Wednesday, August 24, 2011

pebbles and bam-bam.

remember how i said that choi boy and his cousin molly reminded me of pebbles and bam-bam? well, i never got around to sharing these pictures of choi boy and his ridiculously cute cousin, so i thought i'd pair them with some more pebbles and bam-bam vignettes.

on another note, i can't believe it's been a month since our chicago trip! this summer has flown by entirely too in the world is it already wednesday (almost thursday!)?!

last summer, the hubs and i bought an awesome shirt for cb at american apparel. i think it was one of the first pieces of clothing we purchased for him that was intentionally bought for him to wear when he came home (versus sending it in a care package). later that summer, i bought a matching shirt for molly, and my sister-in-law and i agreed that the cousins would definitely have to wear them the first time they met because it would be just too deliciously cute.

people, it so was.

okay, so my child totally is not paying attention, but that's all the better to segue to a pebbles and bam-bam story...

while we were hanging out at molly's house, the hubs tried to engage in conversation with the littles. he started with a simple question: "hey, where's your belly button?" to which choi boy grunted and lifted up his shirt to show off his prized belly b. and molly? she looked at the hubs, pointed to her stomach, and said, "it's right here, uncle peter!" duh. silly question!


but, perhaps my favorite story of cb and his cousin is this one...

we were browsing through the children's section at the best store ever (all together now: TARGET), when we came upon some sesame street t-shirts.

cb immediately started shrieking, "EH-MO!!! COOKIE!! ERNIE!!"
he was slightly excited.

meanwhile, molly started swaying back and forth and, in near perfect pitch, began to sweetly sing, "sunny days, sweepin' the clouds away! on my way to where the air is sweet!"

i almost peed in my pants from laughing so hard.
it. was. awesome.


luckily, despite their differences, choi boy and molly played so well together. they even shared some sweet, sweet hugs with uncle jake/molly's daddy.
how stinkin' cute are they?!

maybe next time they meet, cb and molly will actually be able to fit into their t-shirts and they'll look less like dresses. ;)

although, did bam-bam even wear pants??

p.s. i had to edit this to add that i know that the differences between cb and his cousin are due largely in part to the facts that a) she is a girl and b) she has heard only english for her entire life, versus cb who only began to hear english at 15 months. sorry if it sounds like i'm making fun...i know my son is perfect just the way he is. ;)


  1. so cute! the differences between boys and girls are pretty crazy!

  2. Cute pics and, OMG, the stories you share! love them!

  3. Oh, yes, serious cuteness going on here!

  4. So precious!!! I love the pictures and the stories! Kids are all different in how quickly they learn language and CB is doing awesome! Miss you both!

  5. I love love love those shirts!

    And seriously, CB rocks some other developmental areas so just enjoy the Bam Bam while you have it! (I know you know this... but you *will* miss it when it's gone)

  6. Eeek, those cousins are so cute together - I love that last photo of them staring at each other behind Molly's daddy's back. And I love the shirts :)

  7. These two are stinking cute together. Both are such sweeties! I hope their great relationship continues forever.

  8. LOVE the shirts and all the pics of CB & molly. they are so cute together!!!!!! did you take videos of them talking to each other, too?


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