Monday, December 6, 2010

cherry on top and some confessions.

it's another no-good-news-monday, but there's no use dwelling on that, right?

let's move on and talk about some more fun matters. like blog awards!

my sweet blog friend, heather, was so kind in passing on this "cherry on top" blog award to me.

isn't it cute? i'm a sucker for anything with cupcakes. ;)

heather and i "met" last winter on the hannah's prayer forum and she has been a source of encouragement and laughs. heather and her husband are in the process of adopting domestically. if you have a moment, pop on over and say hello!

i get to pass this award to five other beautiful blogs. yay! i'm going to pass this award on to five blogs that i love and to whom have not yet had the privilege of passing on an award. it's so hard to narrow it just five, but here we go:

dana at -- dana and i have been emailing back and forth a lot lately and she is just the sweetest. and she's super talented, too. and i swear, we'd be the best shopping buddies! :)

colleen at noah and simon -- colleen cracks me up and her boys (human and furry) are simply adorable. seriously. oh, and she's married to an alec baldwin look alike. ;)

sandra at across three continents -- sandra and i met by chance at a friend's yardsale, then discovered our mutual blog friends and have since become friends IRL. i'm going to admit it, i have a crush on her son. his eyelashes slay me.

kelly at life with briar -- kelly's little briar has a smile that lights up the internet. FOR real! right now, kelly is doing a walk down memory lane as she celebrates the day briar joined her family two years ago.

jrs at find joy now -- j just recently adopted a new little one through domestic adoption and i love reading her posts about the joy in adjusting to this long-awaited role. and her little guy is so cute!

there's really no other part to this award, but i thought i'd mix things up a bit and throw in some confessions (mostly because i had already written this part last week -- i love prewriting and scheduling posts!)...

we're all friends, right?

i need to unload some things. i hope we're still friends after this, too.

okay, ready?

*i am a complete and utter klutz. on any given day, i will have a cut, scratch, or bruise on my body and i'll have no idea where it came from. i'm *always* bumping into things or tripping. one of my greatest fears is falling down the stairs. and with choi boy coming home, i'm really worried about falling while holding him.

*i don't wear heels. i think they're gorgeous and i'd love to wear them, but because i'm a klutz, i literally *cannot* walk in them. the last time i wore heels, i actually did fall down a flight of stairs. at a party. in front of my friends from work. and no, i was not under the influence. it's really just *that* bad.

*i watch the d*sney channel. like, a good amount. and not for "research" purposes of trying to relate to my students, but because i like it. i don't like all of it, but there are a few shows that i find really entertaining. have you ever seen "wizards of w*averly place"? selena g*mez is hilarious. trust me!

*but, i'm really conflicted about the d*sney princesses. on one hand, the musical theatre geek and romantic in me is totally sucked in by the music and singing and fairy tales, but on the other hand, the smithie in me TOTALLY cringes and rolls her eyes. i will say, though, that i feel like *some* of the princesses are not too bad...belle has always been my favorite because she loves to read and is an independent woman, and rapuzel in t*ngled was pretty butt-kickin', too.

*i'm really bad at being punctual. it's awful. i really need to change this.

*my favorite parts of my body are my wrists. they're unproportionately tiny and dainty. ;) i love them. but they're also super weak. actually, i'm just weak in general. almost embarssingly. must start lifting...

*i'm really awkward on the phone. i try to avoid talking on the phone if i can. if i have to make important phone call, i rehearse before actually dialing the number. there's just something about not being able to see the person and not being able to read their facial expressions/body language that weirds me out. i'm really not socially inept in person, promise.

*i don't know how to brew coffee. i've never really been much of a coffee drinker. and what's funny is we got 3 coffee makers for our wedding! we kept one for guests, but i don't know how to properly use it and usually end up apologizing and asking one of my coffee-loving guests to make the coffee. i have a feeling coffee is going to be my best friend very soon, so i need to learn. any helpful tips?

*and finally, i am SO excited about choi boy coming home...but, i'm also totally freaked out that i'm going to mess up. and i promise i'm not fishing for compliments, but truly, i'm worried i'm going to have no idea what to do! eek!

phew, glad to get all that off my chest. ;) are we still friends? do you have any burning confessions you'd like to share? c'mon!


  1. i am totally laughing outloud right now. you are so freaking funny grace! i love how honest you are about yourself! i'm totally laughing still..with some tears. i feel emotional this week so i'm glad to read a post that is up beat and happy. although i have to admit you picking me to be one of the award winners made me tear up a little. um...i agree with the comment about colleen's husband!! you are so right! oh and i soooo love our talks! i'm a right there with you on the messing up. i have talked to my dad about this countless times. he always tells me that if he can raise three girls then i can raise one myself. ;) i sooooo can not wait to see carson in your arms (with flats on)! xo!

