Wednesday, May 23, 2012

album dropped!

so, remember when i joked that this picture would make a great album cover?


well, it turns out someone else thought so, too!

one of our former youth group students is in a band. and he's crazy talented. he'll be heading to NYU tisch to study music production once he graduates from high school. and not just any high school, mind you. the nation's *best* high school! no, seriously, the best. at least according to a semi-reputable publication called US news and world report. but enough bragging. ;)

anyway, he emailed me after he saw the rockstar post, telling me how his band was releasing their first album and that he thought a picture of choi boy shredding on his guitar would make an excellent cover for their debut!

i know!

we were so flattered and (after checking to make sure the lyrics were, um...appropriate to attach a two year-old's face to), we, of course, said yes!

want to see?

choi boy's debut rockstar appearance on panel of expert's debut album:



i cannot even express how much i love this.

for real.



  1. so cool!

    i think the rankings are flawed. my alma mater would be top o' th' list if their metrics were right. ;)

  2. I stumbled across your blog because of my interest in international adoption but I continued reading because I
    thought you were a pretty cool mom and this post totally confirms it! On an unrelated note-I love your matching with your sister because my best friend and I match excessively!

  3. That's so great! The final product looks better than I imagined!! (And I thought it was gonna look pretty good.)

  4. So, so cool!!! Although, totally not surprised... that shot rocks!

  5. OMG, that is THE COOLEST THING EVER!!!!!!


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