Wednesday, June 22, 2011

whatnot wednesday -- school's out edition!


*"schoooooool's out for summer!" :) as of 12:07pm today, i am officially done with this school year! whohoo! it's always stressful packing up my room, but there is nothing like being DONE. one of the coolest things about teaching is that there is closure at the end of every year and every fall brings a brand new start. oh, yes, and the 2 months off in the summer is pretty darn cushy, too. ;)

*being off from school frees up my brain to think about many a useless things. for instance, on the radio today, i heard that pippa and prince harry are getting awfully close. which makes me wonder, is it weird if you date or marry your sister's husband's brother? something seems a tad off about it, but i also think it would be quite convenient to only have one set of in-laws to deal with, no? think about how easy it would be during the holidays!

*if that's not weird, how about this know lindsay price of 90210 and lipstick jungle fame? her mom is a korean adoptee and her father is her mother's adoptive brother. did you get all that? in other words, her parents are not biologically related, but were raised as brother and sister and later ended up marrying each other. which means her mom is also her aunt and her dad is also her uncle and her grandparents are her maternal AND paternal grandparents. is that weird? or is it strangely normal? twalk amongst yourselves...creepy or okay? discuss.

*the hubs came downstairs this morning wearing a blue polo and khakis. he looked nice and all, but oddly familiar. and then i realized he was wearing the best buy employee uniform. sadness. blue polos and khakis will now forever be associated with the electronics superstore. just like a red top and khakis will forever make you look like a target employee.

*check out my latest engrish find.
listen, i totally commend korean companies for trying to market their products in english. but, hi. *someone* must know a cousin or a friend or somebody that could do a quick spelling or grammar check. yeesh.

*even better? check out this gem:
nice, huh?
i double-dog dare you to guess what this awesome packaging is for.
double-dog dare you.

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  1. Where oh where to begin? Okay the non-biologically related sibling set who got married? I'm gonna say weird, but hear me out. How awesome for their parents, because at holidays they will always come home!!! No other set of in-laws to worry about!
    As for the Korean packaging. First of all, HYSTERICAL. I'm gonna guess about that second one. It seems to be labeled Love you tell me--is it Korean condoms?? LOL

  2. OK, first of all, like Elizabeth above, I totally thought condoms too ... which makes the whole "small is better" idea kinda funny, right? Second, I did NOT know about Lindsay Price's parents being sister and brother. Sorry - it may be convenient but it is just weird. No way around that. Congrats on summer break!!!

  3. Reading your Whatnot Wednesdays is always VERY least for me. I'm thinking "NO" on the marry-your-brother (even if one of you was adopted) scenario. And...NO idea on the mystery Korean item above...but I'm hoping you'll fill us in later.

    YAY for summer break...just sure wish I had one too. Bummer.

  4. I had to change my clothes before going to target last week. My red shirt and khaki shorts just weren't going to cut it! LOL!

    And who knew about Lindsey's parents. Really creepy. I certainly can't imagine marrying my adopted brother!

  5. I actually knew that about Lindsey Price! Congrats on school being out.

  6. Woohoo for no school! And I like the idea that there's always closure and a new start.

    Still taking in the Lindsey Price scenario. LOL

  7. Hilarious post again. So my Mom's sister married my Dad's brother. We always loved that our two cousins from them were at all of our family functions, and we are close to them. I am laughing hysterically about the khaki pants and red shirt since I was just at Target today and that thought crossed my mind. The Korean packaging? I am going to guess some type of candy??

  8. Nateral -- love it!!!

    It's totally gross to marry your brother. This should not even be a question.

    Enjoy your summer!

  9. Totally weird to marry your brother. I mean, it is her BROTHER!!!! No matter that they are not genetically related.

    About marrying your sister's husband's brother. Not weird in the least in my books.

    A lollipop!!!!!!
    (LOL, ok, I'm a cheater (well, late-comer) and saw your other post first.)

  10. I love the blue shirt/khaki pants comment because that seems to be the look of a lot of male teachers at our school and we always joke that they're working at Future Shop. Do you have that store in the States? Speaking of school, we still have four more days. Ugh! Not me personally, but my husband does! And I have actually wondered about Pippa and Harry too. Hmmm...we'll see how that develops. I watched an entire 30-min show dedicated to a discussion of Will and Kate's child. Talk about pressure to conceive!!

  11. Since I'm late to comment on the what turned out to be lollipops (and that was not what I was thinking), I will comment on marrying your brother: EWWW. NO. WEIRD. As the mother of an non-biologically-related sibs, I do not want to be the mother of the bride and groom at the same time! While it would make the holidays less stressful, I will remember this when both of them are married to other people and be grateful for the stress that juggling holiday visits entails. Happy summer!

  12. hahahaha... your double dog dare was kind of asking for all sorts of weird stuff there, my friend. I mean, did you *read* the packaging?! ;-)

    And, having accidentally worn a red shirt and khakis to Target more times than I can count... I can tell you that it's totally the uniform of Target. Even when pushing a toddler in a cart, people ask me where things are. I now say "Oh, I only play a Target employee on TV" then leave them looking baffled. :-)

    And Hmmm... not sure how I feel about this sibling situation.


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