Thursday, May 3, 2012

small style: rock on.

black jeans always remind me of classic 80s bands. like styx or journey. or say, jesse and the rippers. ;)

my sister got choi boy a pair of black skinnies and every time i put him in them, i can't help but picture him rockin' out. with some awesome feathered hair. i think his hair would feather quite well.

so, anyway. we had a little fun in the black skinnies. because, it turns out that black skinny jeans + electric guitar = insta-rocker.
cb might have been a little skeptical at first,

but the equation proved to be true.

in fact, once he got going, he totally lost himself in the music. Photobucket Photobucket

and what kind of rockstar doesn't also sing? Photobucket Photobucket
loudly, i might add. ;)

but, don't be fooled, this rockstar is still a little sweetie at heart. Photobucket Photobucket

but when he's ready to be a full time rocker, i'm pretty sure this'll make an awesome album cover: Photobucket

and here is the breakdown of his rocker wear:
black skinnies: gap (gift from my sister)
purple oxford: did too (gift from family friend)
suspenders: american apparel
sneakers: vans (gift from my cousin, liss)
tats: thomas the tank engine


  1. As in I DIE. of cuteness. (not you, gah. didn't mean to death threat you on your own blog)

  2. Suspenders were gift too!!!!!!!!

    I love this post so much.

  3. This look is fabulous! I love the "album cover" - I see it as your FB timeline cover pic...

  4. Oh my, SUCH a stylish little rocker! I LOVE those suspenders. He is just too cute!

  5. Oh yeah, he is one rockin' little dude.

  6. oh my goodness - this is too cute. i'm loving the skinny jeans and the suspenders!!

  7. Oh, he is just the cutest!!! Love his skinny jeans and suspenders!

  8. SHUT. UP. I don't even have words!!! Seriously TOO. COOL. FOR. SCHOOL. Gaugh!

  9. These photos are SO ADORABLE!!! Rock ON, Choi Boy!

  10. Seriously cute...but in a total rock star kind of way. Of course. NICE!


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