Thursday, May 17, 2012

small style: the cropped pant.

*disclaimer: most of these photos turned out very dark, so i fiddled around with the exposure and some vintage-y effects while editing them in order to make them semi-presentable. i'm not totally satsified with them, but they'll make do. on another note, if a photo-editing whiz would like to take pity on me and tell me what i can do to fix underexposed shots, i'd be so, so grateful. and on another note, i really need to learn to use my camera!

there has been a long standing debate about the appropriateness of cropped pants/capris on men.

no? you don't also have deep conversations about this subject?

yes, perhaps there are other things to talk about.


my little guy has an annoying problem. he's too skinny for 2T pants, but too tall (tall being a very relative term here) for 18-24mo pants (skinny people problems). so, when his (okay, my) favorite pair of jeans began to look like highwaters, i decided to roll them up and turn them into bonafide cropped pants. because i also decided that whether or not cropped pants are appropriate on men, when you're two, you can get away with anything.

see? voila!

add a fedora and a cardi and you've got an especially euro-chic little man.

Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket


and after you toss the hat to the side and then decide to take the cardi off, it also maks a really good whippy thing with which you can jump around.

Photobucket Photobucket

and even after you toss all accessories aside because you just want to be a normal little boy with a ball and not a silly hat or sweater, your cuteness ends up being the best accessory of all.


i can't even stand it...i just adore him to bits. ;)

 the details:
 hat: children's place
cardi: h&m
polo: gap (gift from my momma)
 jeans: gap (gift from my sister)
shoes: tiny toms (gift from my sister)


  1. Adorbs. And, I don't think that your child ever has to worry about being a "Glamour Don't", unlike my uniform-wearing daughter who unfortunately has an ex-uniform wearing mother as her stylist. The capris-on-men debate made me chuckle because my very fashion-forward brother-in-law wore a pair to an engagement meeting-of-the-families dinner 12 years ago and my conservative jeans and golf shirt wearing brother has never let him live it down. Thanks for the laugh and the great pics of CB.

  2. This is SO Cute! I have been rolling by son's jeans and they just MAKE the outfit for me!

  3. I think they look great on him! Whether they are "in style" for men, this little man is pulling them off well! (O: Stopping by from Small Style. Have a great day!

  4. Aaaah so cute! I love your little hipster! I wouldn't think twice about his jeans if I saw you guys on the playground. His cardigan makes me miss H&M though; my son out grew his cardi a while ago and I haven't been able to find a new one anywhere local. *sigh*

  5. Oh my gosh... TOTALLY ADORABLE!!! I love it!!! Tell me what program you edit in and I'll tell you how to fix exposure... ok?! :-)

  6. Absolutly yes. You get my 100 percent support for cropped pants when styled like this. I couldn't think of a better outfit. My girl also has the tall/skinny problem, so much so that she has a pair of size 12 mo pants (she's almost two!) that literally fall off her, despite the fact that the waistband is adjusted to the smallest size. Le sigh. So, we've given them to a friend who is 10 months but much more proportional. ha.

  7. I know this debate well. They are called man-capri's and I really don't think men should wear them. Having said that, I think little boys should definitely wear them! This ensemble is totally adorbs!

  8. We call them manpri's around here...and they are a definite YES on cute little boys (not sure about men). CB, you sure know how to rock it. (Grace -- sorry I have been completely ABSENT on your blog for ages...not just yours...pretty much everyone lately. Trying to get back in the saddle least somewhat.) LOVE the header on your blog (probably not new...just wanted to say I love!! it).

  9. You have given him GREAT style! I'm expecting a boy come September, so this is great inspiration for me :)


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