Monday, November 15, 2010

konglish funnies. {edited}

see, i knew you would deliver! thank you so very much for your incredibly thoughtful, insightful, and encouraging words in response to my panicky post. i am so grateful for your wisdom and your experience and even more so for the care you have for our little family. many of you encouraged me to reach out again once choi boy is home and we have specific issues that we are dealing with. oh, man, i am so taking you up on that! ;) but really, thank you so much for your support -- i am certain i'd be lost without it!

and now moving on to *much* lighter matters...

growing up as a 2nd generation korean american, i shifted between speaking english and korean, which then morphed into konglish -- mostly english with a few korean words peppered in here and there. any true second gen-er can speak fluent konglish. we even have our own humor.

last week, my buddy, christine, posted about her family's trip to an adopted friends picnic, where they had odeng (korean fishcake for the first time).

this reminded of a totally lame konglish joke:

Q: what did the boy say when he dropped his fishcake?
A: o. deng.
(see this is funny because "odeng" is korean for "fishcake," but it also sounds like, you know...)

i realize that any joke where you have to explain the punchline is really silly, but christine and her hubs got a kick out of the silliness, so i thought i'd share some more, explanations and all. you in?

Q: why didn't the ice cube cross the road?
A: cha-ga-wah-suh.
(this is funny because "cha-ga-wah-suh" means "because a car came," but it
sounds really similar to "cha-ga-WUH-suh," which means "because it was cold." see! funny!)

Q: what do you call a hairy robot?
A: tul-minator.
("tul" is korean for "fur" and together, it sounds like (drumroll, please) -- terminator! heehee!)

Q: how big was the tissue?
A: it was hue-jee!
("hue-jee" is korean for "tissue," but it sounds similar to "huge." haha!)

Q: what does dracula drink for breakfast?
A: ko-pee.
(this one's kinda gross. so, "ko-pee" is korean for "nose bleed," but it also sounds like the koreanized version of "coffee." gross, but funny, no?)

and in honor of thanksgiving, my favorite:

Q: what did the mother turkey tell the baby turkey?
A: gga-bul-jee-mah!
(see, this one is funny because "gga-bul-jee-mah" means "stop fooling around," but the "gga-bul" sounds a lot like "gobble," making it sound like the mother turkey is saying "stop gobbling" in konglish!)

was that punny or what? wokka wokka!

okay, go ahead, you can start throwing tomatoes at me now.

i just got back from my sister's birthday dinner and her friends and i were talking about this post (hi, julie! ;)). they reminded of two *really* good konglish jokes i had to share...seriously.

Q: what did justin timberlake say when he dropped his rice on the floor?
A: dirty bahp.
(do y'all remember that *nsync song, "dirty pop"? "bahp" is korean for rice. get it? bahdumbump!)

and this one, i love:

so, will smith was at a korean restaurant and he was just eating banchan (banchan is the free little appetizers dishes you get before the real food comes). his friend looks at him and says, "will, is that all you're eating?" to which will replies, "naw, i'm gettin' jjigae wit it."

HAHAHA! you see, "jjigae" is korean for "stew" and well, unless you were living under a rock in the late 90s, you should be able to get the rest. ;)

love it! any others i missed?


  1. i for one found them incredibly funny!!! i love play-on-words jokes, and when it involves two languages, all the better!!!!! love it!

  2. GAUGH! I love them! My fave (besides "o-deng!") is "tul-minator" ... we may have to put that into rotation for our next korean event. Thanks for sharing Grace!

  3. LOL!!I LOVE THEM!! the wokka wokka too..such a huge muppets fan!

  4. Thanks for sharing these!!! My brothers and I love to tease my mom for her Konglish. It reminds me of a church retreat MAAAAAAANNNNNY years back where we played "Family Feud" and we had to come up with the most mispronounced American words by our parents. I wonder if Peter remembers that...

  5. Your jokes are hilarious! I am now a tad worried that I'll go to Starbucks and order a cup of nose bleed.

  6. my favorite konglish term I would get laughed at by mom and dad is

  7. Thanks for sharing!!! Very punny - definitely putting you up there with Fozzy, but great fun!

  8. Ha! These are great. I think you should have your own special edition of those paper Dixie cups that have the punny jokes on them.

  9. well these gave me a big chuckle!! :)

  10. these are great! and they might be a good way for me to remember more words. thanks!

  11. Wow, I feel like a celebrity just gave me a shoutout! Hi Grace! :) After Tiff mentioned this post last night, of course I had to get on it and read. :P

    I just heard another one too:

    What's Beethoven's favorite Korean word?

    Answer: BA-NA-NA-NA!! (with the same emphasis as Beethoven's famous "da na na na")

    (And make sure you sing it like that hahaha!)

  12. I am seriously laughing out loud right now. And since my students are in the middle of a test, that's not a good thing. Obviously since I'm on the internet at school I was in need of some lightening up. You definitely delivered!

  13. These are hilarious. My fave is the Will Smith one :) Keep 'em coming as you think of them ...

  14. Made it through the whole post thinking "ha ha, grace, don't quit your day job" then got to the very last one -- Will Smith -- and cracked up! :-) Oh, and I still love *nsync!


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