Sunday, November 7, 2010

i hate to bring this up...

happy sunday! thanks for all your sweet birthday wishes. :) you want to know what my official welcome into 30 was? two very bright grey hairs staring me in the face just minutes before i officially entered my new decade. lovely. ;)

okay, this is a bit awkward, so i'm just going to get it off my chest:


you got that, right?


okay. here's the thing.

lately, a lot of my friends and family have told me, "oh, so and so/my friend/etc loves to read your blog!"

and really and truly, i am so humbled by that. thank you for reading my random and often nonsensical drivel and for supporting us in our journey to choi boy. we are so blessed by all the friends we've made through this wee bit o'internet.

i would love it if you would continue following us on this journey. and now the awkward part: if you haven't already, can you please click the "follow" button on the right and become an official follower of chois-r-us? really, i promise it's not because i want to grow my following -- because how weird and cultish does THAT sound?! but, it's because i'd really love to know, as much as possible, who's stopping by.

i'd love to keep this blog public because on my own journey, finding and reading others' blogs has been the one thing that has really given me a community of folks that know where i've been and where i'm headed. and there's a whole 'nother slew of blogs that i read just cuz i love 'em. (for reals, i could not love PW anymore; julie cracks me up; and love inspires me.)

i know i can't control who reads this while this blog it's public on this here WORLD WIDE web, but if you do stop by regularly, i'd love to know who you are, even if i don't "know" you. you know what i mean? it would just make me feel better if i knew who was reading. you don't have to ever comment; just let me know that you're along for the ride. yeah?

and i know you might feel weird "showing your face," but i think it's awesome that you're here even if i don't know you in real life. :) i kinda felt like a creeper when i started reading blogs of people i didn't know, but you know what? i'm so glad i did 'cause i've "met" so many amazing people that way. and now i can call them my friends.

well, maybe not ree. although, i did meet her and she liked my necklace. :)

okay, that's all i have to say about that.

*sigh*. i abhor awkward situations.

let's change the subject, shall we?

here's a cute picture of baby piper to relieve the awkwardness:
is that not the saddest/cutest face ever?!

i'll try not to be awkward again for a while. k?


  1. Hi Grace! I'm Jane-- I actually heard about your blog through Julie Kim (my best friend) and I've met your husband MANY times through Abe but might have seen you informally through the softball games (dragon slayers). Anyways I'm following your blog on "google reader" since there's no way tumblr would allow non-tumblr users to follow.

    Love your updates and looking forward to more as your family grows :)


  2. Huh. I thought I *was* following you already, but it turns out I was wrong. I must have just entered you on my Google Reader and forgotten to actually click the little follow button. The deed is now done.

    Anyway, hi. I'm Becca, fellow adoptive mommy. :)

  3. Hi, my name is Melly, i've been reading/following you blog because i'm super-interested in adopting one day! And yeah I realize i'm only 23 and single...:( Reading blogs is one of my hobbies. Your blog stood out to me because I also teach kindergarten!

    So just introducing myself...didn't want you to think i'm a creepy stalker or something!

  4. funny because i've been tempted to write a very similar blog post about the very same thing and about leaving comments. i have a facebook account and i was getting a little bothered that instead of leaving comments on my blog, people would leave comments about my blog on facebook.

    i've been visiting your blog every once in awhile but i'd be happy to become a follower. :)

  5. LOL, this post is AWESOME! It is totally awkard, isn't it?!? BUT, I feel the SAME. EXACT. WAY!! Ummm...can I just copy and paste your post on my blog? So well said! I couldn't put it better if I tried! BTW - sorry about those grey hairs. Eeek. Expect a couple more to arrive after Choi boy gets home. Hee...hee...:)

  6. Piper is so cute:-) It funny that you posted this today. Since going private I have discovered a few silent followers and it was so great to know who they are:-)

  7. Hi Grace, I have been following along, reading your blogs,I don't spend much time on computer since I am on the comp.all day at work,but I am also in the wait...but with no imformation on our status.Feb referrall with LL,along with Min.So this is how quite honestly how I've been watching the progress since our agency doesn't share anything but excuses for no concrete answers.I feel like I'm totally in sync also with you and Min,but have no concrete imfo on our sons EP status.Quite honestly I read your posts regularly and have enjoyed following along,everyday I can't wait to read TC. Its coming so soon,I just wish we knew something also.I can't wait to read about all the happy times to come. I've left comments before, but I'm Lindsey in the midwest also waiting waiting and waiting. I will eventually be looking for more imfo on other options with agencies, as we hope to adopt again after our son arrives and we get to that point.I really am so happy for you, and yes it is akward because I do feel like a stalker,but it has been my saving grace through all of this. Thanks for all the fun,cute,sad,and from the bottom of the heart posts. Lindsey

  8. I so get this! As you know, I'm publicly blogging and want to stay that way as well... although sometimes it's a little nerve-racking. You know!? And hey, my hubs is following your blog! Look at that.

    And, I must say I'm relieved that this wasn't about Daylight Savings Time... which is what I thought when I read that title! :-)

  9. hi doll.
    my only comment: piper looks so much smaller in photos than in person. the camera subtracts 10 pounds?

  10. I went to JMU with Tiffany and she posted your blog quite a while back on facebook. I love your story, and just know that there are a lot of people being your silent cheerleaders, myself included. I wish you, your husband, your family, and especially Choi Boy all the happiness in the world, and thank you for sharing all of your sorrows and triumphs. You're very inspiring.


  11. Will do! :) I keep meaning to hit follow here. I am waiting on our little girl referral from Korea. I enjoy your blog!! Elisabeth

  12. I already follow!

    ...and I just busted out baby Maggie and Nebbie pictures! So adorable.

  13. oh could you come over to my blog and do this!! i have so many drop by readers...but i know not all of them are followers. it really is nice to "know" who is reading your blog. love the puppy picture...soooo cute. that's how our noah looked when he was little...jet black and beautiful. what did you get for your birthday besides those pesky grey hairs?? :)

  14. awwww I love that Linds finally came out as a follower :) I know a lot of my friends are silent followers and I hope they start showing their 'faces'!!!

  15. Grace,

    After months of reading, I finally signed up as a follower. Given that I have been reading about you, its only fair that I share some information about me....

    My husband and I too have been through the adoption process and actually just returned from Korea last week with our little boy. Its been a crazy seven days but I wouldn't change it for the world. Introducing Jonathan to our family has changed us in a way that I didn't ever think was possible. Its amazing how fast your priorities change.

    I would like to thank you as we are apparently using the same agency in Silver Spring and I actually learned more from your blog about status and submissions that I learned from our contact at the agency!

    I hope you get the travel call soon. Please let me know if you have any questions about what worked and what didn't work in our recent travels (e.g. don't have the foster family drive you to the airport).

    Molly Freeland
    Washington DC

  16. Only 2 grey hairs? Girl you are LUCKY! I'm about 75% grey... costing me almost a grand a year - I know - crazy!
    Piper is adorable!!

  17. You got me! I have been a
    "popper-over" reader but you are just too funny! I must FOLLOW! I think this post is just the push I needed to click that button. Thoroughly enjoying your posts and looking forward to more in my google reader!


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