Sunday, September 5, 2010

choi boy's future?

let's take a dip into some silliness, shall we?

a friend shared this article from stuff christians like (i know, silly!) a few months ago. as i read it, was seriously laughing aloud because so much of this is true!

i especially love the first one. although choi boy won't really look like either of us, the statement that is in number one is fully true. i know from firsthand experience. just kidding! maybe. kinda. :)

could this be what choi boy's future looks like?

(if you're like me, you are too lazy to actually click a link and be directed over to a separate page. so, for your sake and mine, i'm just going to copy the article here!)


Our laser-like focus on Pastor’s Kids has left out a large segment of the church population. One such group that I’d like to bring to your attention today is the Youth Minister’s Kid (YMK). While I may not have kids of my own right now, as someone who desires to be in youth ministry “for the long haul,” I hope to one day be able to sit my hypothetical kids down like in How I Met Your Mother and tell them all sorts of wacky stories about what they can expect out of their formative years.

So, hypothetical Youth Minister’s Kids (hYMKs), what can you expect to experience growing up with a youth minister as a father?

1) You will pray each and every day that you are going to grow up to look more like your mom than your dad. Everybody knows that youth ministers like to “marry up,” and, let’s face it, your mom is hott with two “t”s. I will remind you of this every time I talk to high school students, which may prove to be a bit awkward for you.

2) You are going to get stuck with some babysitters of questionable quality. Your dad knows a lot of high school students, so it shouldn’t be too hard to find a babysitter for date night from among his student leaders. Unfortunately, the things that make Sally a great student leader (four finger tabbing on the bass, goldfish swallowing abilities and shaving cream pie construction ability) don’t necessarily translate into awesome babysitting. You may have a blast with Sally, but you may also end up having to walk around for an hour with blocks of ice duct taped to your feet.

3) You will spend at least one month of every summer at a youth camp. This is what is known as a perk. I made sure the camp has an 8-year-old sized mountain bike, and I’ll let you be the one to lead the football team down the mountain bike path I cut into the side of the cliff. I am also in tight with the college interns, which means that they will let you do doughnuts in the wave runners when no one else is looking. You’re welcome.

4) While other parents will be highly concerned with their kids’ nutrition, I will be feeding you a steady diet of youth group leftovers. Prepare yourself for cold pizza, Dr. Thunder and the dreaded stale Costco sandwich crèmes every Monday night.

5) It is my personal goal in life to educate you about the finer points of Frisbee golf long before you can ever hope to spell “Frisbee.” The upside of this is that you will have a killer drive and the short game of a Frisbee-zen master. The downside of all of this, however, is that you may be a little confused if you ever enter sales. Typically, clients prefer country clubs over the old wooden benches that are surrounded by old joints and crushed beer cans in the city park.

6) Be prepared for me to use embarrassing stories from your life in over half my talks. That time you wet your pants in the middle of your birthday party? What better example could anyone possibly think of to lead off a sin talk?

7) You will spend the rest of your life being asked by well meaning members of the congregation when your dad is going to settle down and become a “real pastor.” You can try to change the subject, but it is often easiest to distract the nice old lady with a Thomas Kinkaid print or some Testamints.

Those are my 7 things I think every youth minister’s kid needs to know.


  1. well, you are a very hott mama. Actually, add a couple of t's to that lol.
    This list is hilarious.

  2. This is HILARIOUS. My husband and I are both involved with the youth and we were nodding in agreement, especially about the leftovers! I may steal this and post it on my blog...

  3. LOL! Fun post! Good luck to Choi boy!!!

  4. That doesn't sound like too bad of a future! I would not mind a dinner of cold pizza and generic Oreos every Monday night. Hmm. Tonight is Monday... (whistles innocently)


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