Friday, September 17, 2010


thanks for all your input! i'm going to be optimistic, too and just hope hope hope it's good news!

okay, i need some frivolity now.

remember when i said that piper's attempts at fetch were ridiculous? that it's so ridiculous that it has to be called "fetch"?

for your enjoyment, here is proof in pictures:

at first, piper really looks like she's going to try and play a good game of fetch. she waits for you to throw,
then takes off!.
she runs at her full speed but is on the slow side because she has these long, gangly, awkward-middle-school-girl legs that she never fully grew into. she's always trailing scout, whom we happened to be watching over the weekend:
on the occasions when she actually gets to the ball, she picks it up and excitedly runs off IN THE OPPOSITE DIRECTION FROM YOU. then, she settles down to enjoy quality one on one time with the ball.
what exactly does she do? she proceeds to destroy the ball, piece by piece, layer by layer:
she stops to take a breather and let others admire her handiwork:
which we do by sighing, picking up the pieces and swearing for the bazillionth time to not waste our money on non-indestructable dog toys/balls:




  1. LOL! too funny! our black lab doesn't play fetch either, never has. haha. he will run towards the item the first time you yell fetch but then gets distracted by a scent and off he goes. he does like a good game of catch/chase arden(our other dog). arden doesn't like this so much. is she good with a frisbee?

  2. Too funny! LOL! Aren't labs great?! I wish I could talk my husband into letting me get one. *sigh*

  3. love the pics. so typical of scoutie and pipe. :)

    i'm being optimistic, too, and praying cb's papers get in by the end of september and that he comes home very soon!!!

  4. Nebbie does this too, he gets so excited when you throw a ball...only he never brings it back. Oh he will fake you out though, run right to you and swerve at the last second.

  5. Oh, funny!!! And wow, Piper can do some *damage* to a ball, huh?! The only game Roxy is really good at is "chase" - guess who wins every.single.time?

  6. i love the photo where she is far away enjoying her prize. it's like she's taunting you to come and get her. so fun!

    our fog will only play fetch in the house. never outside. weird!

  7. dana, piper has destroyed many a frisbee, too! she's also eaten one of the lenses out of peter's glasses. yup, you read that correctly. lenses. out of glasses.

  8. Hilarious. Al doesn't even "fetch" let alone fetch. We learned early on that if you throw something he just looks at you like "Well, that was dumb, now you have to go get it." Sigh.

  9. Piper is a silly dog! We've definitely learned our lesson about the non-destructive toys with our Golden, too.

  10. This makes me laugh so hard! Zoe, our dog, is the world's worst fetcher. Worse than Piper, I swear. I throw something to her and she'll just look at me like, "Did you just throw a tennis ball at my head? How rude!" And then she will walk in the opposite direction of me and whatever I've just thrown.

  11. Piper is such a beautiful girl! She and Simon would get along very well. He has set records with how quickly he's destroyed toys. ( like, 5 minutes after bringing it in the house. :)

  12. Our's tears them up too! I bought him a toy tested on tigers, he tore it up in 4 hours....they refunded my money!!!

  13. Tee-hee...this post made me laugh. Silly dog. So much for being a thanks.

  14. Love how Piper decides to keep the ball and then destroy it:-) Our dog Pepper also loves to destroy her toys and all of Kyle's utensils that he drops on the floor that I forget to pick up!

  15. That was so my dog!!! Then he got too fancy to chase simple balls. We ended up buying something like this: at PetSmart. It survived FIVE YEARS!!! Not five minutes. I miss him...


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