Tuesday, August 9, 2011

twenty-three months.

i have an irrational dislike of prime numbers. i think it's the nonconfrontational, everybody-let's-just-be-friends person in me that hates the fact that prime numbers cannot be divided up evenly. i told you, irrational!

so, since 23 is a prime number and does not lend its rigid self to my nice little lists, i will instead use twenty-three words to celebrate choi boy's twenty-third month.


to make it more fun?

i'm gonna do it in two haikus.

yeehaw! nerd alert!! ;)


choi boy:
he’s hilarious.
and always cracking me up
i’m crazy ‘bout him.

choi boy, my rockstar:
happy twenty-three months, bud.
what a joy you are!


listen, i didn't say they'd be *good* haikus.

as a refund for your time, here are two cute pictures of my twenty-three month-old babe:
next month, he'll be TWO! wowzers! how the heck did that happen?!

i am going to seriously savor the last month with my one year-old. :)


  1. eeek, a two year old? Let's not talk about it for another month.

  2. Oh my...I love that picture of Choi boy lounging on the couch!

  3. I love haikus... these are the top of my list!

    TWO?! What?! Huh?! HOW????

  4. Happy 23 months CB!! I bet your mom's got an awesome birthday party planned for your big birthday next month!

  5. The refund made it all worth it. J/K, I love a haiku and most are 'bad' by nature, I think.


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