Tuesday, May 15, 2012

scooty scoot scoot!

*anyone who can name the book where that expression comes from wins a million points!

way back in september, choi boy was gifted a brand new scooter for his 2nd birthday. we decided to hold off on opening it because he was still considerably under the 37" height requirement (at 35.5" he's still not quite there), and he already had a plethora of gifts to keep him busy.

last weekend brought us a gorgeous, sunshiny may saturday and we busted out that bad boy thinking cb would have a total blast scootin' around the hood on his red scooter.

how it actually went down was a little different than we had envisioned. 

and i'm pretty sure if cb was to narrate the event, it would go something like this...

not sure what this scooter thing is, but i'm really good at putting it together. appa is a pretty good assistant, too.

you stand on it? 
 Photobucket appa: buddy, you stand on it and use one foot to push off. 

like this?
 appa: yeah, like that! 

it's not really working. 
 i'll just pull it instead. 

appa: here, let me show you how it works. 


ohhhhh! okay, i get it now! 
let me try again!! 
come back now!

like this, right?? ;) 

 appa: hmmm. let me try it *with* you.

heh heh. awesome. a free ride!

'twas my plan allll along... 
(notice the pleased-as-punch grin)

i even roped mommy into it! sweet! 
why push yourself when you have people to do it for you??

next up, getting my people to push me around on a bike!


  1. The pigeon finds a hot dog! :)

  2. Now you have to walk Piper and the scooter?! At least the scooter doesn't poop.

  3. Ahhhh... the initial scooter ride! Give it a month or two... then you'll find yourself marathon training as you chase behind him!

  4. Oh yes...I can see doing this too. He is FINALLY getting the hang of his balance bike...but I've been pushing and "helping" him on that for a month or more ... NOW he can do it. Phew!

    We hold off or hide new toys all the time (especially since D's b-day & Chrismtas are only 1 month apart)...so fun to bring out something "new" when the time calls for it.

  5. His pleased as punch grin completely made me smile.


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