Sunday, December 5, 2010


right now, i'm waiting so, so hard for monday. as a distraction for me and perhaps for you, too, and whatever awaits you on monday, let me tell you about a little incident from last week that seriously illustrates my life.

so, last wednesday, i had to give a presentation at another school on writing workshop in kindergarten. on tuesday, i was busy getting my presentation ready and my laptop totally wigged out. like, crazy black screen, weird message, won't turn on wigged out.

i love technology, but it also freaks me out sometimes. in college, i was totally that girl whose paper got deleted as i was working on the last page because i forgot to save or because of some other equally lame reason.

anyway, i speed walked (sped walked?) down to the computer lab (no running in school!), and showed my laptop to our tech teacher.

she looks at the message on my screen and goes, "the problem is that your keyboard is not responding."

me: huh?

her: there's probably dust and crumbs and stuff under your keys that are preventing them from working properly.

me: um, okay.

then she proceeds to get that aersol-can-looking-duster thing and go over my keyboard. magically, the warning message goes away!

so then i said, "you know, while i'm here, can you look at my right speaker? it's not working."

and she looks at it, looks at me and says, "yeah, it's FULL OF CRUMBS." (emphasis added by moi)

the speaker also got duster vacuumed and voilà! it's functioning again.

so, to recap, everything that was wrong with my laptop was caused by it being embedded with crumbs.


i swear, i don't eat while i'm on my laptop. well, at least not all the time.

i told the hubs this story when i got home, and he goes, "that is SO something that would happen to you!" and cracks up in my face.

thanks, babe.


  1. okay, so imagine how many crumbs are going to be all up in your stuff when you have a toddler at your house!!!!

  2. this made me giggle! hee hee!

  3. LOL
    I am glad though that it was an easy fix!

  4. well it is close to christmas...maybe santa's elves have been hanging around at night eating cookies near your laptop? ;)

  5. Ha! You now have me checking out my keyboard!!

  6. haha, reading this while crunching away at a cracker.

  7. ah, ha ha... i have similar food-tech issues :) that's hilarious!

  8. lol!!! that is soooo funny!! i'm sure you were glad to hear that it was something that could be fixed though! haha...

  9. I'm sorry you had a state of panic. I will say, that is something that would happen to me too. :)

  10. Awesome story. I actually went to the library for technical support and the problem was that I had spelled my name wrong. SO embarrasing.

    Kaar :)

  11. LOL! I could see that happening to me too, I often snack at the computer!!! :)

    I was thinking of you this weekend, sending up a couple of prayers. Hoping for good news today!

  12. lol. Your so funny. I'm so sorry that you didn't hear anything. It's just not fair. I would want to jump on a plane and park my park my butt in front of the ministry until they tell me what's going on. Big (((HUGS))) for you Grace!

  13. hey, maybe that is what is messing up my pc!

    To funny!!!

  14. Oh, this is funny! REALLY funny. I think we would get along fabulously in real life friend.


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