Thursday, August 11, 2011

whatnot wednesday {on thursday}.


it's been a while since i've joined elizabeth for a whatnot wednesday. she's right...there's too much pressure to bring the funny. and while she pressed on and continued to blog despite the pressure, i...just stopped. but i'm going to get back on the whatnot wednesday horse (a day late, mind you) and try again. pretend i'm funny even when i'm not, okay? ;) thanks!

*i'm busy planning choi boy's birthday party and am having a bit of cool idea overload. there are too many amazing ideas out there and so much pressure to make cb's party phenomenal. not that i could, but you know. anyway. an idea that i ruled out early on was a pinata. i'm sorry, but i just don't get how i could hang a beloved character, only to have the kids beat the living daylights out of it. what kind of message does that send to children?! okay, i suppose the pinatas with the pull strings are pretty harmless, but then doesn't that still lead young children to believe elmo or dora or whoever is filled with candy? hmmm. how i'd love to be able to peek into a young child's mind as they create schema and try to make sense of this kinda stuff. intriguing.

*i love summer movies. there are always several that i'm itching to see (currently, the help!) and often they do not disappoint. sure, they're not usually oscar contenders, but generally, they're feel-good or great movie-experience flicks. but, there are two movies this summer that i just do not get. first, cowboys and aliens. dude. there is a huge wtf factor going on there. seriously?! cowboys? and ALIENS?!! and clint and daniel? who thought that was a good idea?? second, that new plant of the apes movie. okay, this one is slightly more plausible (hey, it doesn't take much to be more plausible than COWBOYS and ALIENS), but that's kinda what freaks me out. have you seen the previews?! that look that the chimp gives the dude sends chills down my spine. ::shudder:: eeeeeeeeeee...incidentally, did you know that the guy that "plays" that chimp is the same guy that "played" gollum in the LOTR trilogy? i wonder how he feels about being typecast as the freaky nonhuman thing...

*on that note, i seriously worry about children who are cast in horror films. doesn't it mess with them? don't their parents worry for their mental wellbeing? do they need major cuddles and happy songs and joke telling after each take? note to future choi boy, i could totally see you on the big screen, but you're not allowed to be in scary movies, okay?
glad we got that out of the way.

*speaking of grown up choi boy, it seems that some people wish he would hurry up and grow up. because the other day, choi boy got a letter addressed to him from ford informing cb that he should take part in their awesome! buyback! program! not sure how that happened, but i'm pretty sure 23 month-olds are not allowed to sell cars, let alone own them. or, you know, drive them.

*this is really pathetic, but i'm giving myself a present. i'm declaring blog commenting bankruptcy. yup. there. i said it. i have hundreds of posts that i haven't been able to comment on and was planning on playing catch up this week. we're away and i was hoping to whittle away at my google reader, but the internet connection here has been spotty and it's just been too difficult to try and open blogs and comment (though, clearly, i've been able to blog, so i totally have my priorities straight, folks). i'm so sorry. i know how important comments are and wish i had time to be able to go back and comment on all of your posts, but i head back to work next week and know the backlog will only get worse. so sorry. but, please know that i've been keeping up with blog reading and have been rejoicing with your good news (yay, for those of you that FINALLY got EP!), laughing with you, and even shedding some tears with you.
and with that, i will be hitting the "mark all as read" button on my reader today and starting fresh tomorrow.
eek! i feel strangely nervous...

*and finally, so i don't end on that pathetic note, here's one more whatnot tidbit for you.
choi boy has taken messy eating to a whole new level. somehow, he manages to paint his face with whatever he's eating. it's quite classy. and he still hates getting his face wiped, so it makes clean up even harder. if only you could reason with an almost two year-old...if only.
here are some of his latest masterpieces:
just beautiful, no?

happy whatnot to you!


  1. I've actually wondered about children who appear in horror movies before...and seriously, I don't even watch horror movies. ever. Too scary for me. And yes, Planet of the Apes looks positively creepy, and Cowboys and Aliens? definitely not my thing. But The Help does look good. What a great book that was. Anyways, kudos to your for declaring commenting bankruptcy. Sanity is more important. :) Back to school next week?! Ugh! Are you part-time?

  2. I can't wait to see The Help! Hoping to go with my sister this weekend - I've heard that it's one of the few movies that almost lives up to the book.

    If you're feeling pressure to throw a great party, definitely stay away from Christine's blog - I always feel so inadequate when I see the beautiful creations she manages for Spencer's parties. LOL She is one great gal, that girl.

  3. OK, I don't even think I can comment because I need to go search flights to TN to go hug Melissa. (And for the first time in weeks, I've got happy tears welling up.)

    But really, good for you for coming back to WW, and for declaring bankruptcy. :-)

  4. I know what you mean--I try to be a good commenter, but I usually have constant 4 year old commentary coming at me (times two!!!) and it is hard to come up with thoughtful things to say all the time. So mark us all as read--we're fine with it!!!
    I, too, have been very concerned with kids who've starred in horror films....and yet, it seems to be the kids who starred in sitcoms who turned out so screwed up--what's up with that??

  5. Sorry, I can't get down the food on the face pics. CB is too cute for that! I hear ya on the commenting on blogs, as you know. I hope to get back to it in the fall/winter. This summer, I've just commented on people I know IRL and even sometimes that takes a lot of time.


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