Wednesday, June 8, 2011

whatnot wednesday.

so, i missed whatnot wednesday last week because i was too engrossed in "so you think you can dance" (<-- um,, but i'm back and ready to take on the random. :)


*choi boy has learned a new word as of late. "share". which he says the way he says bear and chair, so "shay-yah." except, he *totally* misunderstands the meaning of the word. i'll tell cb to share when we're around other kids, and somehow, in his toddler brain, he has come to understand that the word "share" applies only to him. in other words, if he wants something someone else has, he will tell them "shay-yah!" and take it from them. or (and this one's the kicker), if someone wants something he has and tries to take it from him, he will yell in the face of the other child, "SHAY-YAH!," hold on tighter, and scoot away. so considerate.

*choi boy has also recently discovered the joy of unrolling toilet paper. and since we are a solely "over-the-roll" family, the toilet paper can be unrolled by pulling it or batting at it like cat, both of which cb enjoys. as soon as he starts or looks like he's about to start, we'll pull him away and redirect him. but if you know my child, you know he's super fast. so, a lot of times, we end up collecting all the tp cb has pulled (and ripped off) and stuffing it back on the roll. and on any given day, our tp roll looks like this:

*toilet paper roll placement seems to be a very polarizing topic for many. as i said, we are exclusively "over-the-roll" with our toilet paper. i just think it's more aesthetically pleasing. you know? i've been known to flip rolls of toilet paper at other places when they are on the wrong way. i know, i'm nuts. anyone else?

*technology is scary. it's crazy to think *just* how connected we are. even the fact that *you* are pulling *this* up on the internets and reading it is enough to boggle my mind. and sometimes, it freaks me out just how much people can find out about you online. which is why i just do not understand this check-in feature on faceb00k. i just don't get why you want to broadcast to everyone where you are and who you're with! doesn't that seem like an open invitation to come and rob your house since you're obviously not home?? or is that just the old lady in me? probs.

*when i was little, i was a major rule-follower. i think it was the first-born in me. i've loosened up majorly and completely, to the point where i should really return to some of my rule-following ways. anyway, you know those "DO NOT REMOVE THIS TAG" tags on hairdryers? i used to have heart palpitations worrying about the tag accidentally falling off or someone taking it off. i seriously thought the police would come to our house and arrest us for removing the tags. same with the mattress tags. and for some reason, this has stuck with me into adulthood and i am the owner of both a hairdryer and a mattress with tags still on. nerd.

*i'm annoyed that pandora mobile now has ads. this is especially annoying when you are playing "the brahms lullably" station (yup, it exsists!) so your child can fall asleep in his carseat and an ad comes on that disrupts the sleepy melodies. anyway, we listen to pandora A LOT when we're driving. and the "we are farmers" ad comes up A LOT. so much so that now when choi boy hears the beginning of the jingle -- "we are farmers!" he follows it up with the "bum-buh-dum-bum-bum-bum-BUM!"
does that count the first song choi boy can sing? because we can't seem to get passed "B" in the alphabet song.

silly boy.

c'mon out and play! join the whatnot wednesday par-tay! ;)


  1. The TP thing made me laugh so much I had to delurk and comment. How did you get a picture from my bathroom? That looks so-o familiar! I'm an over the roll person myself and used to think that anyone that did it the other way just wasn't paying attention and made a mistake so I used to take it upon myself to *correct* it for them until someone told me that there are people that did under the roll on purpose. (Like really???) Apparently, the TP doesn't continue to roll if you do it under, so maybe *those* people don't have the toilet paper explosions like we do. Kinda similar, has CB started pulling kleenex out of the box? One of my kids used to love doing that. I used to stuff them back in the box the same way we fix TP.

  2. I've thought the same thing about 'the internets' too and the check in on facebook. But you and I have pretty public blogs, so who are we to talk? My thought is that there are MILLIONS of people throwing up info every day, that where do the robbers even begin?

  3. Matthew is a TP unroller as well. When I leave him on the potty doing his bidness, he would unroll it and leave it in a big heap. After getting in trouble for this many different times, he continued to do it, but would just re-roll it back up and look all innocent when I returned for wiping duties. As if I didn't notice.
    And I am one really anal person, but I never pay attention to how I put my TP on the roll. It's just not my thang!
    Guess I better get my WW post up!!

  4. OMG, I'm cracking up at the "We are Farmers" because I started singing it in my head, too. That boy...I <3 him.

  5. I change the way toilet paper is loaded on the roll in public places ALL the time. Even at friends houses!

  6. Good luck with the TP. My boy likes to eat it - he calls it bubble gum. Sigh.

  7. I'm still laughing at "We are exclusively over-the-roll with our toilet paper."...that and CB yelling at his friends to SHAY-YAH..both made my night! And of course the awesome pic of your TP roll :)

  8. Enjoyed the post! It has to be over-the-roll. Otherwise, you have reach under or behind the roll to unravel and the TP might touch the wall when it swings and you'd have to wipe with the tainted TP. That's not sanitary. Why would someone be under-the-roll on purpose? Seems strange to me...

  9. i am right there with you on the tp roll. i too have switched other rolls so that they "felt" right. it's just weird grabbing the paper from under the roll. total rule follower here too!! crazy right? i'm the middle child though...always thought i'd get in serious trouble if i didn't follow the rules! of course the older i got the more i'd just bend the rules a little...only with certain people though...he-he.

  10. OK, this is your best whatnot post yet! Absolutely hysterical over here. The "SHAY-YAH" actually had me snorting.

    Now, this might get me shunned... but we are "under the roll" TP people in the two bathrooms S has access to. Why?! Cause I was tired of my TP looking like THAT [pointing to picture in post]. It drives me crazy at times, but not as crazy as the wasted TP strewn across the house used to drive me....

  11. The "SHAY-YAH" is hilarious!

    And I have to say that I have never once in my life thought twice about which way to put the toilet paper roll on.

  12. I am shocked that Melissa hasn't considered the direction of her TP. Crazy. ;)
    We are decidedly OVER peeps around here. This was decided before we got married.
    I think the check-ins on FB is stupid too. It's not only an invitation to rob your house, but also a little like "nyah-nyah. I'm somewhere fun and you're not." B/c I'm bitter like that. ;)

    And duh. SYTYCD IS positively the BEST show EVER.

  13. I have to admit...we had to switch from "over the roll" to under. Sad, but true. Prior to D I totally (!!!!) would "FIX" people's rolls at their homes, businesses, etc...because what the HECK was wrong with those people? Oh...I see...they had a TWO YEAR OLD on the premises. Yep.

    And as far as SHARING goes? D thinks the word itself is EVIL...even when it isn't being applied to him. Just utter the word, "Mama share her apple with you, D." and he'll yell "NOOOOOOO!" Toddlers!

  14. That shay-ah is beyond funny. I love it! And, that is just awesome that you were so paranoid about do not remove tags. You make me split a gut when I read your what not wednesdays.


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