Monday, September 13, 2010

the last of the birthday shenanigans.

this is my fourth post about choi boy's birthday. fourth! and the boy isn't even home yet! can you imagine what the recaps will be like for his actual party when he's actually here? heehee ;)

so, after the good, the bad, and the ugly, there was the food. that *totally* deserves a post of its own, right?

i thought so. that's why we're all friends here, because we fully appreciate the beauty of a post about food.

after feeling crummy from receiving the ugly news from our program assisant, we sucked it up, put on our happy faces, and headed out to meet our family at one of our favorite local korean restaurants. once we got there, saw our family and anticipated good eats, we were instantly happier. good food always makes me happy. always.

we had some yummy banchan (i love banchan. sometimes, i could just eat banchan with rice as my entire meal):
i had some sushi (i know, not korean, but too yummy to pass up!):
peter had galbi dolsot bi bim bop:
my sister's vegetarian dolsot bi bim bop:
my dad ate an entire fish by himself:
my mom, aunt, and uncle ate some other dishes, but by this point, i was too engrossed in my food to take more pictures. you understand.

after dinner, we took some group pictures outside. i hastily made signs for us to hold in the pictures. my family thought it was kind of silly, but played along:
my mom and aunt were laughing, saying that the pictures kind of looked like a missing child poster. true, but he *is* kinda missing! ;)

here's a better one of the signs with my aunt and baby cousin:
and with my sister and liss again:

my sister and i happened to be wearing the same skirt. it's like US weekly's "who wore it better?" but, don't answer that. no, really, don't.

we also got some sweet gifts for choi boy! look at this freakin' adorable outfit from my sister:that kangaroo pocket? i can't even stand it!

and, we got a package the day before choi boy's birthday from my cousin in ny -- she didn't even know it was his birthday! she was sending a belated shower gift and it happened to come right in time for our little guy's special day.yup, those are baby jeggings. love!

the best part of our evening was coming home and finding a surprise package sitting outside our garage. our sweet, sweet friends, the snyders, stopped while we were out, *knowing* we were out, in order to leave us a surprise to come home to. isn't that incredible? love them! and love their gift:we love this book and were so excited to receive it as a gift. can't wait to read it to our son!

we are so blessed. friends, family, food and fun gifts...can't ask for much more than that!


  1. FUN! And yum. I looooove dol sot bi bim bap! (Vegetarian, of course). And love the "missing child" poster. But even better? The who wore it better skirt. Hilarious.

  2. panchan is a meal...I fill up on it and end up taking my order home. Loving the skirt picture...I do want to know where you got it...I went to many places looking for a skirt like that recently. I thought with a long cardigan it could take you right into fall!

  3. I'm sooooo hungry right now after seeing your photos. YUM-O! OK, the US Weekly reference is hilarious. Did you both plan to wear it that night? Ha ha. Oh and baby jeggings? Too much!

  4. What a great celebration with family! Love that you and your sister showed up in the same skirt and of course the US Weekly reference. :) And what awesome gifts to boot!!!

  5. Oh yum! Food always helps for me, especially in the form of chocolate...

  6. Yum - you have to tell me what places are good in this area! So far I've only had homemade but we want to venture out to some Korean restaurants in the area!

    Love the who wore it better and missing child!
    And I love Max Lucado's book. It's a great one.

  7. Yum! That food looks delicious. Perfect for a birthday celebration for a special boy! Love all of Choi Boy's gifts. And the matching skirts is too funny!

  8. Looks like you all had a great time. I love his gifts too...the jeggings? Love it.

  9. Yummy!
    What a fun celebration.
    I love that everyone posed with the posters.

  10. That food looks so yummy. (It's making me hungry right now!) So glad you had such a fun celebration. I love the name Carson! We would probably use it for our boy but we have a nephew with that name. So we have something else picked out. "You Are Special" is probably my favorite children's book. I always read it to my class on the first day of school!

  11. OK. Probably not good that I read this post right before dinner. I am STARVING even more now! Oh, and the sushi looks delish... what I'd do for a dinner out with some fab food. Since we're still in hibernation mode since coming home, I'm feeling like a caged animal that needs to get out! lol! BTW - You and your sis are too beautiful... loved the matching skirts and the US reference. too funny...

  12. and now i'm starving - that bi bim bop looked soooo good!

  13. When is Choi boy coming home? You must be dying waiting for him.
    What a cute book you got, I love that one.

  14. So many thoughts. One, I am now very much craving Korean... which is sad, since all I have is PB&J. Two, those outfits are fabulous... but I would like to go on record as saying that I fear the adult jeggings. I've seen them, and I think it could go to a scary place on adults. Three, I think we could of happily read four more posts!

    (Love the US weekly reference as well!)

  15. This night was so fun! And as a response, (a very belated one!) we had no idea about the skirt thing! I walked in and my sister said...omg...and stood up and pointed at her identical skirt! Great minds think alike! I looked like a scrub that day, so clearly she wore it better :) But we'll keep saying it's a tie.


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