vacation!


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