Thursday, December 2, 2010

coping mechanism.

hi, there.

thanks for all your love. i so needed/still need it. ;)

today was a better day.

fo sho.

wanna know my secret?

keeping myself busy and distracted.

with what, you ask?

take a peek:

the hubs says it looks more like ornament balls decorated with a little bit of tree. whatevs, i love my big glittery ornaments. t*rget dollar spot -- holla! oh, did you notice our ghetto "tree skirt"? uh huh, that's a blanket. ;) the hubs wants to make sure you notice the prominently displayed wisconsin W.

freshly baked cookies on a cheesy frosted christmas platter. and a vanilla candle. oh, and hello, choi boy!

that empty pie tin? there used to be a boston cream pie in there. it was delish.

don't judge me on my fluff picks.

was anybody else super disappointed that they didn't do the running leap into a magical lift (à la baby and johnny)at the end?

and my favorite, favorite distraction?

this girl:
who puts up with me, even though i do mean things like that. if you look closely, you can see some drool. i know, i'm evil. but, what self control my girl has! and what mastery of the stink eye she has!

this is her favorite hangout in our house:


did you notice those little pink spots in the first picture? go back and check again.

know what they are?


piper found this sheet of leftover stickers from the valentines i gave out to my students last year. (i was using the sticker sheet as a bookmark.) somehow, without any opposable thumbs, or *fingers*, for that matter, she managed to peel off four stickers and stick 'em on her blanket.

i have no idea how she did it. but i do admire her decorating's a little vintage-country-living-meets-ironic, no?

my dog is a genius.


  1. Lovely tree! And I always love piper pics! She rocks. ;-)

  2. I love your diversions! And the tree looks so pretty!

  3. OMG, I love your tree, I love your cookies, I love your book selections, and I LOVE your sweet, amazing dog!!!

  4. distraction is about the only (halfway)effective medicine during the wait.

    piper? could she be any more ridiculously adorable?! love her.

  5. first off. i love emily giffin! is that a new one? i have a few of her books packed away. they're a great quick read! second - your tree is lovely! the tree skirt is great!

    and piper is adorable! we used to do the same thing to sage with treats. i have the best picture of her on my phone with a treat on her nose. i think she probably thinks that one of the few positives of having a 2 year old in the house, is that i don't take the time to harass her as much anymore!

    and that boston cream pie sounds delicious!

  6. Ha! I LOOOOVE the stickers! Take that dog on the road, lady!
    But I'm even happier that you've found wonderful ways to take your mind off the wait. And that so much of it involves food... Yum.

  7. BIG SMILE! so happy to see your tree up and filled with ornaments! yay! i'm so jealous that you already had fresh baked cookies..yuuuuummmy! i'm waiting on mine..hopefully this next week. your girl is amazing! that stink eye kills me and those hearts..oh my goodness...she knows she is loved! cracks me up!

  8. Love it all... But I was totally expecting to see that crazy lift. If not by Quinn then at least by brittany. Come on!! Now I'm going to watch Dirty Dancing to get my fix. Good distractions while we wait. Hang in there!!

  9. First off, Go Badgers!

    Second, love your coping mechanisms! Every. single. one. of. them. Empty wine glasses 'n all.

    Didn't get to comment on your last post, but wanted you to know my heart just aches for you guys. Sending my positive energies your way, my friend! Here's hoping for that TC....soon!

    P.S. I heart Choi Boy's hair long ;0)

  10. Awesome tree (On Wisconsin!), yummy looking cookies, and adorable, ADORABLE, amazing puppy!! Piper is the cutest! I know you'd rather have Choi Boy HOME already, but your distractions sure look enjoyable to me. Also, um, are those glass ornaments? 'cause . . .you're going to need a big ol' fence around that tree when Choi Boy comes home!

  11. Hi there. I'm so glad that you found a little distraction. And I love your big dollar ornaments too. Our tree has similar decor:). Still praying that your call comes soon!

  12. So glad you found some great things to distract you with! The cookies and the thought of the bostom cream pie looks yummy...and you can't go wrong with Glee! =)

  13. 4 heart stickers: It's like she pulled off a heart for each of you (you, the hubs, herself, and choi boy) and she's watching and waiting for him to come home.
    You're in my thoughts often. I can't wait to finally read the post where they give you the guys to go-ahead to bring choi-boy home!

  14. Before I say anything else, I must say "On Wisconsin!!" Love your tree skirt and hoping that dear boy has a lot of Badger outfits. :)

    Distraction is good! I hope those books will last you through the weekend...

  15. are those carrots on piper's paws? grace, you're too funny.
    love your tree! and you, too!

  16. I'm so glad to see you are keeping busy! Your tree is beautiful. I love the huge glittery ornaments!! This post had me chuckling throughout - I love your sense of humor as you describe things. Piper's stink eye is the best! And I'm seriously amazed at how she got those stickers.

  17. Love your tree soon it will be filled with paper/foam ornaments that aren't quite glued together correctly and Disney/Nick Jr. ornaments that you wish were a bit cuter.

    Glad you're staying distracted. Yummy food and Piper is wonderful, as always. Hugs and hoping for a TC soon!

  18. Those look like great distractions to me! Your tree looks beautiful and the food yummy. I love Emily Giffin and Jane Green. Definitely good when you need a distraction from real life! And Piper is amazing! I can't believe she took the stickers off. I've been praying for you every morning for patience and strength through the day!

  19. Go Wisconsin, their doing so awesome!!Glad to hear your keeping busy. I think about you often.Keeping you and Min in my thoughts daily, really hope you two can meet up in Seoul real darn soon....We can't wait for January to arrive and hope to hear something by Jan 15.Will pray for TC to come ASAP. Lindsey

  20. Oh man, I *LOVE* your tree!!! I actually love all of this post, but I was looking for similar ornaments, so I *really* appreciate that part. I also love your book choices... a few of those are on my bedside table too!

    And lastly, PIPER. I . love . your . dog!!! I cannot get over that photo of her with the treats on her paws... I'm howling here!!!

  21. excellent. I had a ghetto tree skirt as well for many years.
    i bet you have lots of fun with Piper
    i think my favorite line in your post was, "oh, and hello Choi boy"

    wishing you a Christmas miracle

  22. I hope it doesn't freak you out but ive been thinking of you quite a bit since we got our TC. I sent out hurry up travel call vibes on the flip side in Korea for ya too!


  23. Your dog is AWESOME!
    Your tree is FABULOUS!

    And can I just say that Heart of the Matter made me super tense/angry all the time. I wanted to beat every man I saw...if you don't know why yet, you will.

  24. ps - You may or may not have an award on my blog... ;)

  25. Thank GOODNESS for distractions!!! I love your tree (but...we root for different Big 10 schools...sorry to say)...and LOVE the cookies. YUM! I also totally LOVE your dog. Amazing with the treats (carrots? do all dogs love them?) on her feet...watching you...waiting. May next week bring the news you want and need. HUGS!!

  26. LOVE the tree. I am seriously going to let my friend know a new kind of tree skirt option. And YES I was totally expecting the lift!! I mean he is always lifting weights and working out I think that they maybe could have one sectionals with a lift. Oh the drama of Glee. I am going to be adding some books to my library account Thanks!

  27. Here's to chic lit!!! After grad school and continued work in a psych unit it is most of my shame!

  28. Your dog is totally a genius....and incredibly adorable too!!!

    Looks like you're finding lots of fun ways to stay distracted.


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