Monday, May 21, 2012

take me out...

oh yes, to the ballgame!


we were able to score tickets to the last game of the battle of the beltways series and we were so excited to take choi boy to his first baseball game!

of course, cb didn't quite understand where we were going and was distracted by all the cool stuff outside the department of transportation building... Photobucket
"mommy, i driving a pirate ship!" :)

we were eventually able to pull cb away and head to the stadium where cb's good buddy, gabe and his mommy and daddy (*our* good buddies) were waiting for us.
the boys were rooting for opposite teams and took a minute to size up the competition.

in the end they decided it didn't really matter.

because there was very little watching of this: Photobucket

and that would be because there was a lot of this going on:
people watching...

and eating. we forgot to take snaps of the chili cheese dogs and cheese fries...;)

oh, and there was a lot of this, too: Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket
oh, did you think they were practicing running bases? or perhaps working on sliding into home?

more like sliding into appa!


and gabe's appa, too! Photobucket

and seriously, that's about all we did. ;)

in the end, the nats won (whohoo!), but we didn't manage to stay til the end...perhaps next time.

but you can bet we still had a blast! Photobucket


  1. I love how G's running like an Olympic sprinter and C's running like a penguin!

  2. OK, wherever that is that you guys are hanging out in the stadium...that is AWESOME. I'd totally go to a game with S if I could be there!


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