Thursday, June 2, 2011

running errands with a toddler is super fun!

like, SUPER fun.

after work/childcare today, i had to go to the post office to mail some packages. does anyone else dread going to the post office, or is it just me? i had put off going for a few days and really needed to bite the bullet and send off these packages.

and of course, the only time i had to go today was after picking up choi boy from our childcare provider's house. aka, naptime.


you know where this is going, right?

actually, considering it was nearly nap time, choi boy did really well. it was everything else that made this particular trek to the post office super fun.

super fun detail #1: i forgot the stroller, natch. and choi boy did NOT want to be carried. and he *insisted* (read: screamed and cried) that he bring his soccer ball with him into the post office. as expected, the soccer ball fell out of choi boy's grip and into the parking lot. three times. it might have been the slowest walk from the car to the post office ever.

we finally get in and the post office dude sees us and (very nicely) says, "hey! you ready to play soccer?!" and i smile tightly and say, "oh, don't tempt him!" of course, before the words could get out of my mouth, choi boy drops the soccer ball and kicks it. high. into this old guy's legs.

i apologize, scoop up the ball and choi boy and head off to get the priority mail packaging i need and address the packages. i totally should have done one of those fancy print-at-home things the post office commericals are always bragging about, but i hadn't thought this all through beforehand. clearly! ;)

so, here i am, writing out the addresses, choi boy propped up on the wide ledge and my left hand and shoulder holding on to him so he wouldn't fall. i gave him a pen and scrap paper so he could draw. and he did. except not on the paper. he thought it was more fun to draw on his legs and on his shorts (and in his defense, it *is*!). and then choi boy coughs. and i'm not looking at him because i'm addressing those stupid packages. and then cb says, "jee-jee!" (yucky in korean). i look at him and see that he has coughed up/spit up a bit of his lunch and its on his face and shirt. and of course, i didn't bring a diaper bag, so i have nothing to wipe it with. except my shirt. which i then wiped with a post office brochure. don't worry, i threw away the post office brochure.

we finally get in line, the soccer ball now stowed safely in my purse, but i can't carry choi boy and the packages simultaneously. and of course, the instant i let go of choi boy's hand to grab my wallet, he darts off laughing hysterically and heads for the door. i leave my wallet open in front of the post office lady and chase him down and hold him in my left arm while finishing everything with my right. meanwhile, the (very nice) post office lady says, "you want to play catch with me? throw me the ball!" oh, dear. (hi. what's up with these super friendly postal workers?? i thought they were all disgruntled, no?) thankfully, at this point, choi boy wasn't much into sharing, and shook his head and buried it into my shoulder.

and with that, we left.


i totally looked like a crazy, frazzled lady today.

and as we drove off (with choi boy promptly falling asleep within minutes of being strapped in his car seat), i had two lingering thoughts:

1. all of that, ALL of those crazy shenanigans, were not choi boy's fault. they were mine for being not prepared. cb did what was normal for him and i was the crazy that didn't have a stroller or wipes or wasn't prepared with those fancy print-at-home labels. lesson learned. fo sho.


2. i TOTALLY *get* why people have child leashes now. totally. still won't get one, but i definitely won't judge you if you do. promise.

oh, and a bonus lesson for you...this smile:
forgives all. seriously.

(i know i *just* posted that picture, but i canNOT get enough of it. i stare at it many times a day. sigh.)


  1. It *is* a great picture! The post office is the WORST. The one by our old house had an automated postal center, so I would go after hours, by myself, to mail stuff. Waiting in line is for the birds!

  2. Who is this boy-nearly-man! He looks like a grown-up boy! He's such a cutie. And I totally HATE the post office. The bank too. That would not be my post office happy friendly postal workers. Ha!

  3. the post office is one of my least favorite places to go with the kids and I put it off as long as possible too. don't really know why, but I hear you.

    and cute photo!

  4. What an awesome photo of Choi-Boy! He's adorable! I havn't given into the leash yet either but I also totally do not judge anyone who uses one! =)

  5. Uggh. just to let you know, the PO is a place I will never NEVER bring a toddler again. Glad you got your packages mailed off:)

  6. We seriously need octopus arms to corral our kids! I can't even count the times that I thought to myself, "oh come on, how did I forget that?" "why didn't I prepare better?" or, "Man, I forgot the diaper bag AGAIN - am I ever going to get this mamma thing down pat?" But, it did make for a cute story and I love the friendly postal workers :) Seriously, who is that man child in that photo? He looks so mature and handsome!

  7. Super cute pic!
    I think we've all btdt! And I also say, well duh, I didn't really go into that looking for a "win" did I?

  8. Hee hee hee... I hope you can laugh at this all by now. :)

  9. adventures in toddler land! cb and my nephew caleb would get along fab.

  10. I cannot waaaaaaaaaait to babysit that bugger tonight! Best Friday night date ever.

  11. I laughed as soon as I saw the title. :) And then kept laughing. But with you, not at you. LOL

  12. I used to try keeping an emergency snack (okay, candy) in my purse for times like that when I just need the kids to behave for a little while. Call it a bribe, whateves, it works and gives you just enough time to rush through what you need without the world collapsing all around the kid. The only warning, is that if you keep eating the stash yourself, you have to replace it for the true emergency with the kid. I am not ashamed that I use candy to control my kids. There, i said it.
    And I love his new haircut! Total big boy. I think that THIS age has got the be the cutest ever.

  13. I LOVE this post. I have so been there. I always say that those times where I lamely don't bother to bring the stroller/snacks/bribery are reminders of why I do have to bring them everywhere, just in case!

  14. Oh man... this brings back some of my most traumatizing errands! And, just like you, many of them were completely preventable!! (I also totally respect kiddie leashes... In fact, I've been known to covet them. Of course, attaching one to Spencer would be the equivalent of attaching it to a wild horse and I'd have road rash across my face to prove it...)

    I digress... ADORABLE photo!!!

  15. Oh goodness. I hope you had a glass of wine when got home. I almost didn't recognize CB when I saw the picture! Forgot about the hair cut!

  16. this isn't supposed to be funny. right? but why am i laughing??? sounds like a crazy excursion but it's these kind of stories that make life fun. love it! and yes, i could stare at that smile all day!

  17. OK...this CRACKED ME in laughing out loud and my husband looking up from his iPad at me to figure out what is so funny. I despised the post office even before D hit the scene...but now?! A TOTAL joke. I refuse (!) to take D without him strapped in Hannibal- Lecter-style to his stroller (OK...I'm kidding, sort of...but the stroller is KEY). When you said he started spitting up food I TOTALLY lost it. I usually like people that talk to or distract D...but in the post office line I hate it...HATE it. Shut it folks, face forward...and move it. Enough said. Grace, you need to write a book. You are seriously hilarious.


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