Sunday, May 13, 2012


i still have mixed feelings about mother's day.

just two short years ago, mother's day was bittersweet as i longed to hold my sweet choi boy, who was still in korea. and the year before that was filled with unknown as we prayed through beginning our adoption process. and the years before that? filled with heartache and feeling like an outsider, wanting so desperately to be an insider.

but today, and for the last 17 months, i have had the joy and privilege of being cb's mother. which is an incredible and remarkable thing to celebrate. and yet, i cannot help but think about this blessing without also remembering the loss of choi boy's birthmom and foster mom.

our family did have an amazing day today. i felt so loved and so grateful for the blessing of being a mother. but quietly, in my heart, i said a prayer for the mothers that came before me in sweet cb's life and thanked the Lord for their sacrifice and His plan that brought our family together.

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we went on a hike with my sister and parents and just soaked up the beauty around us and the love we had for each other.
and that's quite a lot of love.

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i adore my family.

 my parents, who taught me how to love and happen to be super cool. Uploaded from the Photobucket iPhone App
{um. can you believe they are going to be 60 in less than 3 years? crazy!}

 my sister, who makes me laugh and laugh and gets me like no one else. Uploaded from the Photobucket iPhone App
{she got me a sparkly new phone case as a mother's day gift because she knew i'd love it. (i did!) and we also had another bout of outfit ESP today. ;) }

and my amazing hubs who loves me and cares for me just the way i need it. Uploaded from the Photobucket iPhone App
{he made sure the day was filled with some of my favorite things...a handmade card; some new summer clothes; rita's; and my two loves!}

and of course, choi boy...who came in to our lives, turned it upside down, and made us parents.

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i am so grateful to be his momma. his main squeeze. his secret keeper.

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thank You, Jesus, for my silly boy...and thank You for orchestrating all the people and processes along the way that brought him to our arms.

happy mother's day to all of you amazing mommas...
and for those that are in that place where i was just a few short years ago, hugs, blessings, and much love to you...
and for we think about this day, will you take a moment and read this? a lot of powerful truth and perspective right there.


  1. So well put! Happy Mother's Day!

  2. Beautiful words from a beautiful mama!

    I loved getting a peek into your day with your fam! Y'all are too cute. And you and your sister?! Too much! I love your ESP.

  3. Beautiful.
    And I think I love your parents :)

  4. Sounds like a lovely day. I love you and your sister together...your fashion ESP cracks me up...repeatedly. The hike looked LOVELY. Makes me want to get out there too. LOVE it.


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