Wednesday, June 15, 2011

whatnot wednesday.


*it's true, choi boy is a broccoli fiend. a few weeks ago, cb discovered a serious love of broccoli and has been inhaling it ever since. weird. not complaining, though. beth asked what the broccoli diaper looked like. and i feel obligated to let you all know that it was too many kinds of disgusting to describe. like, explosively disgusting. it didn't help that he also inhaled mounds of blueberries the next morning before the broccoli came out. let's just say there were bluish green stains all over his shorts. aren't you happy beth asked?? :)

*i'm writing this as choi boy is in his crib napping. or, rather supposed to be napping. he's talking to himself, reading books and bouncing around. he's also pointing to the pictures above his crib and calling out everyone's names. except, he's calling out the names and then wagging his finger and saying, "no, no. no, no." i'm not sure what he's scolding us for...maybe he's practicing for the terrible twos? yay.

*generally speaking, i like birds. they're cool and beautiful to watch when they're in flight (unless they are in giant flocks -- then they give me the heebie jeebies. but that's another bullet point). except for canadian geese. i do NOT like them. they're EVERYwhere and their poop is so nasty and EVERYWHERE. (can you believe i've already mentioned poop twice?!) when i was in high school, we had to move a lot of outside PE classes indoors because our fields were *covered* in goose poop. so gross.
canadian geese also seem to have no fear and get right in your face, which can be a little frightening. the other day, when we went to the park for the train ride, we stopped by the lake and met some very rude geese with no concern for personal space.
i made the hubs pick cb up because i was afraid the goose would try to nip him. and good thing, too, because when i said, "look at the goose!" cb said, "KICK!!!" and pretended to kick the goose. lovely.
i promise, he didn't learn that from us. we love animals. really.
oh, darn, i guess the entire paragraph above negates that statement. let me rephrase -- we love most animals and believe in being kind to all animals. is that better? ;)

*so, yes, hordes of things freak me out. giant flocks of birds, colonies of bugs just hanging out, etc. even clumps of holes or bumps totally gross me out. like the bumps on the backs of fern leaves? oh my nastypants. i have goosebumps now. someone told me it's called pattern sickness. whatever it is, it's enough to make me want to cry and vomit. (oh, now i've mentioned poop and barf! keepin' it real, folks, keepin' it real.) anyone else like this? or am i oddball out again?

*choi boy learned a new word. pig. he used to make a snorting face to refer to pigs, but now he calls them by their name. except, the way he says "pig" actually sounds like a bad word. like a bee with an itch, if you will. nice. especially when he screams it excitedly. we will be staying away from the farm until this is sorted out.

*and finally, an announcement. if you're reading this on my actual blog, you'll notice something new at the very top. last summer, i applied to the blogher publishing network on whim and then forgot about it. well, last week, i got an email from them inviting me to join their network. at first, i was really iffy about it because i didn't want to take away from the fact that this is our family's blog and it's really for our friends and family. but then i thought i'd give it a shot because it's a great network and site and my (pretend) BFF, ree, is doing it. and if the cool kids are doing it, it's gotta be good, right? actually, that's a terrible message, i take it back -- don't listen to me! but, anyway, i went ahead and accepted the invitation, with the thought that if it wasn't right for me, i'd withdraw. so, please, if you think i'm being a dummyhead and i shouldn't do it, please let me know. for reals!!!

join elizabeth's party and get on your whatnot!


  1. Thank you for answering the poop question for me. I feel much better. There are many feedings that I question my judgement while doling out the second handful of raisins or when I give into the whining and dice up a second mango. And, we've moved on from Oatmeal Squares to Cracklin' Oat Bran which is a sickeningly sweet marketed-as-a-healthfood-cereal that fortunately (or unfortunately depending on your situation) has 6 grams of fiber per serving. Is that a lot when you only weigh 30 pounds? I will answer the question for you. Yes. Grace, love whatnot Weds and aren't you glad I don't have a blog since I love to talk about poop so much?

  2. much mentioned here...covering SO many different areas (and body parts or maybe I should say body functions).

    I also STRONGLY dislike (OK...HATE!) those doggone geese. Too much poop, too much sass, and geese in general sort of freak me out. know how we met all those awesome blog friends at the zoo in the Chicago? Well...the flock of boys (including mine) were totally taunting a goose much that it started to hiss and we all had to rush in to rescue that cute squad of Korean toddlers. I'm convinced the goose would have taken them all out with one swoop of it's sassy-pant wings.

  3. First of all, I have suffered a broccoli trauma in my life, so I am not able to comment on that portion of WW without a therapist's couch involved.

    I love that you'll be contributing to BlogHer! Way to go, Grace!

    Oh, and I am not convinced that you aren't a closet goose-kicker. Just sayin'.

  4. Oooh, my kids love broccoli. Thank heavens they're past the diaper stage. :)

    How fun about BlogHer!

  5. OK, things not to mention to the slightly psychotic gal trying to decide where to move: her top choice has a goose poop problem.


    Are you kidding me?!

    I'm starting an investigation into this PRONTO. And it may eliminate this place from the options. Goose poop and I are not friends... specially since I have a dog AND a kiddo who think it's a fine delicacy.

    Nope, not kidding.

    Do you need a moment to compose yourself again? Yeah, me too.

    I can't even comment anymore, I'm too disturbed by the goose poop situation.

  6. I don't think I have pattern sickness but i did see a pond that had WAY too many fish in it one time and it was one of the grossest things I've ever seen so I get it your sickness. :)

  7. Congrats on being accepted to the BlogHer network. I've seen this title a lot of times, but I'm not exactly sure I know what it means...But it sounds cool!

    I also find Canada Geese creepy think they're way too big to just be hanging around every where. Don't hit one with your car, either. UGH!! What a mess (not my car, but ones I've seen on the side of the road). The only way I appreciate Canada Geese is when they're high in the sky flying in v-formation - away from us!

    Broccoli is a good food to love. Healthier than chocolate! I wish broccoli was my weakness!

  8. I cannot stand Canada Geese. They are disgusting. Please do not think that all Canadians are that annoying!! (: I cannot believe that cb eats broccoli??? Adam and Ben won't eat it at all. That is just too funny about the way that cb says pig. Please publish a video!!


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