  2. Oh Grace... you and I are just two peas in a pod. Except that our pod is the size of half of the US (that's a geography comment, not a size of our tushes comment).
    I'm not super klutzy, but I do have injury amnesia. Case in point: giant bruise the size of an apple on my shin right now. NO idea what it's from.
    I don't wear heels either - they hurt!
    I've got news for you... the lack of punctuality will NOT improve post-baby. So tell your friends and family to enjoy how on-time you are now! ;)
    I love that you love your wrists. So specific and adorable.
    But the clincher for me? The fact that you hate talking on the phone. I *despise* it. I will let a call go to voice mail in the hopes that I can text or email the person in reply. It's almost a phobia. I think we must be sisters... :)

  3. I hope and pray that you FINALLY get some news this week! This is so unfair:-(

    I totally understand the fear you are feeling right now. I didn't enjoy Korea as much as I should have because I was so worried about becoming a new mom - I have a confession - I put Kyle's first diaper on backwards! It was a hard adjustment in the beginning, but now I feel I have been doing it my whole life. Don't worry, you will be an awesome mom!

  4. Come on good news!
    Grace - you crack me up! Thank you for making us all smile today!
    I'm a klutz and awkward on the phone unless I'm talking to one of a very few people that I talk to on a regular basis.
    I'm going to check out your wrists next time I see you. :) I'm sure they're gorgeous, sorry I haven't noticed.
    Coffee - it will probably become your friend. I started drinking coffee after Ben was born. Teaching didn't woo me to the coffee ways - once in a while I'd have a cup (my TA's always made it in our room). But Motherhood - that did me in. Never been so sleep deprived in my life! I'd be happy to come over and teach you use your coffee maker.

    Hugs and come on TC - it's time for Choi boy to come home!!!!!!!!!!!!

  5. What a fun award! Cupcakes are always a good thing, especially when feeling stressed. I can relate to your confession about the phone! I dislike it, too, and will also rehearse what to say. Good to know someone else is the same way!

    Still praying hard for that TC!!!

  6. Just about two months before our son's referral, my brother looked at my husband and said, "Dude, you'll never ever let my sister carry my niece or nephew down the stairs, right?" Well, here we are almost 6 and 1/2 years later. Shockingly, I've never once pitched him or myself down the stairs. You'll be amazed at how well you are able to navigate the steps. :)

    On the princesses front, I agree completely! I wrote a paper in grad school about the characterization of women and girls in cartoon Disney movies. I even quote some of the songs and talk about the conflicted imagery of women's roles- the older women are all evil. The younger women are totally helpless against evil (and sometimes even asleep). By the way, although I love Belle compared to some of the roles, the song does call her unusual because she likes to read. It's a little creepy. That said, I LOVE the music. I have the Princesses Sing Along CD. Let's all pretend that it's because my son likes it... okay? ;)

    Most importantly, I am praying for you. I hope that we find ourselves in Seoul together. I think we will.

  7. totally still friends...i may even love you more now. i would really like the have an awkward convo on the phone at some point. awkward is my fave. it is also hard to type.

    the only princess i like is jasmine...because she is the only one that looks like me. disney needs a korean princess!!!

  8. Ah, thanks for the award. ;o) I will wear it proudly!

    I totally get injuries and don't remember where they're from. And, most of the time when the injury happens I tell myself to "remember this moment and how this injury happened"...but, then no less than a day later I have already forgotten and start wondering, "how in the world did I get THAT?" LOL!!

  9. Thanks for cracking me up! You have a great sense of humor. Your going to be fun Mama!!

  10. Uhm, I'm sure there is more that I should be commenting on... but I can't get past the punctual part. You know that's going to get worse, right?! I used to be ten minutes *early* and now am lucky if I'm only twenty minutes *late*...

    le sigh.

  11. an award!!! for me?!! that has cupcakes on it?!!! this is right up my alley, sister! :) thank you for thinking of me and my very famous husband, Alec Baldwin. ;) can i just tell you that glenn's boss tells him at least once a week that he too thinks glenn looks like him. he's said it in meetings in front of tons of other people too....which totally embarrasses glenn as he hates to be the center of attention.

    now on to your confessions...which totally cracked me up! we have quite a few things in common. Klutz is my middle name. i could write a book about all of the falls i've taken. glenn just shakes his head he's so used to it. and heels? not happening. i can barley walk in flats! i too still have the same fear of dropping noah....especially since i have a track record and dropped my baby brother on his head when he was 4 months old. yep. sucked big time. and punctual? haaa! i try, but now with noah it barely ever happens.
    ohh, and i totally felt the same way and had the same fears about becoming a mom. I mean really....someone handed me a 13 month old kid and we basically had to figure it out?!! at least with an infant they are just as clueless! noah had these great foster parents that knew their stuff!! i was worried as heck! but you know figure it out and you somehow just know what to do. you are going to be a natural, grace. i just know it. :)

  12. Thanks for the award friend!

    I am totally with you on the clumsiness, no-heals-wearing and hatred of phone conversations.
    The good thing is, once you have that baby boy home, people will think you're a klutz because of the child.

    And about your fears of messing up... You will totally mess some things up just like the rest of us! If you don't, I will have to resent you.

    Kimberly, ha! I put the first diaper on wrong too. I was sure they'd want the Pampers brand name in the front and not the back LOL

  13. i love reading these things and getting to know people better. i'm terrible about coffee and terrible on the phone too. i always have b make all of our phone calls. although, i did do all the calling with the state dept when the time came to check in on c's VI status. i would rehearse over and over in my head what i was going to say - while i sat on hold for 20 min!


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