Monday, August 1, 2011

astute observations.

i'm still working on our chicago trip recaps (okay, you got me, i haven't actually started yet), but i wanted to make sure i got this story down before i forget. you'll probably hear a lot from me this week...hope you don't get sick of us. ;)

my sister-in-law has this sweet dog -- a cockapoo named daisy. here's a picture of her with me, molly and piper from last summer's chicago visit:

this year, while we were staying with my sister-in-law, choi boy was fascinated by daisy, and was especially enthralled by her fetching skills. you may remember that our dog, piper, is literally a retriever that does not retrieve. so this was all new to choi boy and he sat open-mouthed and watched daisy fetch again and again.

and here is the conversation that we had while we watched her...

me: wow, that's so cool, isn't it? piper doesn't do that, huh?

cb: {shakes his head}

me: what does piper do?

cb: {matter-of-factly} poo-poo.

me: {giggling} well, you're right. what else does piper do?

cb: {with, i swear, the slightest hint of disgust and exasperation} pee-pee.

so there you have it.

what can i say? my boy's observant.

don't worry, though, he still loves her like crazycakes, non-fetching ways and all.
oh, and she loves him, too, despite the stink eye that makes it seem otherwise.



  1. It's true. She pees and poos a lot, I would think. At least he's paying attention.

  2. Alli- Mommy to NashAugust 2, 2011 at 10:12 AM

    Nothing is more adorable than stories about a boy and his dog. Love it!

  3. Piper is awesome. CB is awesome. Together their awesomeness is unparallelled!

  4. Great story! And such "boy" observations! Adam would say that giggling away the whole time.

  5. For obvious reasons, this brings tears to my eyes. Love it.

  6. hahahaha! since we are no longer using diapers [i still refuse to jinx it], sage's potty skills are a huge topic around here. it's actually really funny. and if it makes you feel better our bird dog will only point flies and ants. sigh.

    love that photo of cb and piper. 2 peas in a pod and of course i LOVE the stink eye!

  7. Oh CB... you are too adorable!


